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Slip-Resistant Flooring

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Slip-Resistant Flooring

There is a very good reason why slip resistant flooring is predominantly made from rubber! Rubber naturally offers a high coefficient of friction which translates to excellent gripping capabilities. Here at Floor Mat Company, we take full advantage of these natural qualities and add to them with richly textured designs that work to help inhibit movement and increase slip resistance in slick and wet areas. Perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial settings, our slip resistant flooring will help protect guests, customers, and employees from potentially devastating accidents that could result in costly medical bills. Falls and trips can be more damaging than many people realize; that’s why we attempt to limit them at every opportunity. Our non-slip runner mats are custom cut to need and are available in seamless lengths of up to 50 feet. Essentially, no matter your size requirement, we’ve got you covered. They’re also easy to install and even easier to maintain!

We use both recycled and reclaimed materials when making our mats. Recycled materials, such as those attained from discarded automobile tires, are specially treated to offer added protection against moisture and other abrasive conditions on top of rubber’s already natural resistance to water. By using mats that employ rubber non-slip material, you wouldn’t just be inheriting all the strong qualities that make automobile tires so resilient when they’re on the road, but you’d also be buying a product that is environmentally friendly! By buying an anti-slip mat made of tire-derived rubber, you’re directly reducing the amount of waste that gets fed into landfills thereby decreasing your own net carbon footprint. As we know, rubber offers natural friction, but because our slip resistant flooring is often manufactured with raised surface textures, our traction mats are designed to be thoroughly efficient.

Safety is one of the most prominent concerns for business owners because, oftentimes, any slip, trips, or falls that occur within or around their building can fall under their liability. It’s an unfortunate reality that slips and falls compromise a significant percentage of all workplace injuries in the United States. Naturally, slip resistant flooring is an ideal means of preventing these injuries. Apart from wanting to keep guests, customers, and employees safe, use slip resistant flooring in busy hallways, bathrooms, and entryways, to effectively help prevent potential accidents. Installing a non-slip runner demonstrates that you are actively taking preventive measures to avoid and minimize hazardous environments, which shows your appreciation and commitment to employee and customer safety. What’s more, by using our slip resistant flooring, you’ll be providing a softer surfacing for your employees, ensuring their short-and long-term comfort while standing and moving about the workplace. Enhanced comfort in the workplace is also directly linked to increased productivity, which is something both employees and bosses can enjoy.

Install our mats in places like garages, basements, outdoor patios, pool side, workshops, or leading in and out of entryways—really the possibilities are endless! Our non-slip rubber flooring is very easy to set up and maintain, requiring little more than a broom to brush off debris and a damp mop for more thorough cleanings. Our indoor/outdoor anti-slip mats can cover long walkways and runner areas, both indoors and outdoors, making it easy to reuse them after the wet seasons. Fitted side by side, these mats can cover wider areas, and because there are so few seams our non-porous options will last a long time. Custom fitting means that these slip resistant mats can go practically wherever your imagination wants them to! Indoors or outdoors, kitchen floor or office hallway – it’s up to you!

Suitable for almost any application, our non-slip rubber mats practically market themselves; try one out today and you’ll see why they are beloved by employees and trusted by employers. Whether you need slip resistant flooring indoors or out, Floor Mat Company offers many choices when it comes to slip resistant mats. Regardless of the location, we have options that are well suited for especially abrasive outdoor applications—such as locations that see snow or excessive moisture and mud or even heavy foot traffic. The material we utilize, rubber, isn’t just perfect for non-slip uses but also provides astounding durability and toughness! Not to mention the comfort factor it has over the typical workplace surfaces of tile, wood, or concrete flooring. Our traction mats are easy to install and easy to care for all while greatly reducing the potential for painful, dangerous, and costly accidents. Protect yourself, your customers, and your loved ones with our long-lasting products! Floor Mat Company offers a wide selection of rubber slip resistant flooring options for various needs and applications.

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