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Valentine’s Doormats

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Valentine’s Doormats

The Floor Mat Company’s line of Valentine’s doormat products are perfect for livening up your home’s entrance and creating a welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for Valentine’s Day! We all have that special somebody whom we hold near and dear to our hearts. It’s that person who makes you feel light when your mood is dark, who can keep your attention when no one else can, who can nurse you back to health when you are feeling sick. You know who that person is. When the time comes around to express your feelings and appreciation for them, a good way to show them how you feel is by gifting them an endearing love doormat from our Valentine’s doormat collection.

The design aesthetics on a heart doormat can vary according to each specific mat. Some of them may have a simple picture of a heart, while others can have more elaborate designs with multiple stylized hearts. Some may even have their hearts shaped into paw prints, with the loving message intended for your pet dog or cat. A Valentine’s doormat is often decorated with designs that use hearts to evoke the feelings of love that you have for that person. Their color schemes use red heavily to make the designs stand out and eye-catching. Eyes will be instantly drawn to the vivid red loving heart on display on the surface of the love doormat. Better yet, if used as a Valentine’s Day welcome mat to greet your significant other on Valentine’s Day, it can help provide the right start to your date night.

In addition to providing a great welcoming aesthetic to the home, a Valentine’s doormat can help to protect your entryway and home interiors. Typically made from coir and PVC, or vinyl, a Valentine’s doormat is built to keep existing surfaces protected against physically damaging abrasions. They keep outside debris trapped where it belongs: on the outside! Show some extra love to your home by putting a heart welcome mat at your home’s entrance.

The materials that make up our love doormat products are considered eco-friendly. First and foremost is the coir surface upon which the designs are painted. Coir is a natural resource that is obtained from the outer husks of coconuts. It is considered eco-friendly because its production does not contribute to the presence of non-biodegradable waste in the environment. This rich, fibrous material is rough to the touch and very physically durable, making it ideal for use on a Valentine coir doormat. You need something tough enough to scrape away debris from incoming footwear. Coir material can latch onto contaminants like dirt, mud, sand, gravel, and rocks, trapping them within the mat. It keeps all the trapped debris within its fibers until the heart doormat can be cleaned. This is a great contribution to keeping the inside areas of your home clean. In the long run, one can benefit from reduced cleaning time and costs.

Love and Hearts Doormats Make an Announcement at the Door
Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat
Welcome mat with home sweet home picture

The coir on a love doormat also allows the mat to stay outdoors for long extended periods of time. Coir is naturally resistant to environmental factors like UV rays and moisture. Such elemental factors normally ruin the structure of most material. For example, UV rays can cause discoloration and excessive levels of moisture can cause the formation of harmful microbial byproducts such as mold and mildew. Such things can ruin the value and appeal of a Valentine’s doormat. This is another clear reason why coir is preferred for use on a Valentine doormat.

In addition to coir, a Valentine’s doormat may also include PVC in its construction. Each Valentine doormat is backed with a PVC lining which helps keep the doormat in place while in use. This offers a sturdy surface for efficient shoe scraping as well as a safe and non-slip surface. The PVC backing of a Valentine’s doormat also helps keep moisture contained rather than seeping through the mat and onto the surface below the mat, creating more slipping hazards. Overall, the PVC backside of each love doormat will provide extra safety benefits while also being a long-lasting material for creating doormats

Valentines Day Doormats. Valentine’s Day Natural Coir Doormats

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

Whether you want to give a Valentine’s doormat as a gift to somebody special or if you want to use them for a warm welcome in your own home, these mats are perfect for their visual appeal and safety features. Few other products can combine the charm of a Valentine’s Day gift with practical everyday housekeeping features than our Valentine’s doormat line.

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