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Here at, we offer many variations of the classic rubber mat. A rubber mat is designed to accommodate flooring applications around the home, in the office, or throughout a warehouse. A rubber mat is made of eco-friendly or synthetic rubber materials which are the perfect materials for creating resilient mats that last for years, regardless of where they are installed. Each type of rubber has a unique set of traits. This fact about rubber materials means that each type of rubber is best suited for certain situations. However, all rubber materials share certain fundamental properties—albeit to varying degrees. First, rubber is resilient. It is an incredibly durable material that can easily withstand impacts and abrasions. Second, rubber is water-resistant. Water has little effect on the efficacy of a rubber floor. Third, rubber is slip-resistant. The material has a naturally high coefficient of friction, which means that it naturally enhances traction, reducing the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. Combined with rubber’s inherent resistance to water, this material functions excellently as a durable, slip-resistant surface that reduces slipperiness despite the presence of moisture. Altogether, the combination of these basic qualities is the reason for why a rubber mat can be used for so many purposes, including floor protection, anti-fatigue comfort, and non-slip flooring. Our rubber mats are available in a wide range of gauges, styles, materials, and colors to further accommodate all types of applications and aesthetics. Our rubber mat products are made of the highest-quality rubber materials. They are extremely versatile and may be used both indoors and outdoors without worry of damage. As you peruse our collection of rubber mats, keep a few questions in mind—you might find them exceedingly helpful:

• What is a rubber mat used for?
• Is rubber good for flooring?
• Are rubber mats strong?

What Is a Rubber Mat Used For?

A rubber mat is used for a countless number of applications, including gym flooring, basement flooring, playground surfacing, and warehouse flooring. Of course, these are not all of the applications that a rubber mat can service, but they are some of the most popular. In general, rubber mats are used for applications involving flooring. There are many types of rubber mats, and each type of rubber mat best fits a certain situation. For example, interlocking rubber tiles are great for temporary flooring applications. Since these rubber mats are so easy to assemble, disassemble, and store, many homeowners, as well as professionals, prefer that their rubber matting comes in an interlocking design. And in both residential and commercial gyms, grip mats and other types of commercial rubber matting are very common. Rolls of rubber matting are often used to surface large areas of a fitness-center floor. And rubber exercise-floor tiles are great for residential gyms, where gyms tend to be smaller and, thus, require less matting.

Is Rubber Good for Flooring?

Rubber is good for flooring thanks to its inherent abrasion-, impact-, water-, and slip-resistance. These properties, coupled with rubber’s relative ease of installation, make rubber flooring one of the best options when it comes to resurfacing areas of your home or business. Rubber mats, rolls, and runners are all great forms of rubber flooring that can greatly enhance the usability, as well as visual appeal, of the locations over which they are installed. We offer rubberized mats made of either recycled, reclaimed, or synthetic rubbers—compositional variations which affect the applications that each rubber mat is best suited to handle. Recycled and reclaimed rubbers are made from discarded tires, and the fact that so many of our rubber mats are made of these types of rubber reflects our forward-thinking and eco-conscious philosophy. Plus, car tires are designed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, which makes rubber matting made of post-consumer tires exceptionally resilient to a wide range of conditions. The level of durability exhibited by car tires is directly transferred into our recycled and reclaimed rubber mats, making them long-lasting and cost-effective products. In contrast, a synthetic-rubber mat is made using a blend of chemical compounds that gives the rubber enhanced physical and chemical properties. Compared to natural rubber, synthetic rubbers tend to offer more physical strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance. This makes our synthetic-rubber mats more durable and long-lasting than their natural-rubber counterparts.

Red in color Grease-Resistant Anti-Slip Mat with a 3/4" Thick Comfort Layer anti spillage draining property
Bumpy mats connected together with a man holding his fists striahgt on it with boxing gloves on
Red color Perfect Rubber Drainage Mats for Kitchens or Bars
Goodyear Moderna Stair Action Shot

Rubber, whether tire-derived or synthetic, offers excellent traction, floor protection, and anti-fatigue capabilities. Rubber is naturally a tacky material that is excellent for increasing non-slip traction. It retains a high coefficient of friction and is highly moisture resistant, allowing a rubber mat to enhance traction even when precipitation inundates its surface. Oftentimes, a roll of a custom rubber mat or a style of interlocking rubber floor mats comes prefabricated with a corrugated surface. While this may seem only like an embellishment, it accomplishes much more. When the surface of a rubber mat is corrugated—thanks to all the variations in texture—the mat exhibits a greater total surface area. This increases the number of points of contact between the mat and its user’s shoes. These points of contact essentially behave as gripping points—the more points of contact between your shoes and the floors, the less likely you will slip and fall after encountering a slippery hazard. In short, a corrugated rubber mat enhances traction better than does smooth rubber matting. Additionally, rubber’s high tensile strength means that it can stretch to multiple times its original size without tearing. Therefore, rubber efficiently absorbs the force from impacts, providing excellent floor-protection against most sources of physical damage—for this reason, you see commercial rubber matting so often in gyms. Rubber is one of the best materials for a heavy-duty floor mat. Furthermore, one underrated use of a rubber mat is as anti-fatigue matting. Rubber is a soft, cushioning material that relieves the pressure to which people’s feet and joints are subjected on a daily basis. And as if all this was not enough, rubber is also extremely resistant to weathering, which makes it a versatile option that is applicable in projects both indoors and outdoors.

Are Rubber Mats Strong?

Rubber mats are extremely strong products that will offer long-lasting floor protection in any indoor or outdoor setting. But, because we offer different variations of our rubber mats, the specific mat you choose should depend on the location and purpose of your application. A rubber mat is available in numerous thicknesses, forms, and materials, making it easy to find the perfect rubber mat for your home or business. Having a wide range of thicknesses available allows you to choose a mat depending on the level of abrasion you expect your floors to experience. Furthermore, if your location experiences heavy impacts, you can choose a thicker version of the rubber flooring you desire. Different forms of rubber mats available make it easy to find a custom rubber mat for any size and shape of space, as well as most types of applications. Rubber mats are available as rubber stair treads, a custom rubber mat, rolls of vinyl matting, interlocking rubber floor mats, drainage mats, and anti-fatigue matting.

A rubber mat is available in a wide selection of thicknesses, ranging from 1/16-of-an-inch to even 3-inches thick! Having a wide range of thicknesses available allows you to find a shock-absorbing mat thick enough to protect your floors against whatever degree of physical force you expect them to encounter. A thick rubber mat is ideal for areas that require floor protection, such as beneath home appliances, exercise machines, and industrial machinery. Furthermore, large rubber mats are soft enough to cushion the blow from a slip and fall. For instance, thick rubber playground tiles are specifically designed to cushion the impacts from falls—creating a safe environment for children to roam around and have fun. In contrast, thinner floor mats are great for general-purpose floor-protections against scrapes, dents, and cracks.

Rubber-Cal’s “Diamond-Plate” Rubber Flooring Featured On Spike TV’s “Sweat Inc”

“Shark Tooth II” Heavy-Duty Floor Mat

Rubber stair treads, or anti-slip treads, are designed to provide non-slip safety on both indoor and outdoor stairways around the home by offering a traction-enhancing surface and protecting the steps themselves from becoming safety hazards. These are small individual mats that are designed to sit on top of the steps of a stairway. On the other hand, rubber flooring rolls and interlocking rubber floor mats are ideal for larger flooring applications. Rubber and vinyl rolled matting is best used for large spaces, such as wall-to-wall flooring as they are available in set lengths or in custom lengths up to 50 consecutive feet, upon request. On the other hand, tile flooring is best for customizable and mobile floors. Thanks to their interlocking mechanism, tile flooring acts as custom-fit rubber floor-mats, an option that is easily installed and customized simply by using as many tiles as you need. In addition, rubber mats are also available as individual mats that are offered in set dimensions. Individual mats are offered as either a solid rubber mat or as a drainage mat. A solid rubber mat is designed for use as anti-fatigue matting or for protective padding. Rubber’s soft and cushiony nature provides sufficient padding to provide comfort qualities when standing or walking on its surface. Rubber mats are designed to offer long-lasting floor protection, anti-slip safety, and comfort qualities to anywhere they are installed around the home. offers many different styles of rubber mats that will promote safety and add comfort and floor protection to any surface around the home. We offer both rubber and PVC-vinyl floor-mats, both of which are durable and reliable matting materials that are long-lasting, as well as cost-effective. For every rubber mat, the numerous thicknesses of mats available make it easy to find a sufficient type of padding to protect your floors, combat slips and falls, and reduce bodily fatigue. Tire-derived and synthetic rubbers are versatile indoor and outdoor rubber-mat materials that will resist harmful environmental factors, including UV-rays, ozone, oxygen, and moisture. Vinyl floor-mats, on the other hand, are generally thinner and are designed to provide protection against abrasions and chemicals. Whatever product you end up choosing,’s flooring options are designed to provide excellent safety and protective properties in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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