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Coin / Diamond Flooring

Coin and diamond floor mats are an incredibly important addition to any home or place of business, such as stores or industrial locations—specifically places that see heavy amounts of foot traffic. Floor Mat Company offers several choices when it comes to this type of matting which ranges in texture style, design, pattern, and even sizes and colors. Every buyer’s needs are different. For that reason, we seek to provide as much variety as possible when it comes to our mats with an added surface pattern. Coin grip rubber flooring or diamond plate rubber flooring are two of the most popular. Employing a richly textured surface is a great way to add much needed protection to any location that could be dangerous, or which could potentially cause possible slip-trip-and fall accidents that could result in huge medical costs if injuries are sustained. Apart from offering excellent safety applications, textured surfaces when employed at entryways, can catch debris and moisture—thereby helping to prevent their transfer onto interior flooring structures. These harmful substances can cause interior floors to become hazardous as well as damaging them. However, far from just being highly functional, our coin and diamond floor mats are also aesthetically pleasing and can add a professional and finished appearance to any space.

Safety should always be at the forefront of your concerns, especially in commercial or industrial locations. Oftentimes, injuries sustained by individuals in these settings can become the responsibility of building owners and managers, so it’s important to provide the best possible safety solutions. By placing coin or diamond floor mats in strategic locations that see moisture, heavy foot-traffic, or any other sort of high-risk conditions, you can ensure that you are providing guests, customers, and employees with added traction to help keep them on their feet. And because many of our coin and diamond floor mats are made from their namesake, a material that has a very high coefficient of friction, these products also offer added grip which helps in preventing trips and stumbles. While other materials are available, such as carpeted and PVC options—our textured products are specifically designed for increased traction and safety applications.

With options like a diamond plate rubber mat and other textured designs, such as coin grip rubber flooring, our mats can also help to protect the interior flooring structures of your building. Acting as a scraping surface that catches and clings to debris and moisture, our coin and diamond floor mats can effectively help to keep these substances from being brought inside. Things like gravel, dirt, and other debris can scratch hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors, while excessive moisture could easily cause water damage as well as result in high cleaning costs.

At Floor Mat Company we use durable materials, and when we can, we employ the use of recycled resources such as discarded automobile tires. Products that use recycled rubber are very resilient and are designed to withstand harsh environments such as those presented by abrasive weather conditions and heavy foot-traffic. Also, the placement of our coin or diamond floor mats won’t result in added worry such as specific and specialized cleaning methods or constant replacements. Our products are made to last and require little upkeep. Additionally, because they are made from recycled material, you have the benefit of knowing that by purchasing our recycled textured mats, you’re reducing the amount of waste that gets funneled into the world’s landfills. Furthermore, our mats are available in a PVC, or vinyl, material option. Coin or  diamond plate vinyl flooring offers excellent abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals, allowing them to be use in settings such as industrial workplaces and garages.

When it comes to employing such a functional and necessary flooring option in your home or place of business, you may think that you must sacrifice aesthetics for all the necessary and essential qualities that you require. Floor Mat Company offers textured mats in a wide array of styles—from rubberized replicas of the well-known diamond plate rubber flooring to contemporary and modern designs like raised coin flooring. Excellently crafted, our textured products provide interesting focal points that will stand out or easily blend into whatever décor is already present.

Whether they are made with rubber or vinyl, coin grip rubber flooring and diamond floor mats are a durable and attractive option when it comes to safety and protective applications. Providing slip-trip-and fall resistance, our mats are available in several sizes and individual runners can be custom cut into continual lengths of up to 50 ft. Specifically made and designed to stand up to harsh weather conditions and heavy use, our textured mats are well suited for industrial as well as residential applications. Whatever your needs may be, we are certain you’ll find what you need in Floor Mat Company’s wide selection of textured options. Try our coin and diamond floor mats today and see for yourself why they are so well-regarded in the commercial, industrial, and even residential fields!

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