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Rubber Heavy-Duty Mat – Made to Survive the Harshest of Conditions

Updated: Santa Ana, Calif., July 9, 2013

The Shark Tooth heavy duty mat and Maxx-Tuff industrial floor mat are two of the toughest rubber mats available. With a four by six foot mat weighing up to 100 pounds, the Shark Tooth mat is a serious piece of heavy-duty floor covering. The Shark Tooth utilizes a 3/4-inch thickness making it the perfect solution for areas that need heavy protection or buffering. Similarly the Maxx-Tuff rubber texture mats offer supreme durability in a half-inch mat providing quality safety against heavy weighted materials. Also being a very sturdy heavy-duty floor covering this mat weighs about 80 pounds for a four-by-six foot mat. While both mats come in a clean all black look, the Maxx-Tuff heavy-duty mat offers a visually appealing honeycomb texture to add style to any warehouse or factory. We know both these mats look great and are extremely strong, but just how strong?

We tested both the Shark Tooth 3/4-inch and Maxx-Tuff1/2-inch mats to see just how strong these rubber texture mats are. Rather than just dropping a few weights, we felt like a much more intense test was needed to test such durable heavy0duty floor covering. So we looked around the warehouse for the heaviest thing we could find, and that still wasn’t heavy enough, so we took the search outdoors and immediately knew we had found the ultimate test item, the forty five thousand pound shipping container. As you can see from the video, this truck is mammoth and only an extremely high quality, strong, and a heavy-duty mat will even stand a chance. Laying the Shark Tooth and Maxx-Tuff down between the pavement and a truck peg, the heavy container was lowered down, applying all the weight directly on each industrial floor mat. As evidenced by the video, both the Shark Tooth and the Maxx-Tuff survived this brutal test unscathed. Each workshop mat showed a dusted imprint from the freight trucks peg, which can easily be cleaned off. The honeycomb texture of Maxx-Tuff also stayed in tact as the resiliency of both rubber texture mats prevailed.

Installation is very simple with these mats, as simply lying them down will suffice in most situations since this flooring weighs so much. This workshop mat is very easily cleaned as a mop or ordinary household cleaners will do the trick. Both the Shark Tooth and Maxx-Tuff industrial floor mat can be bought in 4×6, 3×4, and 2×3 foot dimensions offering a great durable covering for whatever size area you need to protect. Both of these rubber texture mats are environmentally friendly solutions as they are made from reclaimed rubber. You’ve now seen the strength of a rubber heavy-duty mat as both the Shark Tooth and Maxx-Tuff survived the weight of a forty thousand pound shipping container, protect your assets and flooring today by utilizing heavy-duty floor covering in any area you need protection.

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