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Coin-Grip Rubber Step Mats – (6 pack)


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Stairway Safety Solution: Next time you approach a set of stairs, take a moment to look at what material they are made from. Usually, it tends to be wood, tile, stone, or even metal. None of these surfaces are any good for safety. A person can lose their footing on wood easily, leading to accidents that can be costly and life threatening. Rubber treads for stairs help to eliminate that problem because they act as anti-slip treads. The rubber material they are made from provides more grip and traction for a person’s footing as they ascend or descend a set of stairs. Any stairway will benefit from the improved traction the rubber step pads bring to the area.

    Protects Sensitive Steps: Rubber is the ideal material to use as a guard to protect sensitive surfaces against physically abrasive objects. Concrete or metal stairs may appear tough, but they are susceptible to chips, cracks, and stains that are difficult and expensive to repair. Rubber treads for stairs are great at enduring impact from physically abrasive sources such as foot traffic and wheeled equipment. This soft step flooring is made from durable recycled rubber sourced from tires. This durable material gives the stair mats an edge in terms of long-term physical protection.

    Great Commercial and Industrial Aesthetic: The coin-patterned surface texture on these anti-slip treads makes them fit in with both commercial and industrial areas. They will look at home in a downtown tech office, and will be a natural fit for any industrial warehouse. Few other products can match the functional and aesthetic quality of these rubber step pads.

    • Readily available in packs of 6
    • Eco-friendly product made from recycled rubber
    • Surface texture improves overall grip and traction
    • Comes with extended lip for better attachment to steps
    • Easy to clean with a wet mop and simple household soap
    • Ideal for permanent installation on wood or metal steps with the assistance of polyurethane based glue

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    1/2″ x 9.75″ x 29.75″ (6 pack) $66.00 $62.70 $61.05 $57.75

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    These durable black step mats are designed with a coin-patterned surface texture that helps improve traction and safety on stairways. The coin-patterned surface has an aesthetic that is well suited for use in both commercial and industrial settings. Use these stair tread mats whenever slip-resistance is needed.




    Reclaimed and Natural Rubber


    9.75" x 29.125", 1.5 lbs. per mat



    Available Colors:



    Anti-Slip, Commercial Stairways, Industrial Stairways, Indoor Stairs, Outdoor Stairs

    Industrial Aesthetic:

    The modern industrial aesthetic had a profound mark on art and architecture when it first took hold in the 1950’s. As it had in the past, economic changes in America and Europe led to changes in the art and design. During the 1950s the economy grew and as a result, construction increased to provide families with new ranch-style homes. The architectural style was becoming more industrialized, and this sparked interest in goods that paralleled modern materials. The coin or stud design flooring celebrates this machine made uniform aesthetic that stood far apart from its predecessors the rustic wood floors.

    Environmentally Conscious:

    The “Coin-Grip” step mats are made from natural and recycled rubber materials which makes them highly eco-friendly and affordable products.


    The “Coin-Grip” texture of these stair mats offer excellent traction through it’s patterned rubber surface. Rubber’s high coefficient of friction is enhanced thanks to this type of surface pattern. This product is designed for pathways and stairs with extensive foot traffic.


    The added traction from the coin patterned texture on these stair mats increases safety by keeping feet secure on the mat’s surface. Use these step mats in areas with high foot traffic to help prevent dangerous accidents.


    Since these products offer moderate chemical resistance, they can be cleaned with most household cleaners. Strong, highly caustic cleaning solutions (bleach) are not recommended.

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