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Boot Scrapers

Cleaning can be tedious and difficult, especially if it must be done constantly. Of course, most of us take pride in having a clean home and don’t mind sacrificing time and effort to achieve this desired outcome. But when you find yourself sweeping and mopping more than once a day then chances are you could be doing more to prevent dirt and grime from being trekked into your home. Door mats are a good way to help guests clean off their feet before entering, but if you live in a place that sees a good amount of moisture and therefore more mud, then a mat may not be enough. A boot scraper is specially designed to help remove excessive amounts of debris from the bottom, sides, and fronts of shoes. By placing a boot and shoe scraper at any entrance to your home, you’ll be providing your guests with a user-friendly way to remove muck that might otherwise be brought into your home. This can be especially bad news if you have carpet because costs for professional cleanings are expensive and not to mention time consuming. And your boot scraper doesn’t have to be an eyesore! A decorative bootscraper is available in a variety of styles and shapes, which can do a lot to boost the curb-appeal of any home!

If you want to learn more about coir boot cleaners, check out these 3 important main points.


A boot scraper is available in a variety of styles—most of the time they will be made of metal or some sort of tough bristly material. Sometimes, they can even be made of a mixture of these two materials with a metal base and patches of coarse bristles, but these are difficult to clean due to the heaviness of the metal and the bristled material can easily harbor mold and mildew if they are not cleaned. Three-dimensional coir scrapers have all the benefits of metal ones but offer much better cleaning coverage—even more so than the metal and bristled hybrids, and all while being much easier to care for.

These products are made from tightly bound coco coir fiber, a resilient and strong material that is harvested from the husk of coconuts. This material is perfectly suited for outdoor applications while also being ecologically sound. It easily lends itself to abrasive uses and environments, making it perfect for this particular application. After the coir has been harvested and dried, it is tightly bound into cylinders that are then shaped against a wire frame to produce a three-dimensional shape. A pretty decorative boot scraper is definitely going to offer you a lot more than just something interesting to look at though—it’s also a highly durable and functional product.


A boot scraper can serve a number of purposes—from being an interesting focal point for any entryway to showcasing the homeowner’s love for a particular animal (like a bunny, dog, or even a frog). However, the main purpose of a coir boot scraper mat will always be to help you keep your home clean. The resilient coir material is so tightly compacted and is already so tough that it is well suited for the weight of a foot scraping across its surface. The bristled ends of the coir surface naturally scour mud, dirt, and snow from shoes by getting into the nooks and crannies of the soles—helping to remove debris that might even potentially damage tile and hardwood floors.


Metal scrapers can usually only be used outside of doors due to their weight, bulk, and style, but that won’t be the case with a boot scraper! Although these products are perfect for entryway applications, because of their functionality and aesthetic qualities, they are also well suited for several other locations. For example, placing a boot and shoe scraper in your vegetable or flower garden can be a great way to keep the mud and soil where it belongs. And being that these products are all-weather resistant, you won’t have to worry about how the weather will affect your investment. A boot scraper shaped like an animal can be great additions to classrooms. While they help to keep the interior of the room clean, they can also be used to teach kids about environmentally friendly living and options. They can even give the entrance of your business or establishment a little touch of personal flair! A front door boot brush is very easy to maintain (requiring little more than a shaking, brushing out with a broom, and washing off with a hose), making them well suited for even the harshest applications. But in the end, the very best place for your coir-made boot scraper is going to be at your front door, where it will work diligently to help keep your home clean.

We hope this was a helpful little crash-course on our coir made outdoor boot brush products! Due to its durability and affordability and all the added benefits it will bring towards protecting your home, a boot scraper really is a great investment to make.

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