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Easy Gym Floor Installation with Interlocking Gym Mats

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

After you have found the perfect fitness flooring for your residential or commercial exercise facility, it is time for the gym floor installation. Depending on which of our rubber flooring products you have chosen for your fitness flooring, the installation steps will vary. In this Rubber-Cal “how to” video, the crew from “The Biggest Loser” will demonstrate how easy it is to install interlocking gym mats.

Simple and DIY-capable, all you will need is the following to set up these durable exercise mats:

  • Protective gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Broom
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Connector pins for gym tiles

At the beginning of the video, you will see that a portion of the fitness flooring has already been laid out. Prior to this step, you will want to use your broom to clear away any debris from the surface that you will be setting up the interlocking gym mats on. Make sure that the subsurface has been thoroughly swept, so that you can ensure a smooth and leveled fitness flooring finish.

Initially, it may seem tricky when putting these exercise mats together, but these rubber gym tiles come with pre-drilled installation holes. The pre-drilled installation holes are features of the interlocking gym mats, which you can use to apply connector pins in order to unite two gym tiles together. The video shows a few different angles for a better demonstration of how the connector pins are used to join the exercise mats together.

Once the connector pin has been placed inside a pre-drilled hole of the interlocking gym mats, you will lift the adjoining gym tiles to line up the connector pin with the next pre-drilled hole. Secure the connector pin by carefully lifting and aligning the two exercise mats together. The next step is just a matter of readjusting the gym tiles as needed. These are basically the steps for this particular gym floor installation. See how easy and simple it is to install these interlocking gym mats as fitness flooring for your gym?

Did you know that these exercise mats could also be cut to accommodate odd angles if necessary? This eco-friendly fitness flooring option is sturdy, but malleable enough to be cut and therefore, able to fit into odd angles. In the video, “The Biggest Loser” crew has applied these rubber gym tiles all around the perimeter of the gym floor.

Finally, you are done with your gym floor installation! If you followed these simple steps carefully, your finished product will look clean and tidy, as if it were professionally done. No need to pay for a personal gym floor installation when you can simply tackle this as an easy, DIY project.

Rubber flooring is the perfect choice for weight and fitness training surface, because it offers additional flooring that will protect people, expensive equipment and the subsurface floor. Because Eco-Sport interlocking gym mats are available in an assortment of colors, they will add variety and personality to your commercial or home gym.

Rubber flooring is the ideal option for weight and fitness training surface, because it provides additional support, which will protect people, expensive equipment and the subsurface floor underneath. These eco-conscious interlocking gym mats also add a nice, decorative touch to your gym. Not only are these exercise mats highly durable and made from automobile tiles, these gym tiles are also versatile since they can be used for outdoors, as well as, fitness flooring.

Whether you are using these exercise mats for your gym floors or another application, your gym floor installation will be easy due to the pre-drilled holes in the interlocking gym mats. These gym tiles are an eco-friendly choice, but also, an economical choice for longevity, price and cost of installation.

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