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Modern Doormats

Adorn your home’s entrance with a decorative modern door mat and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your family, friends, and guests. Bright, lively, elegant, and beautiful are just a few of the words used to describe trendy door mats—all of which could add some life into your home by generating a bit of personal flair in front of your front doors. Our modern welcome mat products feature unique designs that are made to add decorative flair to any entryway around the home. These entryway mats offer a modern take on the well-known fleur-de-lis by featuring the symbol in several intricate and interesting patterns that highlight your home’s entrance. And, with a more contemporary doormat, you can take a walk on the wild side with swirling patterns of colors and beautiful graphics. Our decorative geometric doormat is available in several modern home decor designs. Doormats like our “Obscure Dimension” doormat feature abstract designs inspired by postmodern artwork. This particular doormat evokes feelings of mystery and wonder—as it features a dark center emanating waves of sharply contrasting blue, black, and white. If you fancy yourself to be an individual with a complex aesthetic taste, then you may think that the current doormat market does not have the capacity to meet your needs. But, by browsing our generous assortment of modern doormats, you will find patterns and designs that appeal to even the most nuanced of tastes. Most entryways feature classical styles that are lovely enough, but never really manage to capture your particular attention. If you happen to be a person who longs for a release from what is old, traditional, and well-known, then adorning your entryway with a contemporary doormat is the perfect answer. While classic welcome and floral mats have their place in the door-matting industry, there is nonetheless plenty of room for interesting, abstract designs—especially since homeowners are increasingly trending toward unorthodox doormat designs.

While not everyone’s aesthetic sensibilities are the same, we can all agree that we want to make sensible and quality purchases that do not cost us an arm and a leg. You may think that a decorative modern door mat is bound to be an expensive purchase, having such a forward-thinking, abstract design. However, the truth is that these mats are remarkably economical choices, with the products themselves being fairly priced. A modern door mat offers slip-resistant protection for guests and safeguards interior floors—benefits which could potentially save you lots of trouble and money in both the short and long term. Additionally, this is a highly durable product made from one of the strongest natural materials available—coconut coir fibers. This material has been in use for many hundreds of years, but its strong surface easily makes it a canvas upon which bright and elaborate modern designs can be hand stenciled. Furthermore, coir is one of the best materials for making doormats because it is one of the best all-weather materials that naturally occurs in nature. Think about it this way. Without human intervention, coconut trees naturally reproduce by dropping their seeds—coconuts—into bodies of water. Ocean currents carry these seeds toward nearby shores. But the journey that these seeds take is no simple task. These seeds must be able to withstand all the rugged conditions with which the ocean confronts them. These conditions include relentless inundation, harsh abrasions, heavy impacts, and searing sunlight. Over time, the coconut trees that produced coconuts with the most resilient husks were most successful in propagating their species. This is why coconut husks are the perfect source material for doormats. As products, doormats are meant to confront many of the conditions that coconut husks are naturally built to withstand. Coir, then, makes perfect sense as the go-to door-matting material. Plus, because coir is a naturally occurring resource is completely bio-degradable, coir doormats are environmentally friendly products that protect the planet, as well as your home. These mats are sourced sustainably, using eco-conscious manufacturing methods to deliver the final product to your front door.

Contemporary Doormats with a picture of a tree for the Modern Home with a large size
The Lattice Design Shines on This Modern & Durable Coir Coco Mat
Welcome Mat with modern ribbon style script

In addition to economical and safety benefits, a contemporary doormat can also last quite a while in harsh outdoor environments. As we previously noted, these mats are highly durable in large part due to the high-quality materials that are used to make them. But, it is also worth pointing out that this level of resilience will not come with any burdensome, added responsibility. Caring for a modern door mat is relatively easy! They will require little more than a broom to brush away debris. Even a good shake can rid the mat of most of its stored contamination. And a few drops of water every now and then can help ensure the longevity of the product. The product itself is well-suited for most weather conditions; it will also do very well in places with excessive rain, mud, and even snow. In fact, they work beautifully as a scraping surface to avoid the transfer of dirt, muck, and grime into your home. If aesthetics are important in your life—so much so that you feel robbed of the opportunity to adorn your entryway because of a lack of choices, then we highly recommend the use of a contemporary doormat for stylish and trendy door mats. While a flower doormat may be good and well for some people, if you happen to be looking for something with a more contemporary flare, then a modern door mat will fit like a dream. Here at, we understand that some styles may work for some people while others may not, which is why we stock a wide selection of doormats. We offer many variations of the modern door mat, styled with unique patterns and designs to make it easy to find one that suits your personality and preferences. And if you are shopping for the holidays, we even offer doormats like our “Contemporary Holiday” doormat, which features a modern take on the classic Christmas doormat theme. In particular, this mat showcases a minimalistic depiction of Santa Claus, who is clutching roughly-drawn ornaments in a way that is reminiscent of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. Doormats like this one showcase just how versatile our selection is. We know how difficult it can be to find a contemporary doormat that fits your preferences. Browsing our selection, you are sure to find one that matches your tastes!

While being beautiful, these doormats are nonetheless highly resilient, functional products. Their coir surfaces are built to last—able to withstand constant, heavy foot traffic with little worry that the mat will quickly deteriorate. Though, please keep in mind that—at the end of the day—coir mats are wear products. That is, they are not intended as purchases that will last indefinitely. It is a matter of course that they will eventually wear out, needing repair or replacement. This is especially true of the designs stenciled upon their surfaces. While highly durable and resilient, they will, too, eventually fade over a prolonged period of time. This is something that the homeowner must contend with, and accept. For, there is no door-mat that is guaranteed to last indefinitely. No matter where you get it from, at the end of the day, a door mat is a wear product. Please remember this as you browse our selection of products.

Modern Ribbon Script Coir Welcome Mat

“Modern Lattice” – Contemporary Coir Mats

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