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Floor Protection Mats

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Floor Protection Mats

Whether you’re working on a personal project in your home workshop or if you own, manage, or work in an industrial or commercial setting, floor protection mats are necessary. If your floors are not intact and in good working condition, then you risk chances of dangerous trip and fall accidents. Rubberized floor protection mats are great ways to safeguard your floors —wherever it may be! Products like heavy equipment mats are specifically made to endure the demanding environments that are often found under heavy-duty equipment. And the true beauty of these products is that they are not just a one-trick-pony!

Floor protection mats will also safeguard your sub-flooring from damage. Consider how easy it could be to dente, chip, or scratch concrete, hardwood, or linoleum flooring. A dropped hammer or something heavier can leave an ugly and unsightly crack. And this could be an even larger problem if you are renting a building because then you could be held responsible for costly repairs. Even a single thick mat can reduce the probability of serious damage—especially if it’s placed in an area where these risks run high. Also, these products have amazing safety applications! Due to rubber’s naturally high coefficient of friction and the rich textured designs that are often included upon the surface of most protective rubber mats—our floor protection mats are perfectly suited as slip resistant floors.

Industrial equipment—such as generators, air compressors, and many other items are large and heavy; however, they allow us to do our work more efficiently. Whether your work floor is at home or in an industrial setting, it is worth protecting. A good way to ensure the safety of work floors is by using rubber floor protector pads. Although this will not guarantee a 100% accident-free solution, our floor protection mats will significantly reduce chances of severe floor damage.

If you’re working at a station or on some sort of assembly-line, a strategically placed thick mat is the perfect way to protect these fallen items. Thicker heavy-duty floor mats, though they’re made for heavy duty applications, offer a durable and shock absorbent surface that will prevent damaging forces from reaching subfloors, like tile, hardwood, linoleum, and even concrete. Rubber is naturally supple and elastic, which can help prevent floor damage caused by dropped tools and equipment.

Black color treadmill mat Reduces Treadmills Noise and Impact, Protects Floors man running on treadmill
Resilient Recycled Rubber Mat Reduces Vibrations and Noise exercise cycle at the top
Black in color Easy-to-Install, Durable, Rubber Flooring Made from Reclaimed Rubber orange color dumbbells placed
Black Color Excellent Floor Protector Mat Promotes Drainage and Comfort under horse

Floor protection mats serve as a double barrier. First, they’ll protect sub-flooring from being scratched or cracked and this can be either due to the movement of large pieces of equipment or to dropped tools or materials. Secondly, they’ll protect the very items that pose as potential dangers to the subfloor. It’s easy enough to see how this works—two solid objects crashing against each other will hardly ever have a good outcome! A protective pad placed between these two is therefore a great way to protect both. They are often made from a recycled material—the main source of which are discarded tires. Now, if you consider the sort of environments that automobile tires are designed to stand up against it’s easy to see why they are so well suited to be the main material in these products. Tires are made to be all-weather and all-terrain, meaning that they have to be able to withstand the many harsh environments of the open road such as extensive exposure to corrosive sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and rough and uneven surfaces. This material is very simply made for these rough conditions.

Now, damage to equipment and tools won’t always be due to dropped tools—sometimes, because of the nature of the machine it might bounce, rock, or vibrate very roughly. During one of these stints of movement, the floor beneath them will eventually wear down, chip, or crack after enough exposure. A rubber vibration absorbing mat is designed to protect the floors underneath these larger heavy-duty machines by providing them an elastic and vibration dampening surface upon which their movements can land. A thick mat made of rubber will absorb the shock of the vibrations and movements and distribute them outward rather than allowing the machine to resonate with them, making them excellent floor protection mats.

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Floor protection mats are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs so they aren’t just well suited for any environment—they can also fit in seamlessly. Rubber is the ideal material for creating shock absorbent floor protector pads as it is a soft and elastic material that can prevent damaging forces from reaching the subfloor. Whether you need a single thick mat or several interlocking tiles, our rubber floor protection mats can ensure a safe and intact work floor.

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