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Rubber Mats Articles

Rubber Floor Mats Can Add Safety and Comfort to Any Equine Facility

Use rubber floor mats to ensure the safety and comfort of your horses. Rubber surfacing has excellent traction and grip to help prevent falls.

Rubber Floor Covering for Elevators!

Secure your elevator cargo, whether human or material, by employing a rubber floor mat in your elevator today!

A Rubberized Runner Mat is the Best Solution for Alleyway Surfacing

Define your alleyway with a rubberized runner mat! Custom rubber floor mats will be the perfect fit for any alley all while offering excellent value.

Custom Cut Matting—A Wide Ranging Flooring Solution

Use custom cut matting wherever safety is a concern! Rubber floor runners are well suited for in or outdoor applications and high foot traffic areas.

What Exactly are Rubber Runners and How Can You Use Them?

Learn what a rubber runner mat is and how you can apply it to your home or business. Rubber runners can define pathways while adding safety.

Padded Mats—A Comfortable Solutions for any Professional Location

Use rubberized padded mats all professional locations! A cushioned floor is an affordable, durable, and easy to install solution for issues of comfort.

Anti-Fatigue Mats—the Secret to Increased Retail Efficiency!

Get anti-fatigue mats to increase the efficiency of retail employees. Rubberized ergonomic flooring is durable and easy to install, while providing comfort.

Anti-Fatigue Matting for Bakeries—Comfort, Durability, and Protection

Find the right anti-fatigue matting for your bakery! Available in a variety of styles, cushioned mats will protect employee joints as well as floors.

Ergonomic Floor Padding—an Excellent Resource for any Space

Purchase ergonomic floor padding as a high quality and durable solution to discomfort from standing. Anti-fatigue flooring is practical and affordable.

Rubber Comfort Mats—Valet-Stand Flooring Solutions

Use comfort mats for your valet-stands to promote better customer service. Padded flooring is professional in appearance, durable, and easy to maintain.

Bar Floor Solutions—Rubber Kitchen Runners, Mats, and Tiles

With multiple options for your bar floor, rubber matting provides anti-fatigue and non-slip protection, while offering a variety of designs and styles.

Rubber Kitchen Runner —Safety and Comfort for Buffet Flooring

Rubber kitchen runner offer much needed safety and comfort for high foot-traffic area such as those located around buffet unites and salad bars.

Kitchen Mats – Rubber Mats for Your Kitchen

Rubber kitchen mats are the perfect solution for any kitchen. From safety to style, kitchen runner mats will be a perfect fit.

A Kitchen Mat is the Perfect Choice for any Deli

A rubber kitchen mat is going to provide added safety, comfort, and cleanliness. Rubber kitchen floors are durable and offering a professional appearance.

Kitchen Mats and Rugs—What does Your Shop Counter Need?

With many available kitchen mats and rugs—deciding which is the right fit for your shop counter can be tough, but don’t forget to consider these questions!

How can a Restaurant Mat Promote Safety and Comfort Among Staff?

Use a restaurant mat to combat slip and fall accidents. A chefs mat doesn’t have to stay in the kitchen, bring comfort and safety to all your staff.

Rubberized Kitchen Rugs and Mats—The Benefits of Comfort in the Kitchen

Use kitchen rugs and mats to bring comfort to your business. Rubber kitchen flooring options are durable, affordable, and come in many styles.

Rubber Mats for Kitchens—5 Safety Applications

Use rubber mats for kitchens to bring safety to your restaurant. Rubber kitchen mats are resistant to water and grease while also offering support and comfort.

Can You Use Kitchen and Bar Mats for Catering Applications?

Use kitchen and bar mats during your catering events for added safety. Cushion kitchen mats are durable, affordable, and well suited for many applications.

Kitchen Rubber Mats—5 Restaurant

Place kitchen rubber mats wherever safety is an issue. Employees and equipment are important and worth protecting with the use of commercial kitchen mats.

A Comfort Kitchen Mat is the Perfect Choice for Any Chef

Using a comfort kitchen mat can provide a safer work environment. These non-slip kitchen mats are thick and supportive and can help maintain floors clean.

Comfort Chef Mat— An All-Encompassing Flooring Option for Homes

Use a comfort chef mat to relieve the stress of cooking! Whether you cook at home or at work, large kitchen mats provide comfort and durability.

Are Heavy-Duty Mats Made From Rubber Suited for Cage Flooring?

Apart from being highly durable and comfortable, heavy-duty mats made from rubber offer a number of added benefits such as easy clean up.

Protective floor mats–Flooring Options for Ice-Skating Rinks

A heavy-duty mat, made from rubber, is ideal for an ice-skating rink. A thick rubber mat offers excellent durability and floor protection.

Hard Rubber Mats—Turn Your Shed into a Workshop!

Hard rubber can make the surface in your shed into a heavy-duty floor. This is just one of many important aspects of getting your workshop up and running.

6 Reasons that Make a Heavy-Duty Mat Perfect for Any Environment

Place a heavy-duty mat over any surface that needs added protection. Hard rubber flooring is strong, durable, and easy to maintain.

How can a Thick Mat Help Protect Equipment, Tools, and Materials?

Learn how equipment flooring can protect your tools and materials. A thick mat will act as a barrier between falling objects and the hard subsurface.

Anti-Slip Stair Treads—10 Places that Need Added Stair Safety!

Check to see if you have any hazardous areas. Anti-slip stair treads will provide added traction and grip to slippery steps, and help make them safer!

Rubber treads for stairs—Safety and Durable Parking Garage Solutions

Rubber treads for stairs are a great safety addition to garages. Buy affordable, durable, and easy to install outdoor step mats for any parking structure.

Stair Treads—Retirement Facility and Home Safety for Seniors Citizens

Install rubber stair treads to help keep senior citizens safe from debilitating falls. Non-skid step pads will add traction and grip to any stairwell.

Anti slip stair tread—All Around Protection for Pets and Homes!

Use anti slip stair tread in your home to give your pet added traction and grip while protecting your floors. Rubber treads can be functional and stylish!

Safety Treads for Stairs—A Great Addition to any Safety Regime

Purchase safety treads for stairs if you need protection in slippery staircases. Rubber stair covers will provide much needed traction and grip.

Hard Rubber—Can it be Used as Heavy Duty Flooring for Construction?

Learn why hard rubber will make excellent heavy duty flooring in any construction site! This material is strong, resilient, and easy to install.

Equipment Mats—Noise Solutions for a Recording Studio!

Rubber equipment mats are dense and will help prevent noise from transferring. A heavy-duty rubber mat will greatly help curb studio equipment vibrations.

Custom Mats—Rubber Surfacing the Perfect Solution for Corridors!

Take a look at these rubberized custom mats if corridor safety is a concern in your place of business or home. Non-slip runners can help prevent falls.

Customized Mats— Aesthetic, Durable, and Affordable Event Flooring

Buy only the best customized mats for your events. Beautiful and durable, these rolled flooring are affordable, and will offer added safety to any space.

A Custom Floor Mat is a Great Solution for Floor Security and Protection!

Find the perfect custom floor mat for your space. When it comes to security and protection of sub-surfacing, rolled rubber flooring is a great solution.

Custom Floor Mats—Van Flooring that’s Easy to Install and Clean

Find the right custom floor mats for your van. A portable floor for your vehicle is an affordable option that’s going to be easy to install, and clean.

Custom Fit Floor Mats—A Perfect and Convenient Fit

Get custom fit floor mats for any corridor, hallway, or aisle! Rubber runner mats are durable, easy to cut, and are a great DIY project.

Kitchen Mats and Runners—Safety, Comfort, and Sanitary Applications

Place kitchen mats and runners where you wok. These padded kitchen mats are perfectly suited for restaurants, diners, pubs, and bars!

Rubberized Runners Mats—The Perfect Flooring Option for Aisle Ways

Define aisle ways clearly and safely while protecting the floor beneath with runner mats. Rubber flooring rolls are durable and available in custom lengths.

Cattle Protection-Mats—How to Ensure the Health of your Livestock

Protection-mats are a vital tool in bovine care. Keep your cattle comfortable, clean, and healthy with durable thick rubber flooring.

Rubberized Portable Floors—Secure Surfacing in any Setting!

Buy portable floors for any occasion or location! From a customized floor mat to a set of outdoor runners, rubber products will increase traction and grip.

5 Places Where an Equipment floor mat can Dampen Noise in Your Home

Use a thick rubberized equipment floor mat to reduce the sound of heavy vibrations. Heavy duty rubber mats are made to last and very affordable.

Thick Mats—Heavy Duty Surfacing that Will Protect Your Equipment!

Use thick mats to protect equipment from bare floors. Heavy-duty rubber matting will put a defensive layer between machinery and hard unforgiving floors.

Heavy Rubber Mats—4 Reasons to Use Them as Shed Flooring!

Turn your shed into a functional storage space with heavy rubber mats. Shock absorbing mats are easy to install and will protect floors and equipment.

Ground Protection Mats—8 Places that Need Extra Protection in Your Home!

Use ground protection mats to protect the flooring in your home. A protection mat is durable, tough, and easy to install in any one of these locations.

Rubberized Equipment Floor Mats—A Long Lasting Flooring Option

Use rubberized equipment floor mats in any area where floor deterioration is a concern. Rubber is a resilient and long lasting protective floor covering.

Pool Area Flooring Can Alleviate Safety Concerns

We offer a wide variety of rubber mats and flooring, and rubber’s natural grip makes it a great friction surface even when wet and ideal as pool area flooring. It is no wonder why our rubber floor mats would be the answer for anti slip applications!

Playground Surfacing For Your School, City Park, or Back Yard’s rubber playground flooring is durable and provides a safe, comfortable surface for kids to play on! Protect your children from dangerous falls and protect playground equipment with our eco-friendly rubber matting!

Patios Need Comfortable, All-Weather, and Easy-to-Install Flooring

Floor Mat Company’s rubber mats and tiles are made with natural, recycled or reclaimed rubber for all-weather resistance and durability! Protect your patio surface and enjoy the comfort and sustainability of eco-friendly rubber flooring!

Outdoor Mats are Made for a Variety of Applications

We are the experts in outdoor rubber mats and have a wide variety of product selection for your needs. We offer outdoor rubber matting for playgrounds, patios, decks, ramps and entryways. For outdoor door mats we offer coir, vinyl and rubber mats.

Non-Porous Flooring: Water Resistant, Durable, & Anti-Slip

Our rubber non-porous flooring is great for any wet, slippery areas in your home or office! Protect your family, your customers and yourself with one of Floor Mat Company’s premium anti-slip rubber floor mats.

Mats For Exercise Should Increase Comfort and Protect Floors

Invest in carpet mats and add traction and scraper qualities to your entryways! When you buy a carpet mat from Floor Mat Company, you protect interior floors from harm. By placing a simple carpet runner or affordable carpet mats you add a level of safety through added traction

Marine Flooring for Seaboard Safety

At Floor Mat Company we offer rolls, tiles, or mats that have excellent resistance to UV rays, moisture, and abrasion, making them the ideal for marine flooring applications. Our recycled rubber mats will have excellent resistance to the sun’s rays.

Livestock Mats-Designed to Provide Comfort

Our livestock mats provide comfort through a resilient thick rubber mat which can withstand demanding conditions. At Floor Mat Company rubber mats are stocked in large quantities and are ready to ship within 24 hours of any order!

Laundry Room Mats Absorb the Damaging Vibrations of Laundry Machinery

Our laundry room mats serve to comfort the individuals in the room or provide a protective surface from the damaging vibrations of the laundry equipment. Also, rubber mat must keep all moisture, and there is a lot of it, on the surface of the floor.

Kitchen Mats Safeguard Hard-Working Staff From Injury

Buy the best kitchen mats! Buy kitchen mats that offer a fatigue surface and a nonslip floor. Floor Mat Company’s commercial kitchen floor mats are sold in a variety of sizes and grades. Buy kitchen matting that is a durable safety surface.

Interlocking Floor Mats: Variety for Your Floor Protection Projects

Buy interlocking mats because they are more affordable and easier to install! Our interlocking rubber matting is available in affordable prices and an assortment of styles and colors. Buy an interlocking mat and do away with installers.

Industrial Mats Offer Unbeatable Safety and Protection in Abrasive Conditions

Floor mat Company’s Industrial Floor Mats are functional products that serve to improve floor conditions. They can be used as cushioned mats to reduce fatigue, traction mats to improve the safety and heavy duty matting is used to protect machinery.

Improving Elevator Floor Comfort and Safety

Floor Mat Company’s rubber elevator floor mats will greatly improve the safety and durability of your elevator flooring. Our durable rubber mats are strong enough to endure heavy foot traffic while providing extra traction and preventing accidents!

Improve Employee Morale and Customer Service with Restaurant Mats

Floor Mat Company’s rubber restaurant mats provide natural safety and comfort for your restaurant staff! By investing in our anti-fatigue rubber flooring, you can easily lessen the risk of accidents, increase productivity and improve safety!

Ice Skating Rinks Need Durable Flooring Protection

Rubber mats are commonly used in ice skating rinks because it offers excellent durability, protection, and anti-slip safety! Floor Mat Company’s resilient rubber rink mats are an affordable way to prevent floor damage and protect athletes from injury!

Heavy-Duty Mats are a Must Have for High-Impact Applications

Buy heavy duty mats from the Rubber Matting Experts! Use a heavy-duty mat in any abrasive environment with rough, high-impact conditions. Our resilient heavy duty rubber mats provide excellent impact absorption in warehouses and industrial buildings!

Heavy-Duty Mat–Flooring Options for Ice-Skating Rinks

A heavy-duty mat, made from rubber, is ideal for an ice-skating rink. A thick rubber mat offers excellent durability and floor protection.

Hallway Runners Accomodate for Any Season

A hallway runner might be carpet, vinyl, or rubber. An added floor mat or floor covering is a hallway design ideas that can make your space more attractive. You can choose a hallway runner in practically any color. Hallway flooring runners are a must!

Farm Mat Made From Rubber Protect Large Animals and Livestock

Cushion large animals and livestock and reinforce stall floors with a tough rubber farm mat from Floor Mat Company! Our rubber stall mats and other barn floor mats are easy to install and maintain for longer lasting floor protection!

Exercise Mats—Comfortable and Protective Flooring for Gyms

Our durable rubber exercise mats are make a comfortable and protective floor surface for gym or exercise equipment. Protect yourself and your equipment from unforgiving floors with rubber flooring that’s affordable and easy to install!

Eco-Friendly Mats: Affordable, Versitle, and Good for the Environment

Buy eco-friendly mats made from natural or recycled rubber and coconut fiber! Eco mats are durable, versatile, and biodegradable! A resilient rubber eco mat keeps tires out of landfills and adds an affordable and useful eco-friendly mat to your door

Drainage Matting Combats the Dangers of Slips and Falls

Discover affordable drainage matting with nonslip qualities designed as wet area flooring. Drainage mats protect you and your staff from possible slips in severely wet areas. A drain mat with holes will allow liquids to pass and keep a dry floor

Drainage Mats—Keeping Slippery Floors Clean and Dry’s drainage mats with holes increase slip-resistance in kitchens and bathrooms by trapping moisture beneath their surfaces. Our durable rubber drainage mats are an easy, affordable way to increase safety in any home!

Dog Pens Can Be Durable, Easy-to-Clean, and Affordable!

Floor Mat Company’s durable flooring dog pens is easy to install and clean, making it one of the most cost effective dog pen matting solutions on the market! Save money with our rubber dog pen flooring that can withstand any animal or climate!

Dog Mats: The Sensible Choice for Kennel Areas

Pick dog mats that are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Rubber flooring are the sensible dog floor mats, offering your “best friends” warmth and fatigue qualities. Need to cover your dog kennel floor? Offer maximum floor protection with our rubber flooring and mats!

Dog Floor Mats Designed For Maximum Durability and Easy Maintenance

Floor Mat Company’s rubber dog floor mats are designed for maximum durability, comfort, and easy maintenance! Our indoor and outdoor dog flooring is made with eco-friendly recycled rubber for an affordable, cost-effective dog run flooring solution!

Daycare Playground Surfaces Made of Rubber Offer Safety and Comfort’s rubber Daycare Playground flooring is a safety surface for those places in which you want your kids to be most protected! Our soft, elastic rubber floor surface is an eco-friendly, cost-effective way to prevent injury!

Custom Cut Mats—The Best Option For Easy Installation Flooring

Save material, time and money with customized floor mats from Floor Mat Company! Purchase custom rubber mats for easier installation, less waste, and greater savings! Custom rubber flooring rolls are stocked and shipped in 24-hours!

Cushioned Floor Mats are Ideal for Commercial Applications

Floor Mat Company’s cushioned mats are a softer, more comfortable alternative to conventional flooring! Our rubber mats are made with rubber material that is naturally comfortable and resilient enough to endure even the toughest work conditions!

Cow Mats Keep Stalls Clean and Comfortable

When it comes to bovine care, finding quality cow mats can be difficult! Keep your cattle comfortable and warm with durable rubber cow stall mats from Floor Mat Company that will make cleaning, maintenance and upkeep easier for an affordable price!

Children’s Playground Equipment: Best Made From Rubber

Protect your kids from playground injuries with cushioned rubber playground flooring from Floor Mat Company! Our rubber flooring for Children’s Playground Equipment offers great comfort, safety, and all-weather durability for any application!”

Bath Mats—A Durable, Cost-Effective Solution to Slippery Floors’s rubber bath mats are made with eco-friendly rubber material for excellent non-slip and water-resistant safety! Protect yourself and your loved ones from slippery floors and accidents with one of our durable rubber mats”

Basement Flooring Rubber Stands Up To Persistent Moisture

Discover basement flooring which will withstand floods and the toughest customers. Flooring basements with rubber floors Protect provide a comfortable, mold-resistant surface for playrooms, or man-caves. Buy basement flooring that’s lasts!”

Anti-Slip Mats Increase Slip Resistance in Wet Areas

Protect yourself with anti-slip mats! Explore Floor Mat Company’s extensive selection of anti-slip rubber flooring to find a safety mat ideal for your needs! Look after yourself, your customers, and your friends with our durable anti-slip flooring.”

An Elliptical Trainer Mat Will Protect Your Expensive Floors and Equipment

Floor Mat Company’s elliptical trainer mats are a necessity for any home elliptical machine or other cardio equipment. Protect subfloors from damage and contain noise and vibration with a durable rubber elliptical mat from!”

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