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Sound Proof Flooring: Useful for Heavy Industrial Equipment and More!

Having sound proof flooring is useful when heavy industrial equipment, treadmills, free weights, or other loud equipment are involved, or, like most of us urbanites, if one lives above the first floor in a multi-story building. Rubber flooring is one of the best sound absorbing materials available for sound proofing floor.

Consider Floor Mat Company’s thick and durable rubber mats for floor sound insulation when cost, comfort, and efficiency are the main concerns. In areas where treadmills, elliptical trainers, and fitness equipment are in use, placing a mat directly under this equipment will greatly reduce the sound and vibrations that may otherwise annoy nearby neighbors.

Thick, durable mats not only provide floor sound proofing, they also help protect one’s machines and help them run smoothly for longer, instead of leaving bouncing off hard floor. Elastic rubber floors create a smooth absorbing surface instead of a rigid jarring one. Sound proof flooring could also be considered in music rooms, or even in industrial settings. For instance, an office might have their warehouse adjoining to it, and require a sound proof floor to not disturb office workers. Keep in mind that rubber floors not only keep sound at bay, in the process they also protect parts and the floors!

One could also consider sound proofing the entire-room as opposed to specific areas around equipment. This will provide the optimum amount of soundproofing throughout the space. Floor sound insulation can come in a variety of materials and types, but clearly, the thicker the material, the better! And the most sound absorption qualities a floor also aids in the process. Rubber is a great flooring option to consider when a sound absorbing material is needed because of its relatively low cost. We offer a variety of products from custom-sized mats to rolled flooring options and tiles to cover any size area needed. Need help making a decision as to what product might be best for your sound proofing project? We can be contacted Monday through Friday 6 am to 5 pm, PST Monday through Friday, at 1.866.378.5679.

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