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Shopper Approved Rating

Why Do We Post Our Shopper Approved Rating On Our Website?

Our Shopper Approved Rating is the complete set of reviews that has received from verified purchasers. These reviews are intended as a feedback mechanism by which we can improve our services and products. But, they are also useful for potential customers: seeing how others feel about their purchases can significantly affect your confidence in our brand. Thus, we have chosen to be transparent about our feedback, giving you a live feed of every review we receive. Our Shopper Approved Ratings are altogether a living narrative of customer satisfaction, telling you the history of our brand’s success through consumers’ perspectives.

Here, we display our reviews according to a chronological, page-by-page design. Click the number of the page you wish to view, or click the left- and right-handed arrows to proceed back and forth between pages. The degree of a customer’s satisfaction is represented out of 5 stars, and the single rating at the top of the page is the average rating customers give us. You may also optimize the display options of this page: Sort it by star-ratings. Sort it by date. Or sort it by featured reviews, which are the reviews that we think most comprehensively discuss customers’ experiences with our products.

    • We proudly display our Shopper Approved Rating because we value business transparency: being honest with our clients is inseparable from our healthy business-philosophy
    • Shopper Approved is a two-time member of the Inc. 500 list and collects up to 10 times more reviews than other customer-feedback services, allowing consumers to access a large database of reviews of a company’s products before making their purchases
    • We take customer satisfaction seriously and want to show prospective customers our record of good business practices, especially through an independent, unbiased filter
    • Customer satisfaction refers to the overall experience a customer had with a company, including product satisfaction, delivery time, customer service, and price satisfaction: this yields a holistic review of a company’s practices
    • As a company, we are proud of our achievements, so we encourage customers to look through and read all the reviews associated with our company
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