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Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Anti-Fatigue Mats

An anti-fatigue mat from is the ultimate option when it comes to comfort flooring! Specifically designed to support the constant weight of standing individuals—whether it is in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting—our mats will provide excellent comfort. This can have an enormous impact on the safety and mood of your employees, customers, and guests. A strategically placed cushioned floor can ease the burden of standing for long hours, especially when placed behind the counter of retail stores, commercial kitchens, and factory assembly lines. An anti-fatigue mat also functions exceptionally well in resisting the moisture buildup that often takes place in the environments where they are installed. Best of all, our anti-fatigue comfort mats are designed to last! We use high quality materials like natural, recycled, and synthetic rubbers, which are perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications.

When it comes to safety, specifically in environments where heavy machinery or dangerous cooking appliances are being used, comfort is a quality that is often easy to overlook. Standing for long periods of time can cause bodily pains and aches, which can be highly detrimental toward the quality of the work being done, as well as toward the focus of individuals performing their duties. Using commercial anti-fatigue mats will help combat the aches and pains of standing on hard and unforgiving surfaces. Use a cushioned standing mat to create a barrier between people’s feet and hard surfaces like concrete, tile, linoleum, or hardwood. Do not underestimate the importance of comfort when it comes to the attentiveness and mood of your employees—especially in retail settings! Because our padded floor mats absorb and spread out the weight of those standing on top of them, they greatly reduce the amount of stress placed on a worker’s joints and legs. Working while in pain can make any individual seem less friendly, as his or her mood will typically suffer due to bodily fatigue. Unhappy workers are typically less productive—and their downcast moods can turn potential customers away from your place of business. Provide your retail employees with a cushioned floor to ensure their productivity and the quality of customer relations!

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Our anti-fatigue comfort mats are made with supple and supportive materials that adhere to the weight of the people standing on them. Made with comfort in mind, our products actively combat fatigue by offering an elastic surface that is reactive to the body—unlike solid flooring structures that provide no support at all. How this works is a matter related to physics. When an objects rests on top of another object, the latter object exerts an upward normal force equal to the amount of downward force that the former object exerts onto the latter object. In other words, when you stand on a hard and rigid surface, that surface exerts an upward force onto your body equal to the amount of downward force your body exerts onto the surface. This reactionary force is called a normal force, and it can have significant impacts upon the body. Anti-fatigue comfort mats, because they are cushioned, disperse the amount of downward force that your body exerts onto a wider area. Consequently, the normal force that the subflooring exerts onto your body is significantly reduced, as this upward force is now distributed over a wider area, too. While standing on top of a comfort mat, people therefore experience much less bodily pain and fatigue, as the amount of normal force exerted onto their bodies is only a fraction of what it otherwise would have been.

And unlike the commonly-seen, non-rubber foam fatigue mats, an anti-fatigue mat made of rubber will not lose its shape or bounce as quickly and will offer superior support. A anti-fatigue mat can be made with tough synthetic, recycled, or natural rubbers, materials which allow for our products to cover larger areas and to last longer than other foam alternatives. Place these anti-fatigue mats in high-traffic areas to really see the benefits they afford to busy workplaces. Mats like our Dura-Chef interlocking commercial kitchen mats are great for large stretches of commercial cooking areas, where workers are constantly moving around on their feet. These mats come with interlocking mechanisms which make them perfect for large or uniquely-shaped spaces. Simply order as many mats as you need, and place them together however you see fit. These mats also come prefabricated with drainage holes, which are meant to channel any spilled or leaked moisture away from the mat. This helps ensure that—while your employees are more comfortable—they are also safeguarded against slip and fall accidents. This feature works in conjunction with rubber’s naturally high coefficient of friction, which already enhances people’s traction as they use rubber products. As for areas where workers stand in place for prolonged periods of time, the best style of anti-fatigue matting would look something like our “Comfort Cloud” foam comfort mats, which comes as a single piece of matting meant for more stationary applications. Because these mats come in set sizes that do not interlock, they work best for places such as cashier stands—where workers are on their feet but are not expected to walk around very much. The wide range of styles we offer showcases just how varied our customers’ needs are and just how well-equipped we are to handle any situation that a customer may have.

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A comfort mat from does not just function as the ideal type of anti-fatigue mat—it also provides a great moisture-resistant covering for your floors. Rubber is naturally resistant to moisture, which is why it is used in applications like playground flooring and automobile tires. Our rubber mats are no different. These comfort mats work to funnel moisture off their surfaces, away from your feet. By doing this, they go a long way in preventing slip and fall injuries, one the most common types of workplace mishaps. And as if that was not enough, it should also be mentioned that rubber, such as the rubber used in our anti-fatigue comfort mats, is inherently great at resisting the formation of mold and mildew due to its natural resistance to water. These organic hazards will have a very hard time growing on the synthetic rubber construction of these mats—to say the least.

The benefits of these mats are numerous; there is good reason for why they are so valued by workers and employers alike! Protect your employees from injuries and discomfort, all while helping them maintain a positive attitude with an anti-fatigue mat. Use our mats to help make nearly any professional setting comfortable and productive. Areas that see heavy foot-traffic will also benefit from the thick and supple barrier created by an anti-fatigue mat, which will help to prevent damage from heavy items that may be dropped, as well as scratches from long stretches of heavy foot-traffic. Highly durable and exceptionally functional, a anti-fatigue mat is easy to install and even easier to maintain. Because of the fact that these mats inherently resist water, they are incredibly easy to clean yourself. You can use a basic household cleaning solution to effortlessly clean the mat. However, we caution you against using caustic chemicals, such as bleach, for cleaning, as they may erode your product. The designs of our mats are also straightforward to install, ensuring that you will not need any professional help to employ our products yourself. Moreover, many of our rubber products are made of recycled rubber materials. These materials are recycled from discarded car tires, which would otherwise end up in landfills. Rubber discarded into landfills pollute our environment, as this material is non-biodegradable. Our practice of using recycled rubber as often as possible renders many of our rubber products environmentally-friendly, as they do not contribute to the growing presence of tires in landfills. Using recycled rubber also helps us reduce the manufacturing costs for our products—savings which our competitive prices echo. We carry several options that range from colors, lengths, gauges, and materials—whatever your requirements are we are certain that you will find the perfect cushioned floor for your needs. Our highly versatile anti-fatigue mat is ideal for almost all situations and makes for a sensible and smart addition to virtually any workplace. Do not miss out: install these mats in your workplace today—your employees will thank you!

Remember, if you need your flooring or matting customized or have inquiries about our products, do not hesitate to reach out. Call us at +1 (714) 772-3000 during our regular business hours or email us at any time at to consult one of our rubber experts about your upcoming project. Have your order crafted precisely toward your needs, no matter how specific your demands are! Given our lengthy history in the rubber flooring industry, we have the level of experience necessary to confront even the most complex of tasks. Please reach out! We are always happy to help.

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