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Beach Doormats

If you find yourself sitting at home or in your office daydreaming about sandy shores and the ebb and flow of crystal-blue waves, then decorative beach door mats would make a perfect addition to any of your home’s entryways! Many people are drawn to the sea—all for different reasons. Some beach-lovers are there for the ocean itself. Splashing in the water and diving into waves can surely be a great way to spend a weekend. Others enjoy laying in the sand, photosynthesizing like a tree under the intensity of the sun. Some simply enjoy walking the shore, dipping their toes into the water here and there—bathing in the ocean’s scent. Others like to surf, conquering giant waves or being thrown off their boards and into the water. And some like to fare the waters, traveling by boat to some location far offshore, searching for excitement and adventure. The ocean holds many mysteries—some of which will elude us for the rest of our lives.

Nautical door mats are a great way to showcase your own personal preference for that beautiful deep blue. And because the ocean offers quite a few different perspectives from which you can appreciate it, there are quite a variety of beach door mats available, ranging from a fish doormat to a more elaborate beach-themed pineapple door mat or aloha doormat. If you find that marine hobbies, such as boating, are more along your line of interest, then an anchor doormat—which features a sturdy-looking anchor—could be a great choice for your aesthetic preferences. If you live in a place where the sun likes to play hide-and-seek, but your heart relishes the thought of sunny and sandy days, then a beach-themed welcome mat is a great way to remember what you are missing and to mentally prepare yourself for whatever is to come! Whether you are thinking of getting a Cape Cod doormat, which features a tall lighthouse atop a slight hill with a blue-latticed field in the background, or if you are going for something a bit less formal with a mat that showcases a sandy beach, a large umbrella, and a bright blue sky—whatever your aesthetic needs happen to be, each coastal welcome mat will offer the perfect solution. If your heart belongs to the sea, then your front door should be adorned with one of our decorative beach door mats! These door mats serve as gentle reminders of where your passions truly reside, and they tell your guests a little bit about yourself without even saying a word. A doormat like this is a great way to start a conversation. Who knows? Your guests themselves might be beach enthusiasts, too.

Coco Doormat with Light house picture
Beach Doormat for Those With a Relaxed Lifestyle
Pineapple Doormats for Homes with a Tropical Decoration

In addition to being cute beach-themed décor, beach door mats are also functional. Coir fibers are excellent dirt trappers and moisture absorbers that help maintain the cleanliness and safety of your home. Accidently trekking sand or other debris, such as dirt, into your home and onto your carpet or hard-surfaced floors could be damaging to interior flooring structures and could even cause slip and fall accidents. Tropical door mats will not just look good and replicate an ocean setting—they will in fact work to catch and cling to sand, dirt, muck, and moisture, effectively helping to keeping these contaminants off your floors. Just a few drops of moisture are more than enough to taint your floors or spread a mess that is dragged throughout your home. Excess moisture brought into your home can cause a serious fall, possibly ending in injuries. If there is anything you want kept out of your home, it is moisture. And if you happen to live by the beach, sand can wreak havoc on carpets and can cause ugly scratches on hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors, resulting in expensive cleaning, repair, and replacement jobs. However, by using coir beach door mats, you proactively prevent such damage from taking place, and you can properly represent the coastal region in which you live. A beach house deserves a beach-themed doormat—no doubt about that.

Furthermore, beach door mats may not be as long-lasting as the sea itself, but they will certainly provide you with dutiful service for quite a while! This is in large part due to the resilient material that is used to make our beach door mats. Coir, or better known as coconut husk fiber, is one the strongest natural materials available for door matting! It has been in use for many hundreds of years and its production method is natural and still done by hand. This material is water resistant, meaning that it will inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. It will also stand up against snow and other abrasive environmental factors, such as UV rays, ozone, oxygen, and wet weather conditions! Any idea why? Coconuts are seeds that have—over the millennia—evolved to traverse vast expanses of ocean, washing up on nearby shores in hopes that it can grow and continue its species. Having evolved in such a way, coconut husks—of course—have to be able to withstand all the tribulations that accompany such intrepid seafaring. This has made coir the perfect material for making doormats. Moisture, grime, and mud are all things with which a doormat must regularly contend, making coir the best material for the job! What’s more, because these doormats are made of coir, they are environmentally-friendly products, which is great news for all the beach-lovers out there! In fact, even the paint that is used for these hand-stenciled designs, such as an aloha doormat, is naturally derived, giving you a truly eco-friendly product!

Rubber-Cal Welcome “Beach Decor” Doormat Kit – 18″ x 30″ – 2 Door Mats

Rubber-Cal Summer “Beach Doormat” Kit – 18″ x 30″ – 2 Door Mats

Nautical door mats would make a great addition for the home of any true sea-lover! They can add a new aesthetic dimension to your home, while also providing safety and cleanliness for everyone. With the kinds of benefits that coir brings to a doormat, there is no reason to not use beach-themed protective matting at your front entrances! Coir tropical door mats will not just provide an aesthetically pleasing piece of décor—they also serve some essential tasks that will help protect your home and your guests all while remaining functional for years. Coir fibers are coarse and flexible enough to thoroughly remove dirt and debris from footwear. Whether it is a stylized Cape Cod doormat inspired by the famous Cape Cod itself or a stencil painted fish doormat, beach door mats will liven up any entrance around your home with a piece of what you love.

But, as we have said before, please keep in mind that doormats are meant to be wear products. This means that your doormat will not last indefinitely. Over time, much like all good things, it will eventually fade and wear out, leaving behind a product that looks far from new. This is the reality of every doormat. No matter where you get it from, doormats are—at the end of the day—products that are meant to wear out. Please keep this in mind as you browse our selection of products.

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