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Luxury Doormats

Bring elegance and old-world charm to your doorstep with’s beautiful luxury front door mats. Our elegant matting will fit into almost any setting. Featuring hand-stenciled designs of world-renowned emblems of nobility, mats like our fleur-de-lis floor mats offer beauty, quality, and a rich historical reference that alludes to ancient times! Set on a golden-brown coir background, the carefully stenciled emblems are available in several gorgeous fleur-de-lis welcome mat designs. One option features a field of the elegant symbols in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement while another mat offers a single, elaborate emblem of the fleur-de-lis flower centered on its surface. These are just two examples of the many variations of luxury front door mats available. With so many options, there is sure to be a beautiful designer door mat that matches your entryway preferences. But far more than being just pretty products, the mats have resilient PVC backings that make them slip resistant, as well as impermeable. Any water that the mat collects stays stored within the mat until the moisture evaporates or until the mat is cleaned. This also means that water will not pool beneath the mat, which has the potential to cause damage to your subflooring. And PVC’s naturally high coefficient of friction means that the mat is more likely to stay in place once set in your entryway. After all, it could be disastrous if a guest slipped and fell while rubbing their feet on your mat. Not to mention—the rich, bristled surfaces of the designer outdoor mats act as scraping surfaces that will remove dirt, grime, and moisture from the bottoms of shoes—all while retaining the clarity of their designs and maintaining their shape. Our tasteful luxury front door mats feature a variety of benefits that will certainly improve virtually any home or office!

Quality and durability are great attributes, but what really makes’s luxury front door mats so unique is the sheer elegance of the mats. From the ancient cultures of Babylon, Persia, Scythia, and Egypt to our more modern understanding of the emblem as a symbol of royalty, the fleur-de-lis has a rich history that moves this design far beyond merely the aesthetic. The fleur-de-lis designs on our estate door mats are an extension of the symbol’s history—a continuation of its story that sustains its significance. We are very proud to feature these magnificent designs on our luxury front door mats.

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Holiday Door Mats with a Modern Aesthetic

Coir is highly durable material that is harvested from the husks of coconuts after they are carefully treated. The process is environmentally friendly and relies mostly on the careful skills of artisans and small cottage industries. Used for hundreds of years, this strong material is resistant to water and will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, making it perfect for use in environments that may see moisture. After all, the husks of coconuts have evolved to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions since, in nature, coconuts reproduce by floating across oceanwater and settling on nearby shores. Coconut husks are naturally all-weather—capable of withstanding a motley of aggressive outdoor conditions, including moisture, sunlight, abrasions, and impacts. This makes coir the perfect material for making doormats. Additionally, once coconut husks are dried and treated, the resulting material—coir—is rigid and bristly, which makes it great for scraping applications. When it comes to doormats, coir functions excellently for scraping hard-to-reach or stubborn pieces of dirt, grime, and moisture from people’s footwear. Its fibrous quality makes it great for reaching into the deepest corners of shoe soles, extracting pieces of debris that have not seen the light of day for, perhaps, years. Even the PVC backing that is used in our luxury front door mats plays a role in maximizing our products’ lifespans. These backings help to hold our doormats together, minimizing the chances that they will quickly fall apart, even after constant, heavy use. Also, the added friction and grip of the PVC backings mean that the estate door mats will not slip or move when moisture is present. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls are among the most prevalent of all workplace injuries, and—beyond the workplace—slips and falls account for the majority of emergency room visits each year! By installing luxury front door mats, you can reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling while on your premises.

Furthermore, the large estate door mats feature coir, a tough and durable all-natural material that is weather resistant and affordable. Because of its resilient constitution and hand-made construction, coir luxury front door mats are some of the bests in the business when it comes to providing long-lasting and effective workplace safety in an eco-friendly manner. Coir is also excellent for scraping dirt, mud, and grime off of footwear, drastically reducing the amount of contamination that enters your office or home. In the long run, this could potentially save you a lot in cleaning fees or reduce the amount of time you and your loved ones spend cleaning the home. In this vein, a quality doormat is an investment that accumulates value over time, saving you many potential costs down the road.

Rubber-Cal “St. Germaine Fleur de Lis” Welcome Doormat

Rubber-Cal “Classic Fleur de Lis French Matting” Doormat

Use one of our French door mats, with a featured fleur-de-lis symbol as the centerpiece to your entryway décor, or utilize it to add to your current decorative fixtures. Durable, functional, and absolutely beautiful, our designer outdoor mats offer the perfect balance between finely crafted elegance and natural beauty. Made with strong and durable materials, these estate door mats will stand up to abrasive weather conditions while maintaining their shape, functionality as an entryway mat, and—of course—their aesthetic appeal. Make your home feel like a castle with our luxury front door mats! These designs are certainly for those who prefer a more traditional theme, as these mats are adorned with symbols that are typically associated with luxury. Thankfully, you no longer need to be a European nobleman to sport luxurious insignias. Our doormats are your first step toward redefining your entryway or taking your home’s décor to the next level! Though, please keep in mind that—at the end of the day—coir mats are wear products. That is, they are not intended as purchases that will last indefinitely. It is a matter of course that they will eventually wear out, needing repair or replacement. This is especially true of the designs stenciled upon their surfaces. While highly durable and resilient, they will, too, eventually fade over a prolonged period of time. This is something that the homeowner must contend with, and accept. For, there is no door-mat that is guaranteed to last indefinitely. No matter where you get it from, at the end of the day, a door mat is a wear product. Please remember this as you browse our selection of products.

Remember, if you have any inquiries about our products, do not hesitate to reach out. Call us at +1 (714) 772-3000 during our regular business hours or email us at any time at to consult one of our door-matting experts about your upcoming project. Have your order crafted precisely toward your needs, no matter how specific your demands are! Given our lengthy history in the flooring and door-matting industries, we have the level of experience necessary to confront even the most complex of tasks. Please reach out! We are always happy to help.

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