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“Coin-Grip Commercial” Rubber Stair Treads – (6 pack)


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • “Coin-Grip” textured surface enhances traction and adds aesthetic appeal
  • 6mm thick stair pads to increase comfort and withstand heavy foot-traffic
  • Excellent resistances to moisture, abrasions, UV, and ozone
  • Available in either 36” or 48” widths to fit most commercial stairs
  • Designed for quick and easy DIY installation both indoors and outdoors

Large Commercial Sizing: What sets the “Coin-Grip” Commercial rubber treads apart from similar products is their large commercial sizing. These anti-slip treads are stocked in two sizes: 10” x 36” and 10” x 48”, with the aim to fit any commercial or public staircase. Residential steps are generally much smaller than public staircases, so regular tread mats may not offer enough coverage. These rubber treads also feature a 1.6-inch lip to latch around the edge of each step. This both secures placement of the mat and prevents feet from slipping off of the edge. These commercial stair pads are also much thicker than alternatives to endure the heavy foot traffic of public stairways. The thick rubber has a 6mm gauge, increasing to 6.5mm at the nose for added safety and comfort.

Anti-Slip Safety: The “Coin-Grip” rubber treads are the perfect safety solution for public stairways. Rubber has a degree of natural grip to it, but the “Coin-Grip” design provides multidirectional traction under any conditions. The anti-slip treads feature small circular protrusions that raise the stepping surface to further enhance the inherent traction offered by rubber materials. This makes the rubber tread mats perfect for outdoor staircases or any application that sees excessive moisture, as the raised protrusions assist in maintaining toehold. For a reliable grip and superior safety, the “Coin-Grip” rubber treads are a smart choice for any commercial location.

Repurposed Materials: Designed with heavy-duty usage in mind, these rubber treads are made from an eco-friendly blend of natural and reclaimed rubbers. This not only makes the tread mats “green” and affordable, but intensely durable as well. Reclaimed rubber is best known for its range of resistances, including abrasions, moisture, and UV rays. This means the rubber stair pads can endure any change in weather, from the intense summer heat to the cold winter months. These qualities allow the anti-slip treads to function well through high volumes of foot traffic on both indoor and outdoor staircases.

Volume Pricing

Mat Pricing 1 + 10 + 25 + 100 +
10″ x 36″(6 pack) $175.00 $166.25 $161.88 $153.13
10″ x 48″(6 pack) $220.00 $209.00 $203.50 $192.50

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Produced using natural rubber and reclaimed rubber materials, this commercial rubber step mat is durable and abrasion resistant. These non-skid stair treads are designed for outdoor use, in order to increase safety in heavy foot-traffic areas.


Reclaimed and Natural Rubber


10” x 36”, 5 lbs. per step mat 10” Depth – 36” Width – 1.6” Nose Length 10” x 48”, 5.9 lbs. per step mat 10” Depth – 48” Width – 1.6” Nose Length


6mm thick; gradually thickens to 6.5mm (just over 0.25”) toward the nose. Each step mat is slightly thicker at the nose, which tapers over the step’s edge and keeps feet from slipping off the step.

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Non-Slip Safety Treads, Exterior Staircases, Staircase Safety

Staircase Safety:

Wet stairs put people at risk of slipping and falling. Outdoor stairs are especially prone to becoming slippery from rain, snow, or condensation, and people risk falling from greater heights than with indoor stairs. Additionally, outdoor stairs are often used in places where safety is paramount, such as fire escapes for tall buildings or stairs at construction sites. Stair mats address the hazards presented by slippery stairs by providing safe, comfortable footing for outdoor stairs.

Eco-Friendly Materials:

Made from reclaimed rubber, which is harvested from old tires and subjected to a process called vulcanization, provides the rubber stair mats with increased durability and a cleaner-looking finish. Using reclaimed rubber products reduces the amount of rubber sent into landfills making for a durable, cost-effective product that helps reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Non-Slip Texture:

The coin-shaped studs and rubber texture on these no-slip treads provide increased traction, allowing bare feet or shoe soles to grip the steps securely. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) suggests that commercial and retail locations “select flooring material according to the area. Use flooring with a static coefficient of friction of more than 0.5 for high-risk areas. A higher static coefficient of friction is safer.” As an example, rubber floors against rubber shoe soles have a coefficient of 1.15, making for an excellent choice for covering stairs.


Before installing, clear your stairs of any debris that may interfere with the adhesive bonds. To install these mats, glue down each step mat to its respective step. Using a polyurethane glue will ensure that these step mats are permanently adhered to the stair surface for increased safety. These rubber stair treads are designed for permanent outdoor installation.


Outdoor stairs quickly accumulate dust and dirt from wind and regular foot traffic. Over time, shoe soles track dirt onto the stairs, which can affect a business’s appearance and the step mats’ overall effectiveness. Mop stair mats regularly with simple soap and water to keep them in good condition.


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