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Playground Flooring

Floor Mat Company offers playground flooring that is affordable and highly resilient. When it comes to safety applications, specifically those concerned with the wellbeing of children, you never want to skimp on protection. We offer very cost-effective playground safety surfacing that is perfectly suited for withstanding a stampede of tiny feet while being great for indoor as well as outdoor applications. We use high quality materials like synthetic, recycled, and natural rubbers to make our play area rubber matting, which helps to ensure the durability of our products along with their excellent protective qualities. Having specialized surfacing, one that offers a supple and elastic surface to help prevent injuries, is a very important consideration for any home or public playground. With our products you can provide superior protection and install it yourself!

If you are looking to save money while purchasing a high-quality product, buy our rubber playground tiles! Children, as the most obvious users of playgrounds, are also the ones most prone to injury when falling from equipment. The right protective playground safety flooring can make all the difference when it comes to an accidental playground slip or fall. By providing children with the proper playground flooring, you’ll also be providing them –and yourself- with peace of mind knowing their safety is being accounted for.

In addition to children, we also take pride in ensuring that our consumers’ wallets are taken care of. Many of our products are made with recycled materials. By utilizing discarded materials and repurposing them, we avoid having to process raw materials—and this cuts our manufacturing costs. These are savings that we are proud to pass on directly to our customers. Not only that, but by using recycled materials, we reduce the overall environmental impact of the manufacturing process of our playground flooring, making recycled rubber playground surface material both eco-friendly and safe.

Soft playground flooring in a playground environment must provide a very elastic and supportive surface upon which children can fall without risking serious injuries. Unfortunately, accidents are not a 100% preventable, but by utilizing Floor Mat Company’s thick playground flooring you can let kids be kids! Far more supportive than a hard and unforgiving concrete or asphalt surface—our playground flooring offer an excellent barrier that will react and give under the sudden weight of a falling body.

Use our mats indoors and outdoors without fear of damaging the products. Here at Floor Mat Company, we make our products using quality materials because we are committed to providing you with dependable and safe playground flooring. Rubber is a material that is tough yet forgiving. Outdoor rubber play mats need to be resilient, but also need to be able to cushion the trips and falls young children experience on an almost daily basis. This toughness is important because it means our playground tiles can hold up longer is harsh conditions, ensuring that you get the most “mileage” for your dollar. Our mats are designed to withstand the abrasive conditions of outdoor weather such as constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture from rain and snow, the presence of debris, and the constant bouncing, running, and jumping of children’s feet.

While wood chips, sand, and rubber mulch, may seem like good options—sand and rubber chips can be messy and require quite a bit of maintenance while wood chips can be dangerous due to the potential for splinters and other painful injuries. By using solid rubber matting as your playground’s flooring, you’re providing one of the best methods of playground fall protection out there. A rubber play mat offers a conformed surface along with varying degrees of thickness—the thicker the product the more protection it can afford falling bodies! Some of our products have been tested for fall heights of up to five feet. Our play area rubber matting is also very easy to install since it is available as individual mats and interlocking tiles and will require minimal upkeep.

When it comes to playground flooring, we know our buyers have many different needs. We carry a wide variety of products—some of our thinner play area rubber matting is available for indoor use such as preschools and for smaller play structures, even sound proofing applications. Overall, our playground safety surfacing is a very affordable investment not only because of the economical price but also due to its durability and ease of installation, which makes the set-up of this product a very DIY friendly project. Many would agree that nothing is more important than safety, especially when it comes to children and playgrounds. Provide your children with quality playground flooring that will help you keep them safe and sound!

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