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Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a durable and reliable flooring option that is most often used for creating non-slip surfaces. As a material, vinyl demonstrates excellent resistance against damaging physical and chemical factors, making it the ideal flooring option for many settings—industrial, commercial, and residential ones alike. Anti-slip vinyl flooring is designed to increase traction and non-slip safety by featuring surface textures that increase its users’ grip as they traverse the flooring. And since vinyl is incredibly resistant to water, this material—when used as flooring—enhances traction despite the presence of moisture. In addition, vinyl flooring is a relatively inexpensive flooring option, especially when compared to other popular options. When compared to other materials and their durable physical and chemical properties, vinyl nonetheless offers reliable protection that will help further save costs, reducing the chances that you will require a costly repair job.

Does Vinyl Flooring Damage Easily?

Vinyl flooring does not damage easily and is highly durable with excellent physical and chemical properties, making it an excellent flooring option for any indoor setting. Vinyl, also known as PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a popular synthetic elastomer used across various industries due to its versatile nature. Vinyl flooring is generally used to create safe and non-slip surfaces in an indoor setting, whether it be industrial, commercial, or residential. To be used in some settings, such as high foot traffic commercial areas, a commercial vinyl flooring roll must be able to withstand heavy impacts and abrasions. The constant action generated by people’s movements can quickly degrade many types of flooring products. Vinyl, though, stands up to the test. PVC retains excellent strength and abrasion resistance, allowing heavy-duty vinyl flooring to remain a reliable non-slip surfacing option for harsh settings whose subfloors are at risk from the potential damage caused by impacts and abrasions. Case in point, PVC is highly durable with excellent resistance against factors such as chemical rot and corrosion. Areas that will benefit from the durable physical and chemical properties of industrial vinyl flooring include spaces that face higher levels of abuse, such as workplaces and garages. Due to vinyl’s durable physical and chemical properties, vinyl flooring will remain intact and reliable as a safety mat that protects your building’s costly subfloors. While most vinyl flooring options are relatively thin, these thinner gauges generally suffice for protecting most buildings’ subflooring.

Additionally, not only does vinyl flooring retain excellent physical strength—it also retains excellent moisture resistance. The moisture resistant surface of anti-slip vinyl flooring is designed to act as a protective barrier against moisture. Vinyl’s flush composition is impermeable to moisture. Because this material does not intake moisture, spills and leakages remain on its surface—either to dry, be swept away, or be mopped up. Due to its impermeability, a vinyl flooring roll is not susceptible to the formation of organic hazards, such as microbial byproducts or mold and mildew. And as we have mentioned, textured vinyl flooring will also keep spilt liquid at its surface, making it easy to clean up to help further avoid slip and fall accidents. Furthermore, vinyl material can stand up well against corrosive chemical solvents, making it the ideal flooring option for areas chemicals are stored or frequently used. The chemical resistance of PVC allows vinyl flooring to remain a reliable flooring option and makes it easy to clean using common household chemical detergents; although, we do recommend steering clear of strong chemicals, like bleach. Chemicals so caustic are generally unnecessary—more flooring-friendly household cleaning solutions perform the job just as well, with nowhere near as much risk to your floors.

Durable PVC Flooring with a Unique Metallic Color beige placed on floor a metal ladder placed on it
coin grip metallic flooring in a lobby
Square tile pattern underneath a remote powered toy fire truck
Black in color Lightweight, Easy to Install Flooring person is standing

In addition, textured vinyl flooring is available here at These textured options feature added surface patterns that help increase traction. These patterns increase the amount of traction that the roll of flooring otherwise provides. Coupled with vinyl’s resistance to water, you can expect that your flooring will enhance its users’ grip even when the floor is soaked. This is another benefit brought about by the corrugations with which we choose to design the rolls. Plus, these patterns also look great. There are many different types of surface patterns to choose from: “Block-Grip” and “Coin-Grip”—just to name a few. And many of these variations of surface patterns are available in different colors, such as gray, brown, and black. What’s more, we even offer some metallic variations of textured vinyl flooring. While not actually made of metal, these styles of vinyl flooring feature a shiny, metal-like finish that gives them the appearance of metal. When it comes to’s vinyl flooring, our customers have many options from which to choose.

Is Vinyl Flooring Expensive?

Vinyl flooring is a relatively inexpensive flooring option with prices that range depending on the variation of flooring you choose and the quantity of flooring you desire. In other words, the price of a vinyl flooring roll generally depends on its design, the number of rolls, and the length of that roll or those rolls. When it comes to variations, anti-slip vinyl flooring is available with different types of surface patterns and colorways. While we have mentioned this before, it is still worth noting that the style of flooring you choose typically affects the price you can expect to pay. Thus, do not be too dismayed if you find a roll of vinyl flooring you like, but it is not as cost-effective as you would like it to be. When one option exceeds the limit of your budget, there is likely another that works within your range.

When it comes to surface patterns,’s “Diamond-Plate” and “Coin-Grip” variations of vinyl flooring fit well in industrial settings, where heavy machinery and equipment complement the visual atmosphere that the flooring presents. However, some residential applications benefit greatly from these styles of corrugations, too. Garages and basements, for example, are often repurposed into workshops, where tools and equipment create industrial aesthetics into which such patterns fit well. Other times, homeowners simply want to redesign their basements or garages without repurposing them. For those with a taste for industrial themes, these styles of vinyl flooring can still be great options. But, we also understand that there is a group of consumers whose tastes and needs steer away from industrial aesthetics. For this audience, we recommend more decorative vinyl flooring, such as those that look like hardwood. Because of the manufacturing process it requires to produce vinyl flooring that looks like wood, this option tends to cost more than options that sport an industrial aesthetic. In addition, depending on its type, vinyl non-slip flooring is available in set lengths of rolls or in custom lengths of up to 50 consecutive feet, upon request. Vinyl floors can also be a cost-effective investment since they protect your building’s more expensive subfloors. For instance, vinyl retains excellent durability and resistance against moisture and chemicals, making it a long-lasting flooring option that will require very little maintenance. Viewed this way, vinyl flooring is potentially more than just a one-time purchase. It might just be the key to your future solutions, saving you a countless amount of money in repair fees. For this reason, we choose to frame—not just vinyl flooring—but high-quality flooring in general as investments, not just simple purchases. They can go a long way in maintaining your quality of life, even though the flooring beneath us can be difficult to notice sometimes.

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Anti-slip vinyl flooring is the ideal flooring option for promoting non-slip safety in any indoor setting. PVC is a highly abrasion-, impact-, chemical-, and moisture-resistant material that can last for years in harsh settings without needing replacement. Although, like every other type of flooring, it will wear over time. It is simply cheaper to repair or replace than subflooring, and it certainly withstands many of the rigors of daily life much better than subflooring does. The durable physical and chemical properties of a vinyl flooring roll make it a protective flooring option that will cut costs of frequent replacements or repairs of existing subfloors. Vinyl flooring acts as a barrier between damaging factors and the subfloors which further cuts costs of expensive floor repairs. Overall, vinyl flooring is designed to provide a non-slip and protective barrier between harsh factors and the subfloor.

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