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Playground Flooring offers playground flooring that is affordable and highly resilient. When it comes to safety applications, specifically those concerned with the wellbeing of children, you never want to skimp on protection, especially since serious injuries—no matter how much medical attention you give them—can sometimes leave scars or damages that last a lifetime. We offer very cost-effective playground safety surfacing that is perfectly suited for withstanding a stampede of tiny feet, all while being great for indoor, as well as outdoor, applications. We use high-quality materials like synthetic, recycled, and natural rubbers to make our play-area rubber matting, which helps to ensure the durability of our products along with their excellent, protective qualities. Having specialized surfacing—one that offers a supple and elastic surface to help prevent injuries—is a very important consideration for any home or public playground. With our products, you can outfit your playground with surfacing that meets the highest standards of safety. Our kids deserve the best, and no less.

If you are looking for a product that is both high quality and cost effective, consider our rubber playground tiles! Children, the main users of playgrounds, are also the ones most prone to injury. They often engage in risky activities that can cause serious bodily harm. Playgrounds are centers for these sorts of activities. On playgrounds, children often run around without care, playing all types of games. They also swing and slide off of equipment that towers over ground level, sometimes landing in precarious ways. The right protective playground safety flooring can make all the difference when it comes to an accidental playground slip or fall. Since our playground flooring is made of rubber, your children are much less likely to lose their grip and fall. As a material, rubber has a naturally-high coefficient of friction, making it one of the best materials for maximizing anti-slip safety. And if your children do fall—from a playground’s features, for example—rubber is soft enough to cushion most of the impact from the accident. By providing children with the proper playground flooring, you will also be providing them—and yourself—with peace of mind, knowing that safety is being put first.

While safety comes first, it is still important to find the most cost-effective option that meets all of your playground’s requirements. Some types of playground surfacing can cost a fortune to buy and install. At, we have our customers’ best interests in mind. Many of our products are made using recycled rubber materials. These materials are repurposed from discarded car tires and reformed into playground tiles. By utilizing discarded materials and repurposing them, we avoid having to process raw rubber materials, which are much more expensive to procure than reclaimed ones. Thus, our manufacturing costs are significantly lessened, and these are savings that we are proud to pass on directly to our customers. Furthermore, by using recycled materials, we reduce the overall environmental impact that the rubber industry leaves on the planet. Eco-consciousness is a trait that is inexorably linked to our company’s business practices. Thus, whenever we can, we use eco-friendly sourcing and manufacturing methods to present our final products. Our playground tiles are no exception. Our playground surface material is both eco-friendly and safe.

Soft playground flooring in a playground environment must provide a very elastic and supportive surface upon which children can fall without risking serious injuries. Unfortunately, nothing is absolute—accidents are not 100% preventable. But, by utilizing’s thick playground flooring, you minimize the chances that an accident will seriously harm your children. In any case, rubber playground surfacing is far more supportive than a hard and unforgiving concrete or asphalt surface. Our playground flooring is thick and cushioning, compressing under the sudden weight of a falling body, dampening much of the impact of an otherwise injurious blow.

Red Color Interlocking Recycled Rubber Flooring placed on ground &a woman is exercising on it near swimming pool
Playground with black tile outdoors
Terra cotta Ultra Durable, DIY Rubber Tiles placed under game table

Use our mats indoors and outdoors without fear that our products will quickly deteriorate or fall apart. Here at, we make our products using quality materials with exceptional lifetimes. We are committed to providing you with dependable and safe playground flooring because we know that children only deserve the best. It might seem impossible to have a material that is both robust and cushioning. Amongst most materials, rubber’s profile of traits is a rarity. Rubber is tough yet forgiving, abrasion-resistant yet soft, and traction-enhancing and water-resistant. Outdoor rubber play mats need to be resilient since they are primarily placed in the outdoors where variables such as sunlight, precipitation, and heat are constantly in play. But they also need to be able to cushion the trips and falls young children experience on an almost daily basis. Aside from rubber, most materials cannot handle these tasks together. Rubber’s toughness is important because it means our playground tiles can hold up longer in harsh conditions, ensuring that you get the most “mileage” for every dollar you invest. Products such as our “Eco-Safety” playground tiles are perfect examples of the ideal type of playground flooring you should consider. These tiles are made with thicknesses ranging up to 3”, a degree of thickness which meets (if not exceeds) the legal requirements for playground safety throughout the country. Plus, because our options for playground flooring come in tiles, they are extraordinarily easy to install yourself. These tiles are prefabricated with subtle, interlocking mechanisms, snapping into and staying in place without much effort. Another upside from this fact is that, should one tile become irreparably damaged, you can easily replace that single tile without much hassle. By emphasizing DIY-friendliness in the design of our playground tiles, we hope we have eliminated some of our customers’ concerns. Especially for those without experience installing flooring, such a task can be daunting—even off-putting. This is why we try as best as we can to make our products installable by the average consumer who does not have expertise in working with flooring. These are just a few of the ways in which we have optimized our options for playground surfacing to best meet our customers’ needs.

Rubber-Cal’s Eco-Safety 2.5″ Interlocking Rubber Tiles for Outdoor Playground Surfacing

Eco-Safety Playground Surfacing Speed Install Competition

While wood chips, sand, and rubber mulch may seem like good options—sand, wood chips, and rubber mulch can be messy, requiring quite a bit of maintenance to uphold. Additionally, options such as wood chips can be dangerous since they can easily cause splinters and other painful injuries either by accident or when used improperly. By using solid rubber matting as your playground’s flooring, you are providing one of the best methods of playground fall protection out there. A rubber play mat offers a conformed surface along with varying degrees of thickness. Of course, the thicker the product, the more protection it can afford to any falling object. Many of our products have been tested for fall heights of up to five feet, a rating which meets most playground safety standards. Our play area rubber matting requires minimal upkeep to remain highly functional. These options are cost-effective, and they perform their jobs above and beyond most expectations.

When it comes to playground flooring, we know our buyers have many different needs. We carry a wide variety of products—some of our thinner play area rubber matting is available for indoor use, such as in preschools and for smaller play structures. Products such as our “Eco-Sport” series are excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications. Although these tiles are much thinner than traditional, thicker playground surfacing options, they still provide a level of comfort and safety that less rigorous applications are happy to have. Overall, our playground safety surfacing is a very affordable investment not only because of the competitive price points, but also due to the level of durability and DIY-friendliness they bring to the table. Consumers looking for matting for either private or commercial playgrounds are in good hands when it comes to’s playground flooring. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than safety, especially when it comes to our children. Provide your children with quality playground flooring that will help you keep them safe and sound when having fun on your playground!

Remember, if you need your flooring or matting customized or have inquiries about our products, do not hesitate to reach out. Call us at +1 (714) 772-3000 during our regular business hours or email us at any time at to consult one of our rubber experts about your upcoming project. Have your order crafted precisely toward your needs, no matter how specific your demands are! Given our lengthy history in the rubber flooring industry, we have the level of experience necessary to confront even the most complex of tasks. Please reach out! We are always happy to help.

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