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Animal Doormats

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Animal Doormats

Do you have a pet at home? If so, the Floor Mat Company’s line of animal doormats is perfect for you! Animals are an integral part of many of our lives in one-way or another. Pets like cats, dogs, and fish are very popular and common in many households across the country. Beyond pets, some people have an interest in certain species in a more academic manner. To help express your love and appreciation of animals, we offer a wide selection of animal doormats that feature a variety of different animal-themed designs. Whether it is an elegant cat doormat or a funny doggy door mat, the adorable pet door mat designs are sure to make a good impression on all your guests.

The first and most obvious purpose behind a doormat at your front entrance is to add aesthetics to your home. An aesthetically pleasing entrance is more likely to make a good first impression. Animal doormats fulfill this purpose in a unique manner because of their designs. An owl door mat or dog welcome mats can add charm to your entryway. A funny pet door mat can add a humorous element, while a fish-themed doormat may add an aquatic touch to a home near the beach. These animal doormats will give your guests a good idea of who you are and where some of your interests lie. More importantly, however, is the protective quality that doormats bring to the area. While these may look like pet door mat decorations, they are very tough products that can help keep existing surfaces protected and interior areas clean. Although a cat, bird, and doggy door mat may have different shapes and designs on them, they all bring a better level of protection to the porch or patio they are placed on.

A lot of this has to do with the materials that are used to create the animal doormats. Typically, a pet door mat is made from coir and rubber materials. These are the perfect materials to make doormats with due to their long-lasting durability in abrasive settings and outdoor environments. Coir is a naturally occurring resource that is extracted from the husks of coconuts. It is a tough material that comes in handy on doormats for shoe scraping purposes. For example, when someone rubs or scrapes their dirty, wet, and muddy footwear over the coir surface of animal doormats, the coir material will latch onto the outdoor debris particles and keep them held within their fibers until the mat is cleaned. There is usually enough coir on the surface of animal doormats to allow for the scraping of even the hard-to-reach areas of footwear.

The PVC material utilized in doormats is usually for the purpose of providing better floor protection and traction. Whether you have an owl door mat, a fish doormat, or a doggy door mat, it is likely that they will possess a backing or frame that is made of PVC. When walking over PVC-backed animal doormats, the chances of them slipping out from under your feet are greatly reduced. The PVC material can grip onto existing surfaces like wood and concrete very well.

Beware of dog warning showing guests they might need to run funny doormat
Remind Guest that This is a Cat Friendly Family

Given the materials that they are made from, a pet door mat is perfect for outdoor use. Usually, outdoor weather conditions are factors that can cause concern for the longevity of a product; however, natural coir will not face this concern because it can stand up very well to the damaging effects of wet weather and UV rays. Coir is a moisture resistant material that will resist the development of mold and mildew that commonly results from prolonged exposure to moisture like rainwater.

If you have a love for animals and wildlife, you will be pleased to know that our line of animal doormats qualifies as eco-friendly products. It is the natural coir fibers that makes them eco-friendly. Coir is eco-friendly because it is a naturally occurring resource and its production leaves behind no hazardous non-biodegradable waste. Having coir door mats around can help you contribute to keeping the environment safer for the animals that you love.

Rubber-Cal “Beware of Dog Doormat” Dog Welcome Mat

Rubber-Cal Loving “Owl Door Mat” Kit – 18 x 30″ – 2 Doormats

Whether you want a cat door mat, a bird doormat, or another animal-themed mat, the Floor Mat Company has you covered. The benefits of our animal doormats should not be overlooked. Cat lovers, dog lovers, and animal lovers in general can find an animal door mat they feel matches their personality. They will provide a great aesthetic enhancement to your home’s entrance while also keeping the area safer and cleaner than it was before. Animal doormats are eco-friendly and cost-effective products that will help bring a bit of your personality and interests to the front door for all you guests to appreciate.

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