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Carpet Mats

Carpet door mats are excellent solutions for residential and commercial entryway flooring, especially when safety concerns are an issue. A good mat should offer protection upon its surface by preventing the transfer of debris and moisture to the floor below the mat. Factors like outdoor debris and moisture can cause accidents within the interior of a building. Our carpet door mats offer exceptional traction and dirt scraping qualities, which will actively work towards helping to prevent slip and fall accidents. However, indoor carpet mats are not just for entryways. Available as longer runners, they can be placed in halls and walkways with polished surfaces giving them the same level of protection. The absorbent synthetic fibers of these absorbent mats are paired with a watertight vinyl or rubber backing, which makes them perfect for use in environments that see moisture. Because they are also available in a wide range of colors and surface texture designs, we are certain that our carpet door mats can match nearly any established décor.

Place carpeted indoor entrance rugs in any area where safety is a concern. While the mats may not be suitable for outdoor use, carpet door mats are designed to catch and trap outside debris that cling to the bottoms of shoes, including dirt, mud, sand, and gravel. The richly textured surface of these carpet door mats boasts great scraper qualities that will help cut down the debris that gets brought into your building, whether it is your home or your business. Not only are they affordable, but our water absorbing floor mats can also help you save money by reducing cleaning costs.

The watertight vinyl or rubber backing of the mats also help prevent the transfer of moisture. While the soft polypropylene fiber top catches the moisture, the impermeable backing will keep it from reaching the subsurface below where it could cause damage, or worse, cause the mat to slip and slide under the weight of feet. Using a polypropylene doormat will give people a place to scrape their feet rather than allowing them to bring the moisture in, which could easily cause safety hazards further along inside the building. It is worth noting that the carpet surface is very well suited for dealing with moisture. The carpet material has no problem drying away any water that may have come onto it. This little feature can go a long way in helping to keep interior areas cleaner and safer.

Whether the backing is made of vinyl or rubber, you and your guests will enjoy a better degree of traction while walking over a carpet rubber mat. The backing helps keep the mat more secure and stable on the surface it is placed over. It can grip onto floor surfaces such as wood and tile with ease. Carpet door mats with vinyl or rubber backings are much more likely to stay in place than those without a backing.

While safety concerns are exceedingly important, another great advantage of our indoor mat is that it is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and surface patterns. It will be easy to match one of our products to whatever interior décor is already employed within your home or business. Even halls and walkways can be protected with carpet runner options—which are carpet door mats that offer a longer length of seamless coverage. Cleaning will also be very easy, as these mats require little more than a good shake or a run-over with the vacuum to leave them clean and ready for more dirt-catching action.

Not only are our absorbent mats exceedingly functional, they’re also aesthetically pleasing. They can fit in easily with both residential and commercial settings. Carpet door mats will look fantastic at your home’s entrance during any event. At the same time, they give off a respectable and professional aesthetic when placed in commercial settings like an office. Their addition will always serve to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a location while also working to promote safety.

The vinyl and rubber backings as well as the synthetic fiber used to make these products are highly durable materials. Our durable indoor entrance rugs can stand up to heavy foot traffic, moisture, and debris all while continuing to protect your home and loved ones for a very long time. Paired with its superior safety applications, its interior flooring protection qualities, and its wide range of aesthetic options, carpet door mats are great options for any residential or commercial environment.

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