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Before You Buy – Does Rubber Have a Scent?

All flooring materials have a scent, including rubber. Natural rubber originates from latex, an organic substance and a natural by-product of plants like Hevea brasiliensis. Just like any other organic substance, harvested latex is susceptible to containing organic impurities. During various stages of processing, liquid latex is mixed with other additives and substances to ensure a consistent texture. This also helps to sterilize such organic impurities, breaking them down into various compounds. During vulcanization, the final stage of processing rubber, liquid latex is subjected to high heat and pressure in order to stabilize its molecular structure and form a reliable solid. This thermal processing helps to further eliminate impurities and break them down. Natural rubber may retain traces of scents from these compounds formed during various stages of processing. However, the scent of rubber gradually fades, especially if stored in a well-ventilated area. By the time rubber is processed, formed into rubber products, and distributed, most people may barely notice its scent at all.

Producers of natural rubber often take additional steps to reduce the scent of raw natural rubber. Some processing plants mitigate or eliminate any smells by adding certain substances to liquid latex which inhibit the formation of smell-producing compounds in the rubber during vulcanization. In Malaysia, many natural rubber producers use wet scrubber systems to clean the rubber of its smell. Some rubber products are treated with particular additives that affect pigmentation or scent. These additives help to replace the smell of rubber with an alternate scent, such as vanilla.

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Our Staff’s Favorite Rubber Stair Treads

Diamond-Plate Stair Treads: We are excited to introduce these new traction-enhancing rubber step mats into our anti-slip lineup. The “Diamond-Plate” rubber step mats are gifted with the classic diamond-plate surface texture for enhanced grip and stability. The numerous protrusions of the industrial style texture add to the considerable traction already offered by each mat’s rubber construction. You and your guests will be much safer while going up and down stairways. These stair mats are available in packs of six and are sized at 9.75” x 29.75” each. They each have an extended 1” lip that helps them stay secure on the steps where they are placed.

Grip-Tight Stair Treads: During the month of April, these stair mats are available at a 10% discount. Sold in packs of six, these rubber stair treads are ideal for keeping both you and your guests safe on any set of stairs. Rubber is one of the few materials that have an inherently high coefficient of friction. Thanks to this trait, your feet will benefit from improved toehold while traversing stairways that are covered with these tread mats. Safety-minded consumers will be glad to know that this anti-slip feature is only further enhanced thanks to the rubber “fingers” that dot the surface of these treads. They act to provide more stability in high traffic situations. Since these stair mats are made from natural and reclaimed rubber material, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor stairways.

Safety-First Stair Treads: These high quality anti-slip stair mats are available for free shipping during April. Stairways are inherently dangerous areas and people are much more likely to suffer an accident on them. Rubber stair mats such as the “Safety First” are a very smart way to help reduce these risks. These mats have a surface texture composed of tiny rubber “fingers” that are designed to improve grip and traction. Homeowners will be glad to know that these mats can be used on both indoor and outdoor stairways thanks to the natural and reclaimed rubber in their material composition. Keep in mind that these stair treads are only sold in packs of six.

“Waves” Rubber Stair Treads

“Chelsea” Rubber Stair Treads

Its Playground Season and here are two of our most popular options

Eco-Safety 2.5” Playground Tiles: These safe and durable interlocking tiles are available at a 10% discount during this month. They are our best product for any playground settings large and small. Each tile is 2.5” thick, providing plenty of rubber to act as a barrier between children and hard dangerous surfaces. Parents will be glad to know that these tiles have been tested and rated for a 6ft fall height rating. The interlocking rubber tiles connect with each other with the help of connector pins. Due to their weight (25 lbs each) they are heavy enough to stay in place on their own, so you do not have to waste extra money on any additional adhesives. These rubber playground surfaces are available in black, red, blue, and green color options to suit a variety of different aesthetic preferences.

“Eco-Sport ¾-inch” Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles: These DIY safety play mats are a lightweight flooring option that can easily be interlocked with each other with the help of connector pins as well. Coming in at a more slender 3/4”, these rubber outdoor play tiles can take still take quite a beating from the constant hustle and bustle of running feet. Made from recycled rubber, they come in fun colors like coal, light blue, terra cotta, and green.

Rubber-Cal’s Eco-Safety 2.5″ Interlocking Rubber Tiles

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Doormat Sale

For this month, Rubber-Cal is having a special sale on its doormats. You can get a new doormat for 25% to 40% off and free shipping! Our doormats are perfect for home or commercial entryways. They are available in a variety of different forms, such as coir doormats with rubber or PVC backing, molded boot scrapers, cast-iron rubber mats, and more. Our doormats combine the latest design trends with reliable function. With a Rubber-Cal doormat in place, the entryways in your area will benefit from both a visual enhancement and a practical deterrent against outdoor contaminants such as dirt and mud. When you choose a Rubber-Cal doormat, you are getting a high quality product made from “Green” materials such as coir fibers, natural rubber, and reclaimed rubber.

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