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Rubber Mats

Here at the Floor Mat Company, a rubber mat is designed to provide long-lasting flooring applications around the home. A rubber mat is made of resilient eco-friendly and synthetic rubber variations that are the perfect material for creating resilient mats that lasts for years no matter where they are installed. Rubber’s natural properties allow it to provide the properties necessary for providing long-lasting protective properties. A rubber mat can be used for a variety of purposes, including floor protection, anti-fatigue comfort, and non-slip flooring. Our rubber mats are available in a wide range of gauges, styles, materials, and colors to accommodate for application and aesthetics. Due to the versatile and durable rubber materials used to create our rubber mat products, they are extremely versatile and may be used both indoors and outdoors without worry of damage.

Is Rubber Good for Flooring?

Rubber is good for flooring thanks to its material make-up that gives it excellent safety properties. Rubber is the ideal material for creating a rubber mat because the properties of rubber allow it to provide both safety and comfort qualities to any area. A rubber shock absorbent mat is offered in either post-consumer tire rubber or synthetic rubber variations, allowing for versatility in where they can be installed around the home. Post-consumer tire rubber variations, including recycled and reclaimed rubbers, are made of repurposed vehicle tires. Their composition gives them excellent abrasion and impact resistance properties as well as weatherproof properties that are seen in the performance of vehicle tires. Due to these properties of tire-derived rubber, recycled and reclaimed rubber, a Floor Mat Company rubber mat can provide long-lasting and versatile matting. Contrastingly, a synthetic rubber mat is made using a blend of chemical compounds that gives the rubber enhanced physical and chemical properties. Compared to natural rubber, synthetic rubbers offer better physical strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and environmental resistance properties, allowing synthetic rubber mats to be more versatile than natural rubber matting.

Rubber, whether tire-derived or synthetic, offers excellent traction, floor protection, and anti-fatigue capabilities. Rubber is naturally a tacky material that is excellent for increasing non-slip traction. It retains a high coefficient of friction and is highly moisture resistant, allowing a rubber mat to retain their traction, even when moisture is present on their surface. Oftentimes, a roll of a custom rubber mat and interlocking rubber floor mats are available with an added surface pattern that is designed to enhance rubber’s natural grip by offering extra gripping points. Additionally, rubber can efficiently absorb the force of impact to provide excellent floor protection against damaging forces. Its high tensile strength allows rubber to stretch with the force of an impact without breaking or letting the force reach the subfloor. Furthermore, a rubber mat offers a level of anti-fatigue comfort. Rubber is a soft and cushiony material that will relieve pressure from feet and leg joints to provide a more comfortable surface, whether it be for general flooring or for a specific application, such as home gyms. Best of all, rubber mats are versatile matting options that are resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture, allowing them to retain indoor/outdoor versatility.

Are Rubber Mats Strong?

Rubber Mats are extremely strong products that will offer long-lasting floor protection in any indoor or outdoor setting. You should choose floor mats for your house depending on what they will be used for and where they will be installed. A rubber mat is available in numerous thicknesses, forms, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect vinyl or rubber mat for your home. Having a wide range of thicknesses available allow you to choose a mat depending on the abrasiveness of the application and the level of impact absorption required for floor protection in a specific area. Different forms of rubber mats available make it easy to find a custom rubber mat for any sized space around your home. Rubber mats are available as rubber stair treads, a custom rubber mat roll, rolls of vinyl matting, interlocking rubber floor mats, solid and drainage mats, and anti-fatigue matting.

A rubber mat is available in a wide selection of thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 3” thick. Having a wide range of thicknesses available allows you to find a shock absorbing mat thick enough to provide sufficient floor protection. A thick rubber mat is ideal for floor protection applications, such as under home appliances or fitness machines. Furthermore, large rubber mats are also designed to provide safety in case of a tumble. For instance, thick rubber playground tiles are offered to provide sufficiently cushioned playground surfaces for a safe environment for children. Contrastingly, thinner floor mats are ideal for general-purpose floor protection against abrasions, dents, and cracks. Thinner mats can be used for flooring in areas with flooring you want to protect.

Rubber stair treads, or step mats, are designed to provide non-slip safety to both indoor and outdoor stairways around the home by offering a traction surface and protecting the steps themselves from hazard-causing damage. These are small individual mats that are designed to sit on top of each individual step. On the other hand, rubber flooring rolls and interlocking rubber floor mats are ideal for larger flooring applications. Rubber and vinyl rolled matting is best used for large spaces, such as wall-to-wall flooring as they are available is set length or in custom lengths up to 50 consecutive feet, upon request. On the other hand, tile flooring is best for customizable and mobile floors. Thanks to its interlocking mechanism, tile flooring is a custom rubber flooring option that is easily installed and customized simply by adding or removing tiles until you have reached the desired size. In addition, rubber mats are also available as individual mats that are offered in set dimensions. Individual mats are offered as either a solid rubber mat or as a drainage mat. A solid rubber mat is designed for use as anti-fatigue matting or for protective padding. Rubber’s soft and cushiony nature provides sufficient padding to provide comfort qualities when standing or walking on its surface. Rubber mats are designed to offer long-lasting floor protection, anti-slip safety, and comfort qualities to anywhere they are installed around the home.

The Floor Mat Company offers many different styles of rubber mats that will promote safety and add comfort and floor protection to any surface around the home. We offer both rubber and PVC vinyl floor mats that are durable and reliable matting options that will last for years in residential settings. The numerous thicknesses available make it easy to find sufficient padding to protect your home floors. Tire-derived and synthetic rubbers are versatile indoor/outdoor materials that will resist harmful environmental factors, including UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and wet weather conditions. Vinyl floor mats are generally thinner and are designed to provide protection against abrasions and chemicals. A Floor Mat Company rubber mat is designed to provide excellent safety and protective properties in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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