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Welcome Doormats

First impressions are important. They will influence how your guests perceive you and whether or not they feel welcome in your home. recognizes this and wants to help make your first impression a good one. The best way to do this is by having a high quality and eye-catching welcome mat at your front building’s front entrance. A good outdoor welcome mat will make your friends and family feel warmly invited into your home. Made from natural and eco-friendly coir materials, a welcome home doormat will bring a better level of protection to your entryway and will help to keep the inside areas of your home clean and dirt-free. These front door welcome mats are perfect for making that very important good first impression! Nothing says that you are a caring host like a welcome mat does. Whether you want a simple mat that is stenciled with the word “welcome” or whether you want a mat that is a little more out-of-the-ordinary, we offer many styles of welcome matting that are sure to please your tastes.

The distinguishing characteristic of a welcome mat is that it makes people feel welcome. Welcome mats do this by saying one simple word across their surfaces: “Welcome.” Or they can feature interesting graphics that convey a similar, heartwarming meaning. In any case, a welcome mat tells your guests that they are invited into your space, and that you harbor nothing but feelings of good will. A sense of welcoming is conveyed through a vast variety of different cute welcome mats making each outdoor welcome mat unique in the way that it invites your guests into your home. As one can see in the many different welcome mat designs, there are so many types of ways to say “welcome.” However, all these different mats—with their variations in style and design—will convey the message that you are a warm and welcoming person to all. The great thing about a welcome doormat is that it can be placed in both residential and commercial settings. While you might typically envision a welcome mat as belonging to someone’s private residence, there are plenty of commercial settings that employ welcome mats. After all, both homes and business want to welcome people. The designs on our cute welcome mats will serve to enhance the area’s overall aesthetic value, as well as give a good first impression to your guests.

A welcome mat is best placed in the outdoors. The reason behind this is the natural coir material that makes up most of the surface of these mats. Coir is a material that is extracted from the rich, fibrous husks of coconuts. It is a tough material that is well suited for this application because it can endure the effects of prolonged exposure to outdoor weather. While this might seem strange, it makes a lot of sense once we take a look at the evolutionary history of the coconut tree. Without human intervention, coconut trees typically reproduce by allowing their coconuts to drop into nearby waters. From there, ocean currents transport these coconuts to nearby shores where—hopefully—the coconut becomes embedded in the soil and sprouts into a new coconut tree. Because the ocean can be a very harsh environment, coconut trees have evolved to produce coconuts with exceedingly tough husks. These protective layers are all-weather—capable of withstanding some of the most abrasive outdoor conditions for prolonged periods of time. Thus, coir naturally became a go-to material for applications that demand unmatched resistances to outdoor conditions. Door-matting is one such application. A coir welcome mat made with natural coir fibers can last for much longer periods of time in rain and snow because coir will not allow the moisture to form harmful microbial byproducts like mold. And such moisture poses little threat to the integrity of the fibers. Left unattended in the outdoors, coir will not suffer from the damage that normally comes from intense UV rays. All good front door welcome mats should be all-weather mats, which is why coir is our material of choice for our welcome mats.

Welcome doormat showing anchor nautical doormat
Inviting and Useful Coir Mat with welcome sign in center
High heils shown with a caption saying please remove your shoes brown matt

The coir surface of a welcome mat helps keep things cleaner for your home. Since coir is such a rough and tough material, it is very well-suited for shoe-scraping applications. The rigid bristles texturing the surfaces of these mats are incredibly robust, reaching into the deepest corners of everyday footwear and ridding it of any dirt or grime that it harbors. Any dirty footwear that is scraped along the coir surfaces of these front door welcome mats will be much cleaner when it enters your home of commercial space. Because of all the contamination a welcome mat stops from entering your space, it can be viewed as an investment that saves you money and time. By using one of these mats, you can reduce costs of cleaning services, and you can lessen the amount of cleaning you need to do within your home. Coir flushes out dirt and mud particles very well. It can reach the hard-to-get areas of footwear. Coir can keep the unwanted outdoor debris trapped in its fibers until the mat is cleaned away. This is a great way of helping the interior areas of your home stay cleaner for longer periods of time. A coir welcome mat will invite your guests, but not the outside dirt on their shoes and boots.

Sometimes, a welcome home doormat comes with a backing made of either rubber or vinyl. The purpose behind the addition of these materials is safety. Rubber possesses a very high degree of friction, which allows for a better level of grip for any feet going over the mat. Rubber can also help keep the welcome mat in place. The same principle also applies to the vinyl backings that reinforce many of our mats. These elastomeric materials are naturally water-resistant. In the form of a doormat’s backing, they act as waterproof barriers that prevent moisture, dirt, and other debris from contaminating the mat’s surrounding surface after the mat has scraped incoming footwear. Then, when it is time for your mat to be cleaned—depending on how often you clean your doormat—you can easily shake the mat to rid it of the debris it has stored. You can also rinse the mat with water if shaking the mat does not remove every piece of contamination. And because both rubber and PVC naturally have high coefficients of friction, our welcome mats’ elastomeric backings help prevent the mats from slipping and sliding around while they are in use. This is incredibly useful for slippery environments—like places that see heavy amounts of precipitation. Overall, these mats’ backings are invaluable for enhancing their practicality, as well as longevity.

Rubber-Cal Welcome “Floral Door Mat” Kit – 18″ x 30″ – 3 Doormats

Rubber-Cal Welcome “Beach Decor” Doormat Kit – 18″ x 30″ – 2 Door Mats

A welcome home doormat is the perfect addition to your home or business entryway. They are made of a cost-effective and eco-friendly material that—combined with tasteful designs—creates unique and beautiful welcome mats with dependable functionality for maximum value. Our front door welcome mats will help keep your home clean and your guests safe. Most importantly, however, a welcome mat will help you make that good first impression that is so vital to forming great new relationships. Though, please keep in mind that—at the end of the day—coir mats are wear products. That is, they are not intended as purchases that will last indefinitely. It is a matter of course that they will eventually wear out, needing repair or replacement. This is especially true of the designs stenciled upon their surfaces. While highly durable and resilient, they will, too, eventually fade over a prolonged period of time. This is something that the homeowner must contend with, and accept. For, there is no door-mat that is guaranteed to last indefinitely. No matter where you get it from, at the end of the day, a door mat is a wear product. Please remember this as you browse our selection of products.

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