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Funny Doormats

When one usually thinks of a doormat, they imagine something that is nice, warm, welcoming, and maybe even a bit understated. However, one may not expect to find themselves to be greeted by unique funny door mats. provides a complete line of humorous welcome mats that cover a broad spectrum of creative humor. On one hand, you can find a mat that has a grouchy, yet hilarious, quote for that pesky door-to-door salesman. On the other, you can find funny door mat quotes that will have your best friend laughing out loud at its quirkiness. However, the products in our line of funny door mats are not just funny novelties—they are also highly functional products that protect your home from the many forces that threaten to contaminate its interior. Made using a combination of coir and PVC materials, our creative door mats are the perfect addition to any individual’s home!

When you want to add a bit of your own personality to your home, the front entrance is the perfect place to start. Your home’s entrance is oftentimes the place where guests obtain a first impression of your home—and, consequently, you. If you want to make sure that they know just how odd, quirky, or fun you are, our line of funny door mats is the has all the options you will need to express that inner spirit! Tell your guests that you are laid-back, relaxed, and silly with one of our funny message mats. A variety of design and message options are available. One thing about funny door mats that makes them unique is just how they can portray personalities. Some can have a message that goes straight to the point by saying, “Go Away.” Others can imply the presence of dogs in the house, alerting people to be either on their best behavior or simply be on their way. For instance, our “Beware of Dog” doormat features the image of a home invader running away from a dog. This comedic design is adorned with the text: “Beware of Dog!” This is just one example of the many hilarious doormats we offer our customers. Ultimately, these are sassy, quirky, and fun doormats, especially the “go away” doormat.The many products we offer within this category are intended to cover a wide range of different attitudes and personalities. Even if a bold message is not something you typically choose, there may be a door mat here which captures your preference for more subtle—yet still fun—tastes. A doormat such as our “Live, Laugh, Love” novelty doormat captures that spirit of joy without being blunt, which is a sentiment some homeowners might appreciate.

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These humorous welcome mats go simply beyond fun aesthetic value. They bring a great functional protective quality to the areas over which they are placed. Why bother getting a doormat in the first place if it cannot provide adequate protection and cleanliness for your home? Coir and PVC are the materials favored for use in our funny door mats. Coir is a naturally occurring material that is extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. Coconut husks have evolved to become incredibly resilient to a variety of outdoor factors. Naturally, coconuts are meant to float across oceans. This is part of the life cycle of a coconut tree, as coconuts are supposed to wash up on different shores and sprout new plants. Having evolved in such a way, coconut husks are excellent at resisting many outdoor conditions—including variables such as moisture, abrasions, impacts, and sunlight. In addition to being all-weather, coir is also an eco-friendly material. It is a naturally occurring substance, and its production and use leave behind no waste of the non-biodegradable nature. The material itself is rough and coarse. Once coir is dried and treated, its rigidity and hardness make it excellent for scraping things such as dirt and grime from people’s shoes. This is why coir is the material of choice for doormats. Each unique welcome mat offered by is made with a coir surface that is fantastic at keeping the house clean because the rough coir fibers efficiently scrape outdoor debris off from any incoming footwear. This includes things like dirt, sand, gravel, mud, and even moisture. The fibers can fit into the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of a shoe or boot and flush out the unwanted debris. This helps to keep interior areas nice and clean for both you and your guests. Additionally, the coir surfaces of the mats also allow our funny door mats to be left outdoors for very long periods of time without worry that they will become damaged. Coir is naturally resistant to a variety of outdoor weather factors, such as moisture, ozone, and UV rays.

In most instances, funny front door mats made of coir can come with a backing frame that is made from PVC. This part of funny door mats is very important because it helps to keep them in place. While these mats are meant to induce laughter, it would not be very funny if one of your guests slipped and fell while scraping their feet on your doormat. Many of our humorous welcome mats come with PVC backings to help keep the mats in place while they are being used. In addition to keeping the mat in place, the PVC backings of our creative door mats can help to protect the surfaces underneath them. Sensitive areas like tile, wood, and even stone can suffer from wear and tear over time, especially if these materials are what surface entryways. Moreover, because PVC is completely waterproof, any moisture or grime that enters your doormat will not leak out through the back of the mat. Its PVC backing is an impenetrable barrier that keeps any contamination locked within the mat. When it is time for the mat to be cleaned, you can easily clean the mat by shaking or rinsing it. The PVC backings that reinforce our doormats do a great service in making them incredibly easy to care for. This is certainly something we always have in mind, as we want our products to be easy to use, as well as effective.

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I Will Not Be A Doormat! Funny Doormat

Funny floor mats combine unique aesthetics with the tried-and-true functional qualities of coir and PVC. Made of durable and long-lasting coir and PVC materials, any one of our products from our unique welcome mat collection is likely to last for years in abrasive outdoor settings. In addition to having a generally long life, our creative door mats also help reduce the chance of dangerous slip and fall accidents by trapping dirt and absorbing moisture before they can accumulate on your nice home floors. Bring a bit of your personality (and safety) to your front entrance by greeting people with humorous welcome mats. These unique doormats are certainly a great way to make your entryway stand out from the typical residence’s décor. The tactful employment of a funny door mat can go a long way in instilling your home with the fun-loving spirit that it deserves. Our funny door mats are sure to catch eyes and get conversations started!

Though, please keep in mind that—at the end of the day—coir mats are wear products. That is, they are not intended as purchases that will last indefinitely. It is a matter of course that they will eventually wear out, needing repair or replacement. This is especially true of the designs stenciled upon their surfaces. While highly durable and resilient, they will, too, eventually fade over a prolonged period of time. This is something that the homeowner must contend with, and accept. For there is no door-mat that is guaranteed to last indefinitely. No matter where you get it from, at the end of the day, a door mat is a wear product. Please remember this as you browse our selection of products.

Remember, if you have any inquiries about our products, do not hesitate to reach out. Call us at +1 (714) 772-3000 during our regular business hours or email us at any time at to consult one of our door-matting experts about your upcoming project. Have your order crafted precisely toward your needs, no matter how specific your demands are! Given our lengthy history in the flooring and door-matting industries, we have the level of experience necessary to confront even the most complex of tasks. Please reach out! We are always happy to help.

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