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Treadmill Floor Mats in Many Sizes for Many Budgets

Without question, treadmills need a mat or a pad. Sounds do vibrate downstairs and a treadmill mat reduces this. We offer a bevy of floor mats, from ¼ inch to 2.5 inches thick that are recommended for use with treadmills. Treadmills mats are used for vibration reduction caused by the treadmills motor along with the noise generated from jogging or walking.

Often times, particularly in multi-level places such as apartments or condos, or even office gyms, these sounds can resonate to your neighbors, causing headaches for everyone involved. Dense, heavy-duty rubber treadmill mats are excellent to use to absorb these vibrations. Our rubber tile products in ¾ inch thickness offer ample thickness to reduce sound and vibration. This will be the case even in the noisiest of gyms. Since rubber is a natural shock absorber, the vibration and sounds will be mitigated heavily. Treadmills may have small legs or feet that rest on the floor. Since the only points of contact are these small areas, the shock sent down from the treadmill machine is amplified. A rubber mat spreads the impact and vibrations which it receives from the treadmill across its area, reducing the sound and vibrations and keeping them from being transferred.

These types of mats typically come in a 4 ft x 6 ft size. If you need a shorter or narrow mat, these treadmill mats can be cut simply with a utility knife to fit. For longer equipment or areas we offer custom cut rubber flooring which can be cut to any length.

We also produce a product specifically for treadmills, simply called the Treadmill Mat. This mat is our most popular product for gym equipment. This budget conscious product is not as thick as the above products, but is a far cry from other soft and less resilient mats on the market. For most treadmill applications, our Treadmill Mat, which is available in 2 sizes, is more than sufficient for protecting your floors!

Black in color Indoor/Outdoor Slip-Resistant Rubber Floor Runners outdoor floor
shot of black circle pattern matt with a ball and a case next to it

The density and thickness of these mats make it an ideal shock absorbing sound reducing mat. These treadmill mats are surely going to make yourself and your neighbors happy, while still allowing you to work out without worry!

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