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Luxury Doormats

Bring elegance and old-world charm to your doorstep with Floor Mat Company’s beautiful luxury front door mats. Our elegant matting will fit into almost any setting. Featuring a hand-stenciled design of a world-renowned emblem of nobility, the fleur de lis floor mats, the mats offer beauty, quality, and a rich historical reference that dates to ancient times! Set on a golden-brown coir background, one of nature’s strongest materials, the carefully stenciled emblems are available in several gorgeous fleur de lis welcome mat designs. One option features a field of the elegant symbols in an aesthetically pleasing pattern while another mat offers a single elaborate emblem of the fleur de lis flower centered on its surface, both making for a beautiful designer door mat. But far more than just pretty products, the mats have a resilient PVC backing that makes them slip resistant as well as impermeable, meaning that water won’t easily fester under them, which could cause potential subfloor damage. Even the rich, bristled surface of the designer outdoor mats offer the added benefit of acting as a scraping surface that will remove dirt, grime, and moisture from the bottom of shoes, while maintaining their shape and aesthetic grace. Our tasteful luxury front door mats feature a variety of benefits that will certainly improve virtually any home or office!

Quality and durability are great attributes, but what really makes Floor Mat Company’s luxury front door mats so distinctly unique is the sheer elegance of the mats. From the ancient cultures of Babylon, Persia, Scythia, and Egypt to our more modern understanding of the emblem as a symbol of royalty, the Fleur de lis has a rich history that moves this design far beyond merely the aesthetic. The fleur de lis design on our estate door mats is a true aesthetic choice and will certainly enhance any home or office entryway. We’re very proud to feature this magnificent design on our luxury front door mats, which can also stand for excellence—a quality we feel is well represented by our products. Dress up any entryway with an elegant French Welcome Mat, which can easily become a centerpiece all on its own or it can just as easily lend itself to blend into any established décor. Imagine the golden-brown color of the coir against brown, tan, or any other colored cut-stone or vibrant red brick! The material’s natural beauty will match multiple settings and will add instant curb appeal to your exterior entryways.

Coir is highly durable material that is harvested from the husks of coconuts after they are carefully treated. The process is environmentally friendly and relies mostly on the careful skills of artisans and small cottage industries. Used for hundreds of years, this strong material is resistant to water and will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, making it perfect for use in environments that may see moisture. Even the PVC backing that is used in our luxury front door mats ensures that the products will have a long life of use, as opposed to products of less quality that will need constant replacement. Also, the added friction and grip of the PVC backing means that the estate door mats will not slip or move when moisture is present. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, falls are among the most prevalent of all workplace injuries. By installing luxury front door mats, you will be directly helping to counter one of the biggest workplace injury causatives.

Furthermore, the large estate door mats feature “coir,” a tough and durable all-natural material that is weather resistant and affordable. Because of its resilient constitution and hand-made construction, coir luxury front door mats are some of the bests in the business when it comes to providing long-lasting and effective workplace safety in an eco-friendly manner.

Use one of our French door mats, with a featured fleur de lis symbol as the centerpiece to your entryway décor or utilize it to add to your current decorative fixtures. Durable, functional, and absolutely beautiful, our designer outdoor mats offer the perfect balance between finely crafted elegance and natural beauty. Made with strong and durable materials, these estate door mats will stand up to abrasive weather conditions while maintaining their shape, functionality as an entryway mat, and of course their aesthetic appeal. Make your home feel like a castle with our luxury front door mats!

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