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“Eco Drain” Interlocking Rubber Drainage Tile


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California Prop 65::warning:WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    • 5/8” gauge makes this interlocking rubber tile among the thickest of its kind
    • Great for applications where liquids are likely to be present on flooring surfaces
    • Sized at 20” by 20”, making them great for floors of all sizes
    • A “green” flooring product; made from natural and reclaimed rubbers
    • Works wonders for slip and fall prevention

    Moisture Trapping: With its intense drainage capabilities, this interlocking rubber tile traps water and other liquids on sub-surfaces, keeping walkways and working areas risk-free.

    Affordable Textured Matting: The Eco-Drain won’t drain your funds by any means. This tile is extremely economic, especially when purchased in large quantities to cover large flooring surfaces.

    Rugged Anti-Slip Mat: This tile is as durable and resilient as they come. At 5/8” thick, it can withstand heavy foot-traffic and other abrasive conditions. The high amount of traction provided by this floor mat will help to prevent slip and fall accidents no matter where it’s placed.

    Best of Both Worlds: Being made from eco-friendly materials, this tile is a “green” matting option for the environmentally friendly buyer. But this doesn’t mean that an eco-conscious product can’t excel in industrial applications. Eco-friendly is the new tough.

    Volume Pricing

    Tile Pricing 1+ 50+ 250+ 500+
    20″ x 20″ $22.00 $20.90 $20.35 $19.25

    See “Eco Drain” Interlocking Rubber Drainage Tile in Action

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    A thick and durable interlocking rubber tile with drainage holes. This is the perfect industrial flooring, pool tile, or locker-room floors. This interlocking tile possesses excellent drainage capabilities making for non-slip floors even when moisture is abundant. The ample gauge of these tiles makes for an ultra-comfortable product.


    Natural and Reclaimed Rubber Mixture

    Available Sizes:

    20-inch by 20-inch (approximate)





    Available Colors:



    Anti-Fatigue Flooring, Anti-Slip Flooring, Automotive, Aquariums, Bars, Bathrooms, Car Washes, Cashier Stands, Comfort Floors, Concrete Floor Covering, Corridors, Drainage Floors, Employee Work-Stations, Factories, Food Preparation, Food Service Flooring, Green Flooring, High Foot-Traffic Flooring, Indoor Applications, Industrial Applications, Dishwashing Areas, Laundry Rooms, Linoleum Floor Covering, Locker Room Matting, Mall Entrances, Manufacturing Safety Floors, Marine Applications, Outdoor Applications, Pathways, Pet Groomers Stations, Pool Decks, Protective Floors, Runner Matting, Safety Surfacing, Slip and Fall Prevention, Traction Flooring, Washrooms, Wet Floors.


    Along the surface of these durable interlocking tiles are drainage holes which will allow water and other spilt or leaked liquids to travel to the subfloors, eliminating the risk of slipping or falling while standing or walking. They are excellent at removing moisture from surfaces.


    These tiles are incredibly easy to install, in fact they can even be very friendly “Do-It-Yourself” project. They will stay down under their own weight, meaning that the use of adhesives isn’t necessary. This product can also be moved around at will, making them great as a temporary or modular flooring option. If you have areas that may need seasonal flooring to protect foot-traffic, the Eco-Drain Tiles is your best bet!


    Despite this product’s enhanced durability, it is also extremely comfortable. It will support the weight of your body, preserve your bones and joints, and it will reduce fatigue when stood or worked upon. Not only will these tiles protect workers, but they will protect subfloors as well!

    Easy Cleaning:

    This product will not need expensive cleaning equipment—it will never need to be waxed or polished. These tiles can simply be hosed off, mopped, or swept. Water and inexpensive cleaners work well for regular maintenance.


    Many savvy companies realized that investing in green product development would pay off. These products are usually made in factories which are environmentally friendly, such as facilities built from recycled materials which use solar panels for power, and the product themselves are made from components which are also good for the environment, like plant-sourced ingredients (i.e. natural rubber), or recycled rubbers. Apart from doing the environment a great good by choosing eco-conscious rubber flooring, recycled surfacing options are also less expensive!


    The Eco-Drain Tile is always in stock and will generally ship within 24 hours.

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