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Elephant Bark Rubber Mat Flooring is Big Part of ABC’s Home Makeover


Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

Elephant Bark, like so many other rubber mat flooring options, offers supreme protection and style at a very affordable price. Employing rubber tile floors can effectively protect your subflooring as well as other items being placed on top of them from damage obtained from the weight of heavy items. The durability and protective nature of these rubber floors makes them the perfect choice for home or commercial gym surfaces. Made from 83% percent post consumer recycled rubber material, these eco-friendly floor mats are made from old tire rubber and are a great environmentally friendly choice. The installation of rubber flooring rolls is a very easy do it yourself project that can instantly change the feel of any garage floor or home gym.

The show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on ABC takes family’s in need of a house transformation and grants their wish. Host Ty Pennington and his team take on tough challenges and offer complete refurnishing and renovation of homes in need. For this particular episode, as you can see from the video, home makeover helps a wounded former U.S. Army staff sergeant get his life back by transforming his house and throwing him a wedding. Due to his injuries and wounds sustained from the attack on Fort Hood in 2009, Sergeant Patrick Ziegler’s rehabilitation became a major part of his life, which is why Home Makeover knew installing a home rehab area for him would be one of the more important parts of the project.

A rehab area is extremely similar to a gym, involving weights and things being dropped on the floor, so when it came time to choose the correct flooring, ABC went with rubber mat flooring. Rubber tile floors provide a soft cushiony floor to better help protect the users joints, which is important for an injured veteran. Another added benefit of recycled rubber floor tiles is that they will offer a lasting functional floor for this family for years to come. These eco-friendly floor mats are extremely durable and won’t wear down any time soon. You don’t need Ty Pennington and his professional team, as installing this product is incredibly easy and a fun DIY project. Cleaning these mats is also painless as household cleaners or a simple mopping will suffice.

Elephant Bark rubber mat flooring is a versatile product that is available in multiple colors and sizes. These eco-friendly floor mats are offered in three- sixteenths inch, one-quarter inch, and three-eighths inch, Elephant Bark is the right choice no matter the application. While the one-quarter inch Elephant Bark is only available in all black, the three-sixteenths and three-eighths inch thicknesses come in six cool color patterns. Choose from Green Dot, Blue Dot, Red Dot, Blue Steel, Candy Corn, or All Black rubber flooring rolls to effectively add some spice to any boring garage or home gym area. Make the environmentally friendly choice and get yourself a professionally looking home gym floor like Sergeant Patrick Ziegler by installing Elephant Bark rubber flooring today!

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