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“S-Grip” PVC Drainage Mats


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

  • Easy to install, no adhesive necessary
  • PVC construction is resistant to most oils and greases
  • Available in standard lengths of 5ft, 10ft, 25ft, and 50ft
  • PVC runner mats that feature an eye-catching drainage design
  • Slip-resistant texture helps improve traction in wet and/or high traffic areas

Designed for Efficient Drainage: This product is designed to function as a drainer mat. It is composed of a system of drainage holes that cover its body from one end of the mat to the other end. The presence of these S-shaped drainage holes maximizes the drainage efficiency of this non-slip runner. It can filter through large amounts of excess liquids away from standing surfaces, providing a safe and non-skid area for people to traverse. As an added bonus, it can also flush out solid debris particles that are small enough to fit through the drainage holes.

Eye-Catching Appearance: These runner mats get their name from the unique intertwined S-shaped design of their drainage channels. It is visually striking and it stands out from its surrounding areas. This means that the drainer mat is a high visibility product that people will easily be able to identify.

Prevents Slip and Fall Accidents: If you have a commercial or industrial floor that is slippery, having these runner mats in place on those surfaces is a very good idea because they improve traction and footing. This is especially useful in case you intend to use this as a commercial kitchen mat or as an entryway doormat in climates prone to wet conditions. The surface of this drainer mat is designed to improve the overall level of grip that your feet experience while on the mat. When combined with its ability to drain excess moisture, this is one of the safest non-slip runner options you can have for your application.

Volume Pricing

Roll Pricing 1-9 Rolls 10-24 Rolls 25-99 Rolls 100+ Rolls
3/16 inch x 48″ x 5ft $85.00 $80.75 $78.63 $74.38
3/16 inch x 48″ x 10ft $155.00 $147.25 $143.38 $135.63
3/16 inch x 48″ x 25ft $340.00 $323.00 $314.50 $297.50
3/16 inch x 48″ x 50ft $598.00 $568.10 $553.15 $523.25

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Made from PVC, this is a heavy-duty drainage runner with a surface that is specifically designed to capture dirt, sand, and water—while also keep them hidden underneath the mat’s surface, and prevent them from entering into your home or workplace. The mat possesses excellent anti-slip qualities and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


100% PVC




4ft x 5ft, 4ft x 10ft, 4ft x 25ft, 4ft x 50ft


Black, Blue, Gray


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Keep Floors Clean:

When placed at doorways or in work areas, these layered mats will trap dirt, grime, and moisture and keep them from spreading. The surface of the PVC mat scrapes the undersides of footwear and then stores collected materials beneath allowing them to maintain a clean and kept appearance.

Slip Prevention:

The surface of the PVC drainage mat is designed to increase traction at entryways, a very important quality during rainy or snowy-days. Simply place the mat down near doorways and the nylon looped surface will cause friction between floors and footwear, preventing slips and falls. According to Carnegie Mellon University “Slips, trips, and falls account for 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to automobile fatalities. They are the leading cause of accidents at CMU, accounting for 30% of all reported accidents.”

Design and Durability:

This is a fun and interesting design that will add a touch of playfulness to any space. Due to the seemingly chaotic nature of the intertwined PVC structure this is a product that will garner quite a bit of attention! PVC is a chemically stable material, which shows little change in molecular structure, and also exhibits little change in its mechanical strength.


Use this as a safety runner for both indoor and outdoor applications. Use in the commercial kitchens as a drainage Mat. Or use it to make bathroom floors anti-slip when spills take place! It can stand up to most abrasive conditions and the most demanding situations, such as high foot-traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Easy Maintenance:

Dust can be easily removed periodically by shaking the mat, and regular vacuuming cleaning will also keep your mat in tip-top shape. Oils and greases can be removed from within with water and common cleaners. The durability of this PVC runner allows them to be cleaned regularly with no damage done or no decreased performance.

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