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Pool Flooring

Having a pool can be a lot of fun, but there are also a lot of responsibilities especially when it comes to installing safe and non-slip pool flooring! For example, you must maintain the water health by providing the proper chlorine treatment, and you can’t forget about keeping your filter system in tip-top shape! If you live in cooler climates, a heater is an absolute necessity, unless you want to brave ice-cold waters. Whatever the case may be, your pool deck flooring is important. Although many pools already have decking, such as tile or concrete, you may want something that’s softer and offers more slip-resistance. But you can’t just use any pool flooring; you need to find something that is going to be durable and reliable. We recommend you use rubberized non-slip pool mats because they are specifically designed to stand up against harsh weather conditions, such as constant rain and consistently wet environments. With a wide variety of options available, we’re more than certain you’ll find the right pool flooring for use in your home or in a public facility.

Pool safety should be the most important priority for any pool owner. There are several things you should have readily available, like a life-ring, an extension pole, and a study fence (especially if you have little children or pets). Even the surfacing around your pool should have added safety qualities! Because of its great natural grip and impressive friction surface (even when wet), rubber is the ideal flooring material for areas that experience continuous safety concerns. By using rubber pool deck resurfacing , which will often offer a raised design, you’ll be adding much needed traction and grip around a very wet and oftentimes slippery environment.

Considering that this is a very wet atmosphere, you don’t want to use fabric mats, like cotton, cotton-blends, or silk. These kinds of materials will soak up moisture, and if not properly dried can quickly develop a bad smell and start to rot. Rubber is the perfect material for pool flooring because of its natural resistance to water. Solid rubber mats are non-permeable, which means that water won’t go through them, and with several styles that sport drainage holes and trenches you can effectively channel water away from underfoot. Rubber is a long-lasting and durable material, that’s why it’s so often used in pool flooring. Because pool flooring must also be environmentally resistant, rubber is the ideal material to use. Rubber flooring is often made from reclaimed and recycled tires, which offers some insight into why this product is so tough. Vehicle tires are manufactured to endure corrosive sunlight, ozone, extreme moisture, and abrasive environments and situations, which is a true testament to this products durability.

With a pool needing so much upkeep already, your pool deck coverings can be one less thing to worry about! Rubber mats for pool area are designed to stand up to several abrasive situations with minimal amounts of care, and that translates to minor maintenance. Oftentimes, rubber flooring doesn’t need much more than a broom and mop. In the case of poolside mats, really all you’ll ever need to do is brush off debris. Although if more thorough cleaning is ever required, our pool flooring is very easy to install and remove and will stand up to scrubbing and mild commercial cleaners.

Every pool is different, and problem areas are unique to every public facility or home. Some areas may require only a few singular poolside mats to diminish smaller hazards. While other pools might have larger and more slippery hallways and walkways, which require extended pool flooring. If you are looking to cover longer sections of floor, there are rubber runners available in custom sizes, and if you’re looking to cover a wider area then the use of interlocking tiles may be ideal for you. Whatever the case may be, installing your pool area flooring doesn’t have to be a headache! Very little technical knowledge is necessary.

Pools can benefit greatly with the addition of rubber pool deck resurfacing as it can offer a more comfortable and non-slip surface around the pool. Rubber pool deck flooring offers a weatherproof and moisture resistant surface that creates a safe pool deck for residential and commercial pools. The rubber materials used to create our non-slip pool mats offer a shock absorbent and traction-enhancing surface that will not be affected even with moisture present. Pool flooring will provide a safe and non-slip pool deck for you to enjoy without worry of dangerous slip and fall accidents!

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