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Floor Mat Company Videos

Search our video gallery below to see a more detailed look of our flooring products and how they function in real world applications. These videos will help you understand our rubber floor mats, doormats, gym mats, boot scrapers, kitchen mats, equipment mats, or runner mats better and more clearly.

Check out the “how-to” videos to learn more about the simple and easy installation of our flooring, such as cutting rubber, installing ramps, and properly laying down tiles and rolls. Watch our “product” videos to discover specific details of applications, installations, and material makeup of certain products. Take a look at the “in the media” section to see why Rubber-Cal products are such a popular choice for various TV shows such as ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover and VH1’s Money Hungry.

We hope our video gallery, in addition to our detailed descriptions and high quality photographs, will help make your online shopping experience that much easier.


Man cutting rubber while on the ground
How to Cut Rubber Flooring

Learning how to cut mats is not only an important skill to have when installing rubberized floor covering, but it is also a cost efficient and timesaving decision.

Picture of floor and mats up against a wall on the left
Gym Floor Installation with Interlocking Gym Mats

After you have found the perfect fitness flooring for your residential or commercial exercise facility, it is time for the gym floor installation.

Two men helping each other roll out rubber mats
Installing Rubber Flooring – Seam Sealing Two Rolls

In this video, you will learn about two techniques, seaming and scoring, which will help you seam two adjoining rollS.

People working out at a gym
Resilient Flooring Installation

Having proper fitness flooring is just as crucial for safe and efficient exercise as having appropriate workout gear.

Revolution how to picture with labels
Rubber Floor Matting Easy to Install

Rubber floor matting for home gym floors is an easy do it yourself project that will have your home gym looking and feeling like a professional fitness center.

Two people installing rubber floorings
Change Any Room Into a Safe Comfortable Area

The simple addition of rubber flooring mats directly on top of your current surfacing will provide brand new flooring that is both comfortable and visually appealing.


PIcture of a person standing on top of a puzzle lock tile alternating blue and black in a 2x3 formation
Rubber Flooring tiles DIY Flooring

Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring tiles are uniquely designed to make the installation of your new rubber tile floor a painless and fun endeavor.

Two dumbbells on top of each other in a cross shape

Revolution rubber tiles serve as a great anti-fatigue mat by utilizing the soft and shock absorbent qualities of rubber.

Bikes on the left, rubber flooring on the right and a TV in between
Industrial Mat – Elephant Bark

When it comes to a rubber industrial mat, it doesn’t get much better than the Elephant Bark rubber flooring roll.

Mannequins displayed left is brown right is black
Coin Grip Non Slip Mat

When it comes time to install or redo your flooring in your garage, basement, or warehouse there are many different options to consider.

Ecofriendly flooring displayed below a table
Premium eco-friendly flooring

Terra-Flex interlocking anti fatigue mats are quality rubber flooring tiles that can be placed on top of any existing surface to completely remodel any space.

Red flooring around gym equipment
Rubber Eco-Flooring Easy DIY Project

Rubber eco flooring is a simple do it yourself project that can immediately change the look and atmosphere of any garage or home gym floor.

In the Media

3 people standing on Green Rubber Mats
DIY “Extra Yardage” Rubber Mats

In this episode, Rubber-Cal’s interlocking floor mats were used to help renovate the flooring of an old two-stall barn

Picture of inside of a gym with workout equipments
Biggest Loser “Z Cycle” Equipment Mats

The show utilized Rubber-Cal’s “Z Cycle” equipment mats to outfit their gym’s flooring, continuing the show’s long-standing relationship with the company.

Martha Stewart on a Horse
Heavy Duty Rubber Mats on Martha Stewart’s show

Floor Mat Company (a Rubber-Cal brand) provided heavy-duty rubber mats to the Martha Stewart Show, which was used to protect the studio’s floor

Picture of a renovated backyard
“Run my Renovation” Rubber Mats

Popular DIY Network series, Run My Renovation, recently featured Rubber-Cal’s outdoor rubber flooring in their latest home improvement project.

Man doing jump ropes on green rubber mats
VH1 Utilizes Rubber Sport Flooring

VH1 and Rubber-Cal teamed up to facilitate a fitness room that was both safe and durable enough to support the participants on their road to better health and wealth.

Extreme Home Makeover Handicapped man assisted by woman
Rubber Mat Flooring ABC Home Makeover

Elephant Bark, like so many other rubber mat flooring options, offers supreme protection and style at a very affordable price.


Red matts displayed outside
Rubber Playground Surfacing Quick Setup

Eco-Safety rubber playground surfacing functions well in the most inclement of weather conditions.

Black commercial freight truck
Rubber Heavy Duty Mat vs Truck

The Shark Tooth utilizes a 3/4-inch thickness making it the perfect solution for areas that need heavy protection or buffering.

Four different rubber tiles splayed out one red one black one brown
How Tough is Rubber Tile Flooring?

The Maxx-Tuff, Shark Tooth, Eco-Sport, Puzzle-Lock Tile, and Eco-Safety rubber tile flooring all passed with flying colors after four rigorous experiments testing strength and durability.

Man holding a rubber tile
What is Rubber Flooring?

A rubber is an elastomer, meaning that it is a large molecule that can be stretched and returned to its original shape.

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