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“Equine-Flex” Horse Stall Mat


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Priced at $90.00 for 20 or more Equine-Flex Mats

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Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 99 $90.00
100 - 399 5 % $85.50
400 - 1,599 7.5 % $83.25
1,600+ 12.5 % $78.75

California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    • 5/8 thick gauge makes this horse mat the sturdiest of its kind
    • Great coverage provided by these 4ft x 6ft mats
    • These mats are easy to clean, with a “bedding time” that is imperative in the animal care industry
    • Made from reclaimed rubber materials makes this floor mat incredibly abrasion and wear-resistant
    • Can also be used as industrial mats to support heavy machinery and other equipment

    Rising Horse Population: With a horse population that has increased by one-third over the past few decades in the United States, larger and more-numerous facilities can appreciate the many helpful qualities of this horse mat.

    Textured Matting: These mats have the “Cobble-Top” design, sure to add a sleek-looking flair that will also help to increase traction to the surface of these mats. It is made to directly mirror tightly compacted cobblestone roads that hearken to times past.

    An Animal of a Mat: Although designed for use primarily in animal care facilities, they can be used easily as industrial mats because of their thickness, durability, and sturdy material composition. Neither heavy machinery nor intense liquid-exposure will wear down this resilient heavy-duty mat.

    Quickest Bedding Time: When it comes to animal care, everyone knows that it can be extremely messy business. With a quicker bedding time than any other mat in the industry, the Equine Flex is sure to make animal care that much easier, and that much cleaner.

    Volume Pricing

    Mat Pricing 20+ 100+ 400+ 1600+
    4ft x 6ft $90.00 $85.50 $83.25 $78.75

    See “Equine-Flex” Horse Stall Mat in Action

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    The most affordable horse stall mat In the United States! When purchased in quantities of 40 or more, this product is sold in volume quantities for large equine facilities. They are highly durable products and therefore ideal for livestock.


    Reclaimed Rubber

    Available Sizes:

    4 ft x 6 ft




    100 lbs.

    Available Colors:



    Animal Comfort, Barns, Caging Systems, Cow Matting, Cross-fit Gyms, Equine Facilities, Farm Comfort Floors, Kennels, Protective Flooring, Livestock Floors, Pet Floors, Stables.


    The vulcanized materials used to construct these mats are unmatched in strength and durability. Supporting the weight and activities of large and small animals alike is a strenuous and potentially damaging task, and not many flooring options can stand up to the challenge. But these mats are so resilient and tough that they can easily withstand the abrasive treatment of any animal!


    Simply put, there is no horse stall mat out there that is more affordable than this. They are especially economical when purchased in volume quantities for large facilities.

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