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Garage Flooring

A home garage or basement can be many things—a family recreation space, a workshop where you tinker with the home appliances, or maybe your own private home gym! Here at, we offer a generous selection pf garage-mat products. These garage flooring options are well suited to make these types of spaces more comfortable, functional, and stylish. If you are anything like most American families, then you want to take advantage of any space that is available within your home. Use our supple, supportive, and durable garage rubber-matting to turn your garage space into a multifunctional room that complements your lifestyle. Our mats are highly durable. First—and perhaps most importantly—our garage mats are exceedingly resistant to impacts. That is, they absorb most (if not all) of the force emitted by the movements of heavy objects. By doing so, a garage-floor covering shields the subfloors it covers from sustaining damage. Subfloors are much more expensive to repair or replace than floor mats for garage spaces. Thus, flooring for garage floors is an investment that—in the long term—can save you money which would have otherwise been spent repairing or replacing your garage’s subflooring. Secondly, our garage flooring is extremely abrasion-resistant. While impact-absorbance and abrasion-resistance may seem like the same thing, a product that is impact-absorbent is not necessarily abrasion-resistant (and vice versa). Think of a sponge. It can certainly absorb impacts—but when confronted with rough abrasions, the sponge will likely tear. Thus, abrasion-resistance deserves its own recognition as a notable quality. Garage mats from are highly abrasion-resistant, minimizing the chances that they will tear or become scratched when, say, heavy objects are dragged across their surfaces. Third, these mats for garage spaces are water-resistant. This means two things: (1) They will provide a layer of protection that better prevents moisture from seeping into the crevices of your garage’s subfloors. (2) They are very easy to clean using a simple, household cleaning solution. Altogether, these protective traits, low maintenance requirements, and our mats’ DIY friendliness make’s garage mats highly cost-effective, practical, and long-lasting garage flooring options. Whether you are setting down a single garage mat or more expansive flooring, our products will offer the perfect fit for your needs.

Many garages and basements come with hard and unforgiving concrete surfaces. These cold, hard, and unsupportive floors can make these spaces uncomfortable to stand on for prolonged periods of time. If you are not comfortable where you are standing, then—chances are—you probably will not want to spend much time there. Use a garage mat from to remedy this problem! Our mats are often made of rubber materials, which offer an incredibly elastic and supportive surface for residential, commercial, and industrial consumers alike. We offer various types of rubber products, including natural, recycled, and synthetic options. Regardless of the type of rubber, in general, rubber garage-flooring options are much softer and vibration-absorbent than typical garage-floors, qualities which help combat the bodily fatigue associated with long periods of walking or standing. Thus, if you use your garage often, installing rubber garage mats is great way to protect against potential pains and injuries. Plus, the more comfortable you are, the more productive you will be. By ensuring that you are comfortable while using your garage space, our garage-mat products can greatly improve your productivity while working in your garage. This is an added bonus to the baseline safety that rubber flooring offers your garage.

A garage mat is available in the form of rubber garage flooring rolls or garage tiles, allowing you to find the perfectly-sized floor that precisely matches the floorspace of your garage. Garage rolls are ideal for covering larger, wall-to-wall spaces—like if you are trying to resurface the entirety of your garage’s floors. They are available in set lengths or, upon request, in custom-cut lengths of up to 50 consecutive feet. On the other hand, interlocking tiles are typically the better option for smaller spaces, as you can make the size of the rubber surface smaller or larger simply by adding or removing tiles, making garage tiles another excellent way to create a custom garage floor. Another benefit of garage tiles is that—should your rubber floors accrue debilitating damage—you can easily replace the tile that is damaged with a new one. But, tiles do not feature the more seamless appearance that rubber garage-flooring rolls possess. Ultimately, the type of garage flooring you employ depends on your specific needs and preferences. Rolls and tiles—at the end of the day—accomplish the same goals: protecting your subfloors from damage and being comfortable surfaces to stand and walk on. The many nuances involved in choosing a new garage surface are—at the end of the day—opportunities for your demands to be met with absolute precision.

Green Color Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring placed on ground & some equipments placed on it
Stairs on top of a diamond plate black mat
Black in color DIY Comfort Floor Made of Natural and Reclaimed Rubbers person exercising
Dark Grey Block Grip flooring under Paint cans

A garage is a place where almost anything can happen, including liquid spills. Thankfully, a rubber garage mat from has got you covered. Due to rubber’s natural resistance to water and that fact that many of our garage rubber matting options are non-porous and, therefore, impermeable, a garage mat from the is a wonderful, waterproof surfacing option that will retain moisture on its surface until it dries or is ready to be cleaned up. Our garage mats are excellent for locations that may suffer from flooding and locations that may see water spills and leaks, our mats will not suffer permanent damage when submerged. In fact, waterproof and impermeable garage mat can prevent moisture from seeping down onto the sub-surface below where it could cause severe water damage to the permanent flooring structures. In addition, smooth concrete garage floors can often become slippery when wet. By installing rubber garage mats onto your garage floor, you can help reduce unfortunate occurrences of slip-and-fall injuries. As we have mentioned, garage rubber matting can be constructed from a variety of rubber sources. Garage mats made from natural or recycled rubber are desirable for their environmentally-friendly sourcing methods. Whenever we can, opts for sustainably-sourced rubber materials since our philosophy—in part—centers around environmental friendliness. If you feel as though you fall into this category of buyer, it is a safe bet that this type of rubber garage mat is the right one for you!

Specifically designed to absorb vibrations and heavy impacts, our products are made to last! The materials we use ensure that our garage mat products will offer long-lasting functionality. Durable and resilient, our garage rubber matting is a lot more than just a tough surface. Available in several styles—such as mats, runners, and interlocking tiles—many of our options come available with interesting surface patterns that add traction and grip. These patterns are corrugations that give the garage mats uneven but uniform textures. Examples include coin-top and diamond-plate corrugations. These patterns are visually appealing, giving your floors more personality and style. And they enhance traction by acting as added points of contact between the mats and people’s feet, further reducing the chances that someone will slip and fall while traversing the mats. In addition, our products are effortless to install. For many of our flooring products, the rolls or tiles are heavy enough to stay in place without the use of an agent that bonds the mat to your subfloors. However, for lighter variations of our rubber mats or for buyers who think they need an additional measure for securing their mats, double-sided carpet tape can be used to keep the mats stuck to their garages’ subflooring. But just as easy as our products are to install—they can easily be removing in the case that they become damaged, when they need replacement, or when they need to be stored for later use or use elsewhere. Remember, our mats are generally water-resistant, too, which makes them simple to clean using a basic, household cleaning solution.

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We pride ourselves on the versatility of these garage flooring products. The number of different ways in which they excel is truly stunning. The movability and durability of these mats are just two of the attributes that make them so practical and effective as a garage mat. Designed for easy installation, there is no reason why you cannot provide added comfort to make your garage or basement a more welcoming space. These products are the ideal intersection between resilient constitution, affordable pricing, and thoughtful construction.’s garage rubber matting is sure to leave you impressed. Durable enough to withstand some harsh applications—our rubber garage mat options are perfect for turning your garage’s space into new and highly functional area! Remember, if you need your matting customized, do not hesitate to reach out. Call us at +1 (714) 772-3000 to consult one of our rubber experts about your upcoming project. Have your order crafted precisely toward your needs! We are always happy to help.

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