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Rubber Flooring Articles

Rubber Flooring—Durable and Safe Public Transit Flooring Solutions

Learn more about rubber flooring and its uses in public transit! Rubberized mats offer great traction and grip, while being very durable and affordable.

A Rubber Floor is a Great Way to Safeguard Cargo in Trailers and Trucks

Learn how a rubber floor can provide you with a strong and durable surface! Rubber matting will protect original flooring and cargo during a haul.

Building a Kennel? Install an Affordable DIY Rubber Mat!

No matter the type of pet or its size, a rubber mat is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor kennels.

A Non-Slip Mat for the Bathroom–Rubber and Carpet, Together?

A non-slip mat that joins the slip-resistant qualities of rubber with the soft and comforting texture of carpet offers one amazingly functional product.

Rubber Tiles—Flooring Solutions for Larger and Unique Spaces

Place rubber tiles in larger areas that need protective and durable surfacing. Modular flooring is ideal for locations that may see a lot of wear and tear. .

Rubber Floors—Durable and Comfortable Flooring Options for Dog Pens

Bring comfort to your best friend with rubber floors! Supple and elastic, a rubber surface is an affordable and durable investment for any dog pen.

Top 10 Places That Need a Diamond-Plate Floor?!

With an aesthetically pleasing and versatile design, a rubber diamond plate floor can seamlessly fit into a number of diverse settings.

Ribbed Rubber Matting Prevents Slip-and-Fall Accidents

By providing a water-resistant and textured surface ribbed rubber flooring can greatly decrease the potential of accidents and serious injuries.

Are Rubber Diamond-Plate Floors a Good Match for a Trailer Bed?

Doesn’t matter what you’re hauling, rubber diamond plate floors are strong and durable. It protects what you’re moving, your trailer, and gives you added traction.

Can a Ribbed Mat Make a Ski Resort Safer?

A ribbed mat with its deep grooves is ideal for high-risk snowy conditions. Ribbed rubber matting will ensure that snow gets left at the door.

Checkerboard Flooring—Places that Need a Textured Surfaces

From checkerboard flooring to coin-grip runners, textured rubber surfaces can provide security to nearly any environment.

Anti-Slip Mat—Rubber Boat Flooring Solutions

An anti-slip mat would make a great addition to any marine flooring area because they are durable, provide traction, and can fit in most spaces.

Non-Slip Mats—Traction, Grip, and Drainage Capabilities

Rubber non-slip mats with perforations help remove moisture from under foot. A drainage mat helps to ensure a slip-free environment with added traction.

Rubber Playground Surfaces—Durable, Dependable, and Safe!

Rubber playground surfaces are the best choice for any daycare. Check out why rubber playground flooring is so effective, durable, and safe!

Anti Slip Mats-Change Dangerous Wet Domestic Areas into Safe Zones

Protect your loved ones with rubber grip mats by identifying three areas where the addition of anti-slip mats can greatly increase safety.

Non-Slip Mats – Secure your Staff with the Traction of Rubber

Discover three safety applications of rubber traction non-slip mats for both commercial and private boating.

No-Slip Mats the Perfect Solution for Messy Washrooms

Buy rubber no-slip mats are not impaired by moisture and will offer excellent stability in washrooms that see a lot of traffic and water spills.

Anti-Slip Mats—Rubber Flooring in the Bathroom

Anti-slip mats have a number of applications that can be used for any home bathroom. Rubber mats are durable while providing added safety benefits.

How Can Rubber Work-Mats Protect Your Factory?

Rubber work mats offer three degrees of protection—for your employees, for your merchandise, and for your building.

Soft Rubber Playground Surfaces!

Discover the benefits of adding a rubber playground surface to any existing outdoor or indoor play area.

Gym Flooring Will Keep You Moving For Years to Come!

Gym flooring is a necessary accessory that can introduce safety and comfort to any sport floor space. Check out the benefits of laying out aerobic mats.

How Can One Well-Placed Athletic Mat Save You Thousands of Dollars?

A high quality athletic mat can protect expensive exercise equipment. A good cheap gym mat today can save you from costly repairs later!

How Can Your Weight-Room Flooring Keep You Safe?

Gyms usually urge against dropping barbells. But rubber weight-room flooring should always be used for its intended purpose when it comes to safety!

Are Rubber Exercise Mats a Good Flooring For a Gym?

Rubber exercise mats are designed to reduce vibration and sounds, protect your gym floor from heavy equipment, and act as a cushioned for moving bodies.

Should You Use Rubber Gym Equipment Mats for Your Elliptical Machine?

Rubber gym equipment mats are a vital and multipurpose piece of gear that should not be missing from any home or commercial gym. Here’s why.

Should You Use Rubber Workout Mats for Your Sports Flooring Needs?

Rubber sports flooring is durable, multi-purposed, and DYI friendly. Rubber workout mats are easy to install and offer a wide variety of benefits.

Can I Use a Rubber Work Mat In My Rented Art Studio?

A rubber work mat is a great for any studio. With benefits like textured surfaces and water resistance, a rubber work mat is perfect for any workshop floor.

The Right Workout Floor—A Rubberized Option for Outdoor Gyms

Use rubber surfacing as your outdoor sports flooring. Rubber makes a resilient and durable workout floor, which is well suited for outdoor applications.

Can Workout Flooring be Used in Locker Room Flooring Applications?

Use workout flooring in locker rooms for all the same benefits. Rubber gym mats are supportive and resistant to water—making them great for locker rooms!

Can Rubberized Flooring for a Gym Work in a Recreation Room?

Learn how flooring for a gym can be re-purposed for your recreation room. Sport tiles and other rubber flooring options are durable and affordable!

Will Exercise Mats Help to Dampen the Sound of Workout Equipment?

Use exercise mats to mute the sound of heavy workout equipment. Athletic flooring will also protect sub-floors, while being highly durable and affordable.

Rubber Gym Flooring- The Only Solution for a Crossfit Exercise Floor

Two reasons why rubber gym flooring is the best exercise floor option for the rapidly growing number of crossfit gyms popping up all across the country.

Using Rubber Gym Mats Can Turn Any Small Space into a Home Gym

Explore 3 steps on how gym mats are the perfect flooring for a home gym and finally kick that monthly membership to the curb!

Transform Unused Gym Floors into Training Areas Using Rubber

Learn how rubber interlocking gym flooring tiles can transform unused gym floors into functional training areas.

Choose a Rubber Sports Floor and Choose Savings

Learn 3 benefits of a rubber indoor/outdoor sports floor and put an end to athletic cleat scuff and scrape marks!

Don’t Wait for the Weight to Ruin Your Floors-Use Gym Rubber Flooring

Areas of a gym that see a lot of heavy lifting, such as the free-weight area, can benefit in a big way by utilizing gym rubber flooring mats.

No Room for a Gym in your House? Go Outside with Rubber Fitness Mats.

Rubber fitness mats can make an outdoor home gym a reality for anyone. Learn the four reasons why rubber matting is the best choice for this endeavor.

Rubber Mats for Gym Multipurpose Rooms are a Game-Changer

Transform your room designated for workout classes into a more functionally diverse area by using a rubber fitness floor.

Installing Rubber Garage Mats and Garage Flooring Quickly and Easily

Rubber garage flooring and rubber garage mats are great for increased safety and wateproof floors. Here are a few tips to maximize installation efficiency.

What to Look at When Reviewing Art Studio Basement Flooring

Considering art studio flooring for a basement? Not all floors are created equal, so here is what to remember when looking at basement flooring options

Comparing Rubber Garage Floor Mats and Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

Having trouble picking a waterproof floor? Here is a comparison of rubber garage floor mats and interlocking garage floor tiles to help with your decision.

Comparing an Epoxy Garage Floor to a Rubber Garage Floor

When choosing garage floor covering, it’s important to know the difference between two of the most popular choices: An epoxy garage floor & a rubber garage floor.

Decoding Basement Flooring Options; What Basement Floor is for You?

When choosing a basement floor, it is important to consider your basement flooring options. Here are two excellent waterproof floor possibilities to look at.

Deck Flooring—Rubber Offers Protection, Durability, and Lots More!

Looking for deck flooring solutions? Rubber deck coating provides excellent protection against natural and man-made damage while being highly durable.

All-Weather Floor Mats—Rubber Surfacing for Any Condition

All-weather floor mats are suitable for harsh weather conditions. From severe sunlight to heavy snow falls—rubber can endure challenging environments.

All-season floor mats—Rubber Surfacing for Outdoor Pathways

Buy all-season floor mats and add safety to your outdoor pathways! Rubber outdoor flooring is durable and economical.

Outdoor Mats—Using Rubber for Patio Flooring

Rubberized outdoor mats are all-weather resistant, affordable, durable, and will provide excellent traction and grip to any patio flooring.

Pool Deck—6 Reasons You Should Use Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is a great option for a pool deck! It offers non-slip safety, weather-resistance, while being durable and easy to maintain.

What Are The Safety Applications Of a Rubber Commercial Mat?

A good commercial mat made from rubber industrial material has a number of safety applications for your workshop floors or any other industrial setting.

Will Rubber Commercial Floor Mats Work In My Storage Unit?

Rubber commercial floor mats are very versatile and can fit seamlessly into a storage unit of any size.

Can Rubber Commercial Mats Be Useful In A Warehouse Setting

Rubber commercial mats are perfect for industrial flooring. They provide a number of benefits, from added safety to promoting effectiveness in employees.

Green Flooring—The Benefits of Using Natural Rubber!

Learn how green flooring can fit into your life! A natural rubber mat isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also highly functional, durable, and affordable.

Recycled Flooring is a Durable and Affordable Option for any Location!

Place recycled flooring anywhere you need a long-lasting and inexpensive surface. Recycled rubber mats are well suited for a number of applications!

Recycled Rubber—The Three R’s of an Eco-Friendly Floor

Use recycled rubber for indoor and outdoor applications. Green flooring options are durable and closely follow the three R’s of environmental conservation.

Recycled Tires—3 Things to Consider for your Outdoors

Learn why recycled tires are a great option for eco-friendly floors. Recycled rubber products are durable, affordable, and easy to install!

Eco-Friendly Floor—10 Reasons to Use Them in Your Construction Site

Use eco-friendly floor products in your construction sites! Recycled rubber flooring is durable, affordable, and reusable—but it also has other advantages.

Rubber for Playgrounds—For Backyard Endeavors, Rubber is Perfect!

Rubber for playgrounds comes in a variety of flooring styles, all of which are easy to install! Rubber play mats will provide protection and durability.

Playground Surfacing—Rubber Matting is Ideal for Safety

Rubberized playground surfacing is safer. Rubber playground tiles will offer a softer and more elastic surface for children to play on.

Playground Surface—Safety Rubber in High Foot Traffic Areas

Safety rubber provides a playground surface with impressive safety qualities due to its elasticity and give, and all while being durable and long-lasting!

Indoor Playground Rubber—Security, Affordability, and Convenience

Playground rubber makes great safety surfacing. Rubber’s supple elasticity will provide security, while being very affordable and easy to install.

Rubber Mats—Treadmill Mats for Noise Reduction!

Explore reasons why you must have rubber treadmill mats for noise reduction and subflooring protection.

Workout Mats Can Ease the Intensity During Workouts

Floor Mat Company offers a variety of Workout Mats that are designed to guard the athlete against solid floors. Our Work out Mats are soft and giving to ease hard workouts. Our workout mat products are also resistant to wear and handle tough gyms!

Walkway Mats are Made From Durable, Resilient, and Reliable Materials!

A great walkway flooring idea is Floor Mat Company distinctive rubber runners. Our runners are designed to direct foot-traffic towards or from particular path. Rubber walkway mats are ideal for they are modular, lightweight, and exhibit long life.

Van Flooring is an Affordable, Easy-to-Clean Option

Floor Mat Company Van Flooring made from rubber in vans is easy to clean, real easy to install and very affordable. Rolled rubber is ideal for van or cargo vehicle floors, since it offers less seams and can be purchased in long sections.

Utility Mats Can be Used Universally for Any Flooring Need!

Our experienced specialists can help turn utility room ideas into reality! The most important concept in utility mats is that it be easy to use, easy to clean and simple to remove for storage or to be placed elsewhere..

Use Floor Protection Mats For Your Concrete Floors

Use our rubber floor protection mats to prevent cracks in concrete garage floors and provide protective cushioning! Explore Floor Mat Company’s selection of rubber floor mats to find the right floor protection for you garage or basement!

Treadmill Floor Mats in Many Sizes for Many Budgets

Floor Mat Company Treadmills Mats are used for vibration reduction caused by the Treadmills motor along with the noise generated from jogging or walking. Without question Treadmills need a mat or a pad to reduce sounds and vibration.

Trailer Flooring Will Help You Transport Your Valuable Equipment and Animals

Buy affordable trailer flooring because it guards trailer floors against wear and offers a soft surface for cargo. Buy exact lengths of trailer mats you need. We custom cut rubber floors to your trailer floors size this reduces waste and saves costs.

Thick Mats Withstand Shocks and Impacts More Effectively

Floor Mat Company specializes in protective flooring and thick mats which safeguard components and gear. We offer thicker flooring products for those areas requiring extra padding. Thick mats are designed to impact and vibration absorption

Stairway Treads Improve the Look and Safety of Staircase Floors

Staircase treads improve the safety and look of your floors! Buy rubber stair treads and add max traction to your home or public stairs. Floor Mat Company’s affordable rubber staircase tread mats are easy to install and turn slick floors nonslip fast!

Sound Proof Flooring: Useful for Heavy Industrial Equipment and More!

Rubber is one of the best sound proofing flooring available! Consider Floor Mat Company’s thick and durable rubber mats for floor sound insulation when cost, comfort, and efficiency are the main concerns.

Shower Mats For Residential or Commercial Use

Shower mats can be non-slip solutions for flooring in locker-rooms or as shower stall mats. Since rubber has a high coefficient of friction, it makes for a great shower safety mat. Shower matting and non-slip shower floor mats improve safety.

Shelf Liners: Cost-Effective Options That Don’t Sacrifice Reliability

In heavy duty applications where traditional shelf liners are not going to be sufficient, consider an industrial rubber to line your shelves. Just because a sturdy rubber product is being used in industrial surfacing does not mean that it has to be expensive.

Shed Flooring Helps to Create a Functional Storage Area

We offer shed rubber flooring options which are easy to install, inexpensive and quick to execute. When turning your shed into a functional space, it is important to have flooring that that is tough as well as giving enough to protect the your floors.

Runner Rugs Will Protect Interior Floors While Protecting Your Wallet!

Floor Mat Company’s runner rugs are a cost effective way to protect interior floors, provide traction, and reduce the possibility of slips. Long carpet mats are a great way to define a traffic path and control foot-traffic in public locations.

Rubberized Playground Surfaces Need Not be Expensive!

Install rubberized playground surfaces and provide maximum safety! Quality rubber playground flooring is a “Safety First” requirement for any play structure installation. Our recycled rubber playground mats provide a protective surface for your kids.

Rubber Utility Mats Provide A Helping Hand in Commerical and Industrial Settings

Utility mats are compulsory flooring for any facility and maintenance department. Buy and store rubberized floor mats and use them when parts of your facility become risk hazards. An inexpensive black rubber mat can end up saving the day!

Rubber Toolbox Liners: A Quick, Easy, and Durable Solution

Whether looking for a thick liner or a thin liner, rubber is a quick and easy solution to line a toolbox and protect both tools and the actual box. A rubber liner is a great solution because it will be sturdy and durable, yet cost-effective.

Rubber Runners Can Prevent Slippery Floors and Serious Accidents

Use rubber runners and prevent slips and make your business or property safe! Floor Mat Company’s durable rubber runners and rubberized mats turn slippery floors nonslip. Our rubberized floor runner mats increase traction and floor grip in wet areas.

Rubber Interlocking Flooring Can Be Used for Many Applications

Install rubber interlocking flooring and get rid of your installer! Buy interlocking rubber floors that cost less and outlast any conventional flooring. Rubber interlocking floor tiles are ideal gym mats, industrial floors or flooring for a basement.

Rubber Indoor Playgrounds Preserve Existing Interior Floors

Floor Mat Company’s shock absorbent surface protects indoor play equipment and provides a safe play area for your kids. Our eco-friendly rubber flooring is ideal for use in indoor playgrounds and entertainment areas!

Rubber Horse Trailer Mats Will Easily Protect Trailer Beds From Messes

Floor Mat Company horse trailer mats are designed to protect the trailer bed and tender a comfortable floor surface. We offer custom cut rolls in several of our rubber flooring products which allow the client to purchase exactly the length they need.

Rubber Flooring Rolls for Any Space, Application, or Season

Floor Mat Company’s rubber flooring rolls are easy to install, sold in custom lengths and shipped in 24-hours. Buy from the premier rubber flooring company in the US, specializing in residential and commercial rubber flooring!

Rubber Bar Mats: A Safe and Comfortable Surface for Employees and Patrons

Buy bar mats and offer a comfortable, non-slip flooring surface that will keep your patrons and employees safe. Our rubber bar floor mats are a cost-effective way to increase the safety. A rubber bar mat is an affordable bar accessory!

Rooftop Mats Made to Last Throughout the Seasons

Floor Mat Company’s rubber rooftop mats are durable and easy to install! Our DIY rubber floor mats are made with recycled rubber tire material, offering a durable and affordable matting solution for your rooftop home flooring project!

Ribbed Floor Mats Improve Safety in High Traffic Areas’s ribbed floor mats increase traction and scrape away dirt and moisture to keep floors clean and dry! Our ribbed rubber matting is always affordable and easy to install, and it will provide non-slip safety in any high traffic area!

Protective Rubber Mats are Designed to Shield Floors From Damages

We specialize in offering protective rubber mats that are aimed at shielding floors from damage. Whether it is to protect your floors from weight, machinery, or just to guard your entryways from dirty feet, our mats would be the ideal choice.

Can You Use Rubber Floor Liners As Industrial Shelf Liners?

Learn why rubber floor liners are great choice for shelves. Rubber sheet flooring is durable, supportive, and easy to cut making it easy to use on shelves.

Are Rubber Diamond-Plate Floors a Good Match for a Trailer Bed?

Doesn’t matter what you’re hauling, rubber diamond plate floors are strong and durable. It protects what you’re moving, your trailer, and gives you added traction.

10 Places for a Recycled Rubber Floor in Residential Applications

Place a recycled rubber floor anywhere that needs added protection for both guests and sub-floors. Green rubber flooring is durable and affordable.

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