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Industrial Flooring

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Industrial Flooring

Floor Mat Company offers durable and functional industrial flooring that is designed to improve factory and warehouse floors.  Our industrial flooring is specifically designed to provide great anti-fatigue qualities that will help keep employees comfortable, and therefore more efficient and better aware of their surroundings. Among some of the materials we use for our mats are synthetic, recycled, and natural rubbers—which provide our products with a naturally high coefficient of friction. Oftentimes, this natural friction is paired with richly textured surfaces, which add excellent traction and grip to our matting, making it an excellent slip-resistant surface. The supple and elastic surface of our industrial rubber mats also offers great subfloor and equipment protection. And when it comes to price—our products cannot be beat. An industrial floor covering is a cost-effective product that is easy to install and offers great durability.

Use our rubber industrial flooring wherever safety is a concern! In environments that see excessive moisture, our water-resistant mats will help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. These types of accidents are unfortunately commonplace in many types of work areas. For this reason, it’s important to have the proper type of industrial rubber mats installed to mitigate these dangers as much as possible. By providing a tractable surface and a naturally high coefficient of friction, these sturdy mats promote non-slip safety.

What’s more, industrial flooring helps greatly reduce the problems that come along with workplace discomfort. The supple and supportive quality of our industrial flooring will aid in combating fatigue and will protect people from pain—specifically, from standing for prolonged periods of time. Placing an industrial floor covering in any area where employees must stand, such as workstations and along assembly lines, will help relieve tired feet, ankles, and legs. Meanwhile, the added comfort will help keep workers efficient and productive. In short, the safer your workers are, the more they can get accomplished.

Specifically in commercial and warehouse settings, heavy-duty machinery and equipment is commonplace. Most times, these are important aspects of a business and they also tend to be expensive—so protecting your equipment is very important. Our industrial flooring is designed to absorb the vibrations of heavy-duty machinery while providing the equipment with an elastic surface upon which to rock and bounce. Using our industrial runners or rubber industrial floor tiles provides a far more forgiving surface than hard concrete. Place virtually any kind of heavy-duty equipment on top of these mats and watch them do what they do best: provide safety for everything –and everyone- involved!

Believe it or not, the heavy-duty concrete flooring inside of most factories and warehouses is susceptible to damage. Our industrial flooring will not just provide cushioning for employees and protection for expensive equipment. An industrial floor covering creates a barrier between your subfloors and any items that are dropped and dragged across your floors, effectively helping to prevent damage like scratching and chipping, which could affect the structural integrity of a floor. Over time, this “minor” damage can accumulate, leading to serious structural problems in your flooring. Installing industrial work floor mats is really one of the best ways to maintain the condition of your sub-surfacing.

In addition, another great reason to employ our industrial floor covering products is because of their affordability. Having a highly durable and functional product that is also economical is a great cost-effective way to provide excellent protective flooring for your business. Here at the Floor Mat Company, we understand how important efficiency is; because of that we use quality materials that offer several safety benefits, such as slip-and-trip resistance as well as cushioning and fatigue resistance. An industrial workshop floor mat will guard floors against heavy parts and prevent damage to expensive machinery and equipment. And because we often use recycled materials to create our industrial flooring, we can cut manufacturing costs and pass those savings down directly to our consumers. Additionally, by using recycled materials, the amount of waste generated in the creation of our industrial flooring is minimal. This just goes to show the level of thought, care, and dedication devoted to each of these mats. We have a wide variety of flooring options so providing your staff and industrial equipment with quality matting will be easy. You’ll be happy to discover why so many people in the industrial and commercial industries put their faith in our industrial flooring!

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