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Waterproof Mats

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Waterproof Mats

Rarely do people live in a place with a single weather extreme, like a place where it constantly rains or a place where it is always dry. Of course, there are exceptions, like the desert or snowy mountains. But, more often than not, people live in areas that will see a whole range of weather patterns—from sunny summers to snowy winters. A waterproof mat is an affordable and durable investment that will bring added safety and aesthetic appeal to nearly any indoor or outdoor area since its potential applications are so expansive. A waterproof mat is designed to provide maximum quality with minimal upkeep, even in areas with harsh weather conditions. Available in a range of styles, such as runners and individual mats, there is a waterproof rubber flooring option for every need. These mats are made of either rubber or PVC—both of which are materials that naturally resist moisture. In any case, with a waterproof mat from in place, you can be certain that—no matter how much moisture is present—you will have quality flooring that you can rely on.

A waterproof mat, as well as other elastomeric surfacing products, can be made with durable natural and synthetic rubber variations or with other kinds of elastomers, such as PVC. Some of the principal advantages of these rubber variations are their amazing resistances against UV rays, ozone, and wet weather. So, whether you live somewhere in the Mojave Desert, or you just happen to have severe heat during the summer like many places in the US, our specialized outdoor waterproof flooring will stand up to the extreme heat without cracking or fading in color. And that means that your floor mats will continue to look good and function appropriately for a long time. As for indoor flooring options, rubber works best for places such as basements, garages, and other types of multifunctional spaces. Because of rubber’s versatile profile of properties, it is well-suited to perform a variety of applications. Similarly, PVC rolls work well for lighter-duty applications that still demand waterproof floors. These floors, while not as shock-absorbent as rubber options, are nonetheless waterproof and abrasion-resistant—perfect for many of the applications that do not necessarily demand the use of rubber.

If you live in a state like Florida or Louisiana, where a few of its cities see more than 60 inches of annual rainfall, then you probably understand the importance of having a slip resistant and waterproof mat. However, seeing as there is no single state in the US that does not receive at least more than five inches of rainfall a year, it is safe to assume we all can grasp the importance of having secure footing in wet conditions. A waterproof floor is perfectly suited for these wet environments. Not only are they designed to provide added traction and grip to help prevent slip and fall accidents; the material itself is also resilient. Outdoor rubber flooring can often be made from recycled and reclaimed tires, which speaks to the true toughness of this material. Automobile tires are designed to stand up against harsh conditions, such as hot asphalt, excessive moisture, and hard, uneven roads. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that our products made of recycled rubber inherit those very qualities that make car tires so robust.

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Elephant bark flooring utilized underneath a gym

A common and unfortunate result of excessive rain can be flooding. Water, can have devastating effects on property, causing damage and often destroying precious furnishings. The use of rubber products in outdoor environments can ensure that one less thing gets destroyed! A rubber non-slip waterproof mat will offer added protection against slip and fall accidents, and it will also survive the prolonged presence of excessive moisture. Rubber is naturally water resistant, and unlike mats and surfacing made of other materials (such as cloth, leather, silk, or even wood), rubber waterproof materials will not soak up moisture. For the most part, a waterproof mat bars the possibility that moisture will seep through its surface. This is especially true of our options made from vulcanized rubber, which are impermeable. If your application demands flooring that resists water, but does not necessarily call for an impermeable surface, then products like our “Elephant Bark” flooring may be the perfect fit. Because this product is made of crumb rubber, it possesses small pores that—over time—allow small amounts of moisture to seep through. Thus, we do not recommend this product for an application that demands an absolutely waterproof surface. Such applications should steer toward items like our “Diamond Plate” rolls, which are completely waterproof and even feature corrugations that further enhance their users’ traction. Nonetheless, the fact that rubber and PVC are unaffected by prolonged exposure to moisture ensures that they will continue to function before and after events like floods. And due to rubber’s resistance to water, its surface is an inhospitable place for mold and mildew to grow.

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Outdoor waterproof flooring is necessary in places that get even a little snow fall during the year. Some surfacing options are available in specialized ribbed designs that help remove snow from the soles of shoes, which can in the long run help you save money on the cleaning costs of interior flooring, as well as give you the benefit of non-slip surfacing. These designs also serve the purpose of further increasing the amount of traction that rubber naturally provides. As we have noted, rubber has an inherently high coefficient of friction. While this quality alone makes rubber floors great for anti-slip applications, fabricating rubber products with corrugations further increases this effect. Moreover, different styles of corrugations cater toward different tastes. Thus, while you have a highly effective waterproof mat, it is also one that looks aesthetically pleasing. Again, the durability of a waterproof mat is really going to shine in wet environments because it will stand up to the cold and to heavy foot traffic—all while maintaining its shape and functionality. For tough outdoor applications, rubber surfacing really is the perfect solution. Made from recycled, virgin, and synthetic compounds, waterproof rubber flooring is going to provide you with the best anti-slip qualities, while being highly durable. With a waterproof mat you can apply these great qualities to nearly any space—from the busy outdoor walkways and paths of a corporate building to the entrance of your own home.

As we have mentioned, many of our products ¬¬are made of recycled rubber materials. These types of rubber are recycled from discarded car tires, and this practice is advantageous in many ways. First, it greatly reduces our environmental impact. Because car tires are made of non-biodegradable rubbers, they usually end up in landfills once they are worn out. Recycling them into flooring is a way to reduce the amount of waste generated by car tires. Second, using recycled rubber helps us maintain competitive prices. It typically costs less to manufacture recycled—rather than non-recycled—rubber into finished products. These savings are directed translated into our price poits, helping us to bring you quality flooring at the best prices possible. And third, because car tires are designed to withstand some of the harshest outdoor conditions, it should come as no surprise that our rubber flooring made of recycled rubbers inherits those same properties. These properties include resistances to moisture, abrasions, impacts, and sunlight—all of which make for extremely durable flooring.

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