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When considering rubber floor mats, doormats, or specialty flooring options for your home or business, price is often a factor that can influence your decision. With such a broad range of quality products at different price points, it is often hard to decide which one is right for your particular job. If price is an important factor for you, consider one of the great options listed on this page at a discounted price.

We offer many different types of products on this page: we try to vary the types of goods we promote so that—for most applications—there is a discounted option available. Our promotions include products of many material makeups and thickness, and we rotate our on-sale items on a weekly basis. But, be wary of conflating inexpensive products with cheap products. We discount products based on inventory, not quality: overstocked products are promoted only as a means of balancing our inventory. That is why we update this page every week, sometimes even offering our flagship items at discounted prices. Thus, make sure to browse this collection, as there is likely something that—at the very least—piques your interest.

Please not that this page is only one way in which we strive to offer our customers the most competitive prices. In general, we offer our products at prices lower than those of our competitors. For one thing, all our floors and mats are available in many variations, which include modifications in size, thickness, and color. This degree of variety allows our customers to purchase products that precisely meet their specifications, reducing the chances that a customer buys more product than needed. Furthermore, many of our rubber goods are made of recycled rubber, a practice we employ as often as we can. Recycled rubber, first and foremost, is an environmentally-friendly alternative to other types of rubber, which are usually non-biodegradable. Secondly, recycled rubber is also significantly less expensive to produce than other rubbers. The expenses that we save in using recycled rubber transfer toward the prices of our products, allowing us to offer our customers lower prices. All our products are also designed with DIY-friendliness in mind. By allowing you to easily install our floors and mats yourself, we hope to save you the expensive costs associated with professional installation services. Our commitment to fair pricing is unwavering: we always want to maximize the value that a customer receives.