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Stay Safe on Stairs with Slip-Resistant Treads!

Be honest, it’s happened to the best of us. We’ve all taken a tumble down the stairs and lived to tell the story, but sometimes all it takes is a tiny mishap to create a significant problem. Instead of stressing about the threat unprotected stairs pose, utilize our rubber stair treads to keep yourself and other users safe! These durable rubber treads can be used on any staircase, indoors or outdoors. Most of our treads even come in multiple widths so that they can be utilized on steps big or small! Many treads also feature an outer lip, which conforms to the edge of the stair and allows for safe travel, whether moving up or down.

Use our “Coin-Grip Commercial” Rubber Stair Treads on steps inside or outside without fear of deterioration. These mats are made from a sustainable mixture of natural and reclaimed rubber, making the treads eco-friendly and affordable alongside their incredibly durable characteristics. The “Coin-Grip Commercial” is resistant to most weather conditions—such as moisture, physical abrasions, and UV rays. This means you can utilize these residential or commercial treads indoors or outdoors without worrying about any changes due to weather. The raised, coin-shaped façade of the mat also increases traction, ensuring your safety with every step!

If you are looking for a more ornate rubber mat to place inside your home, the “Stars” Rubber Stair Treads feature a unique cross design that can add a touch of sophistication and class to any stairway. These patterned mats do not utilize the overhanging lip like our commercial treads. However, they can still be secured semi-permanently with double-sided tape or permanently with industrial-strength glue to avoid the mats from slipping out of place. The intricate layout of the treads allows water to drain through, preventing the mats from becoming slippery in wet weather. Truly, you can utilize these decorative and durable rubber stair treads anywhere you desire. Stay safe on your staircases with our slip-resistant stair mats!

The Benefits of Interlocking Rubber Tiles

When you picture interlocking tiles, you might imagine the colorful, flimsy, foam pieces utilized in daycares to create a bright and playful area for children to sit on. While these mats may be suitable for kids at play, other interlocking tiles can withstand heavy-duty applications beyond childcare. Our “Armor Lock” rubber tiles are interlocking—possessing puzzle-like edges that allow the squares to attach and form the shape you desire. If you have an L-shaped room, that is no problem for the modular “Armor Lock” tiles. They can also be rearranged and reused for other applications, making them more than a one-use item.

But what can you use our “Armor Lock” tiles for? The modular flooring is incredibly resilient and can be utilized for industrial and commercial usage. These robust tiles can be employed indoors or outdoors to absorb impacts, shock, and vibrations. Use the “Armor Lock” tiles as durable gym matting to distribute impacts and protect your subfloors from falling weights. You could also use these modular mats in pet-care facilities, where sharp claws and teeth can damage the flooring. Realistically, you can employ these affordable and durable tiles anywhere you like! The “Armor Lock” products comprise natural and reclaimed rubber, a sustainable mixture of components that do not significantly harm the environment. Reclaimed rubber reuses old vehicle tires, giving outdated wheels a new life in our products. Because car tires are designed to weather the constant friction and force from the road, their resilience directly translates to our products—granting our reclaimed and recycled rubber flooring this inherent strength. When it comes to picking an easy DIY matting that is incredibly durable, any of our interlocking rubber tiles will exceed your expectations!

What’s the Use of Corrugated Rubber?

A rubber mat might be an adequate solution for protecting your entryways and floors, but what about when it comes to superior traction? While standard rubber matting might cut it when it comes to absorbing impacts and resisting elements, corrugated rubber flooring offers increased traction that can make wet indoor and outdoor environments safer. Utilize corrugated mats in gyms, by pools, or on ramps to reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents! Products such as our “Corrugated Composite Rib” Rubber Runner Mats features raised strips that run perpendicular to the flooring, allowing for increased rubber surfaces that grip the bottoms of your shoes. The hills and valleys built into the flooring offer superior slip-resistance, dirt removal, and visual appeal over the typical rubber mat.

Like a typical rubber mat, the “Corrugated Composite Rib” runner can withstand heavy foot traffic and impacts from heavy objects. It is composed of highly-durable styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) that can resist physical and environmental forces. Rain or shine, these conditions will not be an issue for the “Corrugated Composite Rib!” Because the mat can withstand common liquids, it is easy to clean. A corrugated rubber runner placed at highly-concentrated entrances or walkways will witness an abundance of traffic, dirtying the mat with footprints, dirt, and other debris. Luckily, cleaning the runner is convenient. All you need to do is hose down the mat, utilizing common detergents and a mop when necessary. With all the benefits of the “Corrugated Composite Rib” runner (increased traction, protected floors, safe walkways), the maintenance required is relatively simple, considering the advantages these mats contribute. Reduce the chances of passersby slipping in wet areas by employing a sturdy corrugated rubber runner!

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The Natural Beauty of Coir Mats

We can thank coconuts for bringing us coir, one of the best materials for making residential doormats. Why? It all comes down to how coconuts have evolved over last millions of years.

Ever wonder why coconut trees grow near bodies of water? It’s simple. Coconut trees reproduce using water currents. Ideally, a coconut tree grows coconuts. Eventually, gravity—or some other force—causes its coconuts to fall. These coconuts then land in water, where they stay afloat due to their natural buoyancy. Waterways and ocean currents then transport these vessels onto nearby shores where—ideally—the coconut embeds into soil, then sprouts into a new tree. But, this journey that every coconut makes isn’t easy. Outdoor environments present coconuts with a host of threatening conditions—including UV-radiation, moisture, abrasion, and impacts. Thus, coconuts evolved to have incredibly tough exteriors—fibrous layers of armor that shield them from damage for months on end.

Given coconut husks’ innate ability to withstand such conditions, it makes sense that coir—which is derived from these husks—has become the ideal material for residential doormats. It can handle all the conditions we subject it to for good reason. Years and years of evolution have given us the great gift of coir.

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Join Us in Celebrating Goodyear’s 125th Anniversary!

2023 marks the 125th year since the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company was founded. The company’s founder, Frank Seiberling, named his company after Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber. And the name has stuck ever since. In 1898, Frank Seiberling opened the first Goodyear factory in Akron, Ohio, focusing mainly on manufacturing bicycle and carriage tires.

In 1901, Goodyear produced its first automobile tires for Henry Ford, who was manufacturing race cars. As the automobile industry grew and rubber’s demand increased, so did the popularity of Goodyear’s tires.

With 125 impressive years under Goodyear’s belt, join us here at Rubber-Cal in celebrating this momentous occasion. Over a century of innovation, ingenuity, and effort has kept the Goodyear company at the fore of the rubber industry. Goodyear does important work in continuing to popularize, as well as develop, rubber—not just as a finished product but as a basic material, too.

Here’s to Goodyear. What a ride it has been, and continues to be.

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