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The Floor Mat Company offers a wide variety of commercial entrance mats that are perfect for making large-scale commercial entryways far more hospitable and significantly safer. Our assortment of products includes rubber and carpeted mats which offer excellent slip-resistance, making it easy to offer protective surfacing both inside and outside a commercial door. Our commercial door mats are also available in a range of sizes—with extra-large options available for use as business door mats. Additionally, they are offered in several designs and colors which makes it easy to match the original décor of any space or as a way of brightening up any entryway. But as aesthetically pleasing as our products are, they are also hard working and extremely functional. Specially designed, commercial entrance mats are made to scrape away debris and catch moisture, thereby preventing the transfer of substances that could damage or cause safety hazards on your interior floors. They are made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they will stand up to constant foot traffic as well as changing weather conditions. Also, because they are significantly easier to maintain and replace after wear and tear, door mats will act as a barrier that protects interior flooring structures which are usually far more expensive to repair or replace. Entry mats are chock-full of benefits! Keep reading to find out how they can drastically improve the safety of your workplace’s door and entryways!

Those in the fields of industry and commerce know to always put safety first. By installing these commercial entrance mats, the safety of any area’s doorway –commercial, industrial, or residential – can be assured. The richly textured surfaces of our commercial entrance mats are perfect for high foot traffic locations where safety is a concern, making them ideal products for use as outdoor entry mats. With people coming in and out of a building, they’re bound to carry with them debris—dirt, grime, gravel, and moisture. These are all substances that could easily cause slip and fall accidents when found on polished surfaces inside of buildings. Employing textured rubber industrial door mat outside of entryways is a great way to catch debris before it enters your building while at the same time offering added traction and grip.

We only use high quality materials, which help guarantee that our customers will get the most use out of their newly purchased products. Our rubber commercial welcome mats are often made with the use of recycled and reclaimed automobile tires, which truly speaks to the longevity of this material. Tires are designed to withstand highly abrasive environments and that’s the durability you can expect to get from these recycled products. Due to their intrinsic reliability, these commercial entrance mats will provide you with long-lasting and damage resistant safety and comfort.

Additionally, by using recycled material in the construction of our commercial entrance mats, the manufacturers eliminate as much rubber waste as possible. This helps to prevent added debris from simply and filling up landfills. Becoming more environmentally conscious is something we should all strive for, and by purchasing some of a “green” commercial entry mat, you’ll be doing your part in securing the health of our planet.

Although these commercial entrance mats are designed for the sole purpose of providing a safe transition from outside to inside. Regardless of the size of the entryway, they have the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking to add a touch of industrial-chic design to your workspace then place a rubber or plastic commercial door mats along your entryway. Meanwhile, the multi-colored options of our carpet mats can add a splash of color or can be used to complement the existing décor. Versatility in design is just one of the many features that make these commercial entrance mats so admired and respected by those in the industrial and commercial industries.

If safety and interior flooring protection are big concerns of yours then use commercial entrance mats to get some peace of mind. Long-lasting and highly functional, these mats offer the perfect safety surface that will actively catch and trap debris and moisture. Our rubber options come in interesting patterns while our carpeted options are available in numerous colors and even with geometrically pleasing woven designs. From aesthetic needs to safety issues, entry mats offer the very best coverage. Our commercial entrance mats are one of the best flooring options for those who value security, safety, comfort, design quality and environmental stewardship!

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