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Doormats Articles

15 Places that Need the Dirt-Fighting Benefits of a Doormat!

Learn how a doormat can keep your home or business clean. The best door mats are going to be durable and easy to care for, while still defending your home.

Doormats—5 Reasons Why Your Home Absolutely Needs Them!

Use doormats to protect your home! Rubber door matting is durable, affordable, and will protect interior surfacing while adding a touch of personal flair.

Door Mats and All of Their Amazing Safety Applications

Learn why all-weather mats are an invaluable addition to any safety regime. A doormat will provide guests with added traction, grip, and other safety qualities.

How to Properly Clean Your Door Mat

Learn how to properly care for your dirt trapper door mat. Front door floor mats can help reduce cleaning costs and add safety, but only if it’s kept in good working order!

Front Doormats – How to Choose the Best Door Mat for Your Needs

Pick the best door mat for your home! When choosing your front door mat, make sure you think about the materials used, coverage of the area, and location!

What You Need to Know About Coir Boot Scrapers—From Uses to Upkeep!

Discover how coir boot cleaners can help combat grime. A boot scraper door mat is a resilient solution for any entry way that offers numerous benefits!

Why is a Coir Boot Scrubber Better than a Metal One?

Learn how a coir-made boot scraper can protect your home from dirt and grime. A boot scrubber is much better suited than a metal scraper to remove mud.

Boot Cleaners—Durable, Affordable, and Adorable?

Find out why boot cleaners are the perfect for your entryway. A coir boot scrape mat is resilient, affordable, and comes in a variety of cute animal shapes!

Coir Boot Mats—An Eco-Friendly Outdoor Shoe Scraper Option

Use boot mats to keep your home clean. A coir boot scraper mat is eco-friendly and needs little upkeep while also being tough, durable, and affordable!

Rubber Carpet Mats—the Very Best of Two Worlds!

Utilize rubber carpet mats to gain the benefits of two great materials! A rubber backed carpet is an absorbent mat that will provide excellent safety.

Carpet Matting—10 Locations that Need an Absorbent Door Mat!

Protect guests from wet floors by using carpet matting in these and other locations! An entry carpet is a durable, affordable, and attractive option.

Can A Coir Mat Help Protect Your Home from Mess and Damage?

Use a coir mat to protect the floors inside your home. Coco doormats are an eco-friendly solution that offers resilience, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Coir Doormats—All the Strength and Beauty of Nature Laid at Your Door

Bring beauty, durability, and functionality to your home with a coir doormat. A natural mat is eco-friendly and will add curb appeal to your residence.

Coir Mats -An Eco-Friendly Sustainable Production Process

Learn about cocoa mats and what makes them so tough and durable! This woven doormat is made with little to no pollution and produces a biodegradable product.

Natural Mat—What is Coir Fiber and Why is it Eco-Friendly?

Learn how coir is used in natural mat. Coir matting is durable and affordable eco-friendly product that has resonating effects on the environmental.

Rubber Door Mats—The Marriage of Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality

Learn why rubber front door mats are appealing and functional! A rubber entry mat will offer traction to incoming traffic while protecting interior floors.

Looking for Rubber Doormats with Old World Charm?

Use a rubberized wrought iron door mat in your home for added elegance and style. Decorative rubber door mats are durable, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Entrance Doormats—The Top 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Them

Placing entrance doormats in all the entryways that lead into your venue is a great way to protect flooring. But entryway mats have a lot more to offer!

Can an Indoor and Outdoor Entrance Mat Help You Save Money?

Use an indoor and outdoor entrance mat to protect the interior floors of rented buildings. Rubberized business doormats look professional and are durable.

Entrance Mats—Slip Resistant Safety for Guests and Clients

Employ entrance mats in your in all of your venues. A durable commercial door mat can help ensure the safety of patrons in nearly any condition.

Reassure Your Guests with a You are Here Doormat!

Use a ‘you are here doormat’ as a great icebreaker for guests! These unique welcome mats are a lot of fun without skimping on functionality and durability!

Welcome Door Mats—5 Christmas Styles to Show off Your Holiday Spirit!

Check out these festive welcome door mats! Fun or elegant, these durable and affordable Christmas mats are a great way to show off your holiday cheer

Welcome Doormats—Flowered Options that are Perfect for Spring!

Use welcome doormats to announce the arrival of spring. As durable as they are beautiful, decorative doormats will add lots of curb appeal to your home.

Big Door Mats—15 Places that Need Them!

Learn how to best employ big door mats with these 15 examples. A heavy-duty door mat is a great way to protect people and interior sub-flooring.

Large Door Mats—5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Them

Use large door mats to cover all your bases! Don’t skimp on protection, using doormats for double doors will help prevent, slips, trips, and falls.

What Benefits Can a Large Door Mat Bring to Your Apartment Complex

Place a large door mat at the entrance of apartment buildings to keep dirt and moisture out. Rubberized double door mats offer security and durability.

What Can a Wide Door Mat Bring to a Public Facility?

Learn how a wide door mat can make nearly any public parks, pool or school safer. If your building has a large front door then it absolutely needs extra protection.

10 Places Where You Can Use Personalized Door Mats

Decorate your home, office, workshop, or green house with beautiful personalized door mats! Monogrammed floor mats are durable and suited for any location.

What can a Personalized Mat Say About You?

Use a personalized mat to show off some personal flair. Monogrammed coir doormats are a good way to support the environment while protecting your home.

A Designer Door Mat Can Make Any Home Feel Like a Castle!

Use a designer door mat to transform your home into a castle. Beautifully crafted fleur-de-lis floor mats feature a timeless symbol of royalty!

Fleur-de-Lis Door Mat—The Meaning Behind the Three Petals

Greet guests with style and grace with a fleur-de-lis door mat. These resilient floral door mats feature a beautiful flower with a rich history.

Fleur-de-Lis Doormat—Elegance and Beauty for Any Estate

Prevent dirt, grime, and moisture from entering your estate with a fleur-de-lis doormat. The elegant French matting design is durable and affordable.

Dirt Mats—10 Signs That You Need a Mud Room!

Learn how dirt mats can help catch mud and moisture before it enters your home. A well placed scraper mat inside a mud room can protect interior floors.

Exterior Door Mats—Variety, Functionality, and Durability

Check out our wide range of affordable and durable exterior door mats. These waterproof door mats are a great addition to any cleaning regimen.

Dirt, Grime, and Mud Mats—The Perfect Flooring Option for Mudrooms

Make your mudroom safe, comfortable and easy to clean with mud mats! Available as internal and external door mats, this is a great flooring option.

An Exterior Door Mat is the First Line of Defense Against Mud!

Use an exterior door mat during wet seasons to control the transfer of mud. Rubber and coir walk-off mats are highly durable and will catch and trap debris.

Carpet Floor Mats—5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Carpeted Indoor Mat

Improve the safety, comfort, and appearance of your entryway with carpet floor mats. Rubber backed carpeting is durable, affordable, and appealing

Boot Scrapers—What are They? Structure, Function, and Uses!

Learn about boot scrapers and how they can help keep your home clean. Decorative boot scrapers are durable, affordable, and easy to clean up!

Carpet Mats Have Excellent Traction and Scraper Qualities

Invest in carpet mats and add traction and scraper qualities to your entryways! When you buy a carpet mat from Floor Mat Company, you protect interior floors from harm. By placing a simple carpet runner or affordable carpet mats you add a level of safety through added traction

Commercial Entrance Mats Are Made With Safety in Mind

Commercial entrance mats make doorways safe and prevent interior floor damage. When you buy commercial door mats from Floor Mat, you invest in durable quality products. Prevent dangerous accidents during wet seasons with entrance matting.

Door Mats: The Answer For Your Entryway

A door mat protects visitors from slips and interior floors from tracked filth. We offer a door mats in a variety of materials like coir, rubber or carpet! From large runner doormats to half-moon cocomats, we have a doormat solution for any door

Front Door Mats Protect Visitors During Wet Weather

Increase your interior floor protection and prevent slips and falls in wet or icy weather with one of Floor Mat Company’s durable front door mats! Buy long-lasting coco coir welcome mats and rubber commercial entrance mats today!

Half Moon Door Mats Can Change the Décor of Any Area

Decorate your doorway with half moon door mats and soften the sharp contours of you’re your entry. We offer rubber door mats or coir door mats in half circle shape. Add flair and choose from decorative coir mats to cast iron half moon door mats

Home Welcome Mat-Increasing Doorway Safety

Greet your guest well with a home welcome mat! Our home doormats keep your doorway safe from slips and falls and wipe feet at the entry. We have huge selection of home doormat products from a large variety of materials, shapes and colors.

Modern Doormats—Out with the Old and In with the New!

Uncover your trendy-chic side with modern doormats. A designer doormat is a great way to breathe some new life into any entryway!

Mudrooms Require A Water-Resistant Floor Surface

Recycled rubber flooring is a durable anti-slip option for any home mudroom! Make your mudroom a safe, comfortable and easy-to-clean space with one of’s rubber flooring products for residential entryways and mudrooms!

Scraper Mats—A Must Have For Entrances!

Discover scraper mats and the best way to keep debris, and moisture off your interior floors. Invest in a shoe/boot scraper and add indoor floor protection at minimal costs! Buy one of our scraper mats or shoe scrapers and keep your indoors clean

A Rubber Entrance Mat—6 Commercial Locations That Need One!

Learn why a rubber entrance mat is the perfect welcome mat for any location! Regardless of weather conditions these recycled door mats will do their job.

Welcome Doormat—A Good Way to Help Keep Your Kid’s Room Clean

Learn how a welcome doormat can help your college kid keep a clean living space. Cute doormats are attractive, creative, and can be durable!

Outside Door Mats—10 Places to Put Them

Place outside door mats in these locations to take advantage of their benefits. Dirt trapping doormats are durable and well suited for harsh applications.

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