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Welcome Doormats

First impressions are important. It will influence how your guests perceive you and whether they feel welcome to your home. The Floor Mat Company recognizes this and wants to help make your first impression a good one. The best way to do this is by having a high quality and eye-catching welcome mat at your front entrances. A good outdoor welcome mat will make your friends and family feel warmly invited into your home. Made from natural and eco-friendly coir material, a welcome home doormat will bring a better level of protection to your entryway and help to keep the inside areas of your home clean and dirt free. These front door welcome mats are perfect for making that very important good first impression!

The distinguishing characteristic of a welcome mat is that they make people feel welcome. They do this by saying one simple word across their surfaces: “Welcome”. This word is used in a vast variety of different cute welcome mats to make each outdoor welcome mat unique. As one can see in the different welcome mat designs, there are so many different types of ways to say “welcome”. However, all these different mats with their design styles and variations will convey the message that you are a warm and welcoming person to all. The great thing about a welcome doormat is that they can be placed in both residential and commercial settings. Both homes and business want to welcome people. The designs on our cute welcome mats will serve to enhance the area’s overall aesthetic value.

A welcome mat is best placed in the outdoors. The reason behind this is the natural coir material that makes up most of the surface of these mats. Coir is a material that is extracted from the rich fibrous husks of coconuts. It is a tough material that is well suited for this application because it can endure the effects of prolonged exposure to outdoor weather. A coir welcome mat made with natural coir fibers can last for much longer periods of time in rain and snow because coir will not allow the moisture to form harmful microbial byproducts like mold. Coir can also be left out in the outdoors, as it will not suffer from the damage that normally comes from intense UV rays. Any good front door welcome mats should be an all-weather mat.

The coir surface of a welcome mat helps keep things cleaner for your home. Since coir is such a rough and tough material, it is very well suited to shoe scraping applications. Any dirty footwear that is scraped along the coir surfaces of these front door welcome mats and business will be much cleaner when they go inside. Coir flushes out dirt and mud particles very well. It can reach the hard-to-get areas of footwear. Coir can keep the unwanted outdoor debris trapped in its fibers until the mat is cleaned away. This is a great way to helping the interior areas of your home stay cleaner for longer periods of time. A coir welcome mat will invite your guests, but not the outside dirt on their shoes and boots.

Sometimes, a welcome home doormat comes with a backing made of either rubber or vinyl. The purpose behind the addition of these materials is safety. Rubber possesses a very high degree of friction, which allows for a better level of grip for any feet going over the mat. Rubber can also help keep the welcome mat in place. The same principle also applies to the vinyl backings.

A welcome home doormat is the perfect addition to your home or business entryway. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly material that combine to create unique and beautiful welcome mats with dependable functionality for added value. Our front door welcome mats will help keep your home clean and your guests safe. Most importantly, however, a welcome mat will help you make that good first impression that is so vital to forming great new relationships.

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