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Anti-Slip Mat—Rubber Boat Flooring Solutions

Sailing along the high seas sounds like a lot of fun! But a big part of having that fun is making sure you keep up with your boat’s maintenance. Salty waters can be corrosive, and with barnacles constantly growing from the bow to the stern you probably have a lot of things to worry about! Make sure you don’t overlook safety! Accidents due to slippery conditions are a huge possibility on boats. Therefore, using an anti-slip mat can be hugely beneficial. If you’re not sure what marine flooring will best fit your needs, allow us to make a case for rubber. Rubber surfacing can offer amazing anti-slip qualities, as well a good traction surface, and durability. Rubber boat flooring is also a great DIY project because it’s very simple to install. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, we’re certain there’s something that will adhere to your aesthetic needs too.

Consider these 4 reasons why employing rubber surfacing on your boat is a great idea!

  • Slip Resistance

    Whether you’re hanging out in the marina or taking your boat out into the open seas for a joy ride—wet conditions will always be a risky environment. With unpredictable waves splashing onto the deck, an anti-slip mat is going to provide a more secure surface to stand on. Some rubber flooring is offered with raised designs meant to amplify rubber’s naturally high coefficient for friction. The design adds a rich traction surface that will help people stay on their feet even in wet conditions.

  • Durability
    Marine flooring needs to be especially tough in order to stand up to the unique environment of watery locations, whether it’s the ocean or the lake. A vessel’s floor is always exposed to corrosive sunlight and maybe even seawater. Therefore the boat floor must also be able to withstand these harsh environments in order to reduce repair costs. Using modular floor covering, which can easily be removed when not in use, is ideal. Employing temporary rubber boat flooring to cover existing surfaces is a cost-saving strategy, which also improves marine safety. Boat floor coverings made of rubber can withstand all weather conditions like excess sunlight, rain, and some saltwater while maximizing slip-resistance.
  • Variety

Boats can be as unique as their owners, for that reason having a variety of options when it comes to marine flooring is very important. There are lots of available sizes offered for rubber runners, which can ensure that nearly any space is covered regardless of size. This, paired with the fact that rubber can be cut, ensures that it can fit seamlessly into most nooks and crannies. If you want something smaller and wider there are interlocking rubber tiles, which also offer the same benefits an anti-slip mat. And then, of course, there are mats which offer great protection for specific locations—like the foot of the helm. Rubber, which makes for a better traction surface is probably an excellent idea in this location!

  • DIY
    One of the most enjoyable aspects of boating has to be the fact that you take care of your baby yourself—much like a car fanatic might do. Well, regardless of your level of interest in the actual maintenance of your vessel, the application of rubber boat flooring doesn’t have to be a hassle. Installation is extremely easy with rubber surfacing. Many of the products require being set down, where they’ll settle under their own weight. Of course, if you want something more permanent, double-sided adhesives are available which can secure your specialized marine flooring to the subsurface of your boat. Moreover, the ease of installation and removal means that replacements due to wear and tear won’t be much trouble and that means more time to enjoy your boat!
Brown Color Water-Resistant Rubber Runner with a person standing on it
Black color Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience man standing

Remember that the exterior floor of a boat is the most exposed and the most utilized, therefore protecting this area is extremely important. An Anti-slip mat will give you a sturdier surface to stand on, while observing and working with the aesthetic qualities of any vessel. If you have any questions about rubber boat flooring, let us know! Product specialists are available between 6 am and 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday, at 1.866.378.5679.

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