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Rubber Comfort Mats—Valet-Stand Flooring Solutions

Employee’s safety and comfort should always be a top priority for business owners and managers. A happy and safe employee is productive, vigilant, and will better represent you and your business to any and all customers—and valet attendants are no exception! In fact, a valet attendant is many situations the first point of contact between customers and businesses. That means that their treatment of consumers is vital to the wellbeing of any business that offers a valet service—such as restaurants, hotels, and high-end retail stores (just to name a few). So although a valet attendant is providing a service, they are also upholding an image of courteousness. Providing rubberized comfort mats is a great way to ease the burden of long hours standing and the strain attributed to such a task, such as aching feet, sore ankles, and legs. This can help ensure a more polite disposition from valet attendants! Standing, although it is better for your back, also requires a lot more energy than sitting, which can better help an employer understand the need of padded flooring. But ergonomic matting doesn’t have to look like an eyesore, with a variety of professional-looking styles, there’s something for any type of business. From a single cushioned mat to larger area covered by anti-fatigue tiles, these products are durable and easy to maintain.

If you’re still on the fence about utilizing comfort mats then check out these 5 ways that ergonomic matting is going to become an asset to your business.

  • Anti-Fatigue Applications

As we touched on, your valet attendant can be in many cases the first point of contact between clients and businesses. For this reason you don’t just expect a valet to know how to properly drive and park your customer’s cars—you also expect a high degree of approachability and politeness. A strategically placed cushioned mat can help your valet feel more comfortable because rubber provides more give and support than a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt. Rubber is elastic and supple, and this will greatly reduce the strain on feet and joints. By providing padded flooring attendants won’t be so focused on pain and discomfort, and can refocus that attention on continuing to provide outstanding customer service.

  • Professional Appearance

Whether you’re looking to cover a large area or simply one spot where a valet attendant is usually expected to stand—we can definitely help! Available as anti-fatigue tiles, runners, and of course matting, rubber surfacing comes in versatile shapes, sizes, and even colors. However, the most important thing to remember when considering anti-fatigue surfacing is that the thickness of the material is very significant. A thicker mat is going to provide more comfort and protection, but a lightweight foam mat can just as easily be used in a low-traffic area. Most of these options are available in black—a professional and all-encompassing color that won’t take attention away from the business itself.

  • Durability

Apart from its number of useful qualities, rubber surfacing is extremely durable.  Many comfort mats are made from recycled and reclaimed tires. Automobile tires are especially made to endure the harsh environments that are often found on the road, such as constant exposure to corrosive sunlight, uneven surfaces, excessively wet environments, and snow. The toughness of this source material really speaks to the resilience of the rubberized padded flooring.

  • Outdoor Applications

Valet Stands will nearly always be located outside, which means that the ergonomic matting that you use needs to be able to stand up against all of the conditions that Mother Nature throws at it. Another great function that rubber surfacing will serve as the flooring to your valet stand is resistance to moisture and anti-slip qualities. A rubber cushioned mat has a high amount of friction that is naturally provided by the material, and that paired with a raised designs, offers added traction and grip.

Comfort cloud action shot
Black in color DIY Comfort Floor Made of Natural and Reclaimed Rubbers person standing
  • Maintenance

So whether you decide to employ anti-fatigue tiles, runners, or mats, your elastomer surfacing will be easy to maintain. Rubber has a natural resistance to water that will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew—this is especially useful when it comes to cleaning because it won’t prevent you from using water to remove dirt and grime. But rubber won’t need any sort of special treatment in order to dry off—air drying is just fine! A broom can be used to sweep away debris and a moist cloth or mop can take care of sticky messes.

Offering your valet attendants added comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of your professional appearance! The use of comfort mats can help curve employee attitudes, while also providing a more efficient surface to clean. Whatever your place of business is, if you offer valet service then we highly recommend the use of rubberized padded flooring.

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