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Carpet Matting—10 Locations that Need an Absorbent Door Mat!

Safety, aesthetic appeal, durability, and ease of maintenance are among some of the most important qualities that you should consider when choosing flooring options for your home or business. Regardless of the location, matting should always serve all these qualities and should never present a dilemma where one benefit is chosen over the other. After all—if you’re paying for a product, you should expect that product to deliver the very best! The use of a carpet rubber mat is a great example of how bringing together two very different materials works out wonderfully. A polypropylene mat will deliver when it comes to all the important qualities that are expected in interior entryway flooring. Outside mats should look good, but an inside mat should look great—that’s why we think a carpet rubber mat is the best choice! Not only will this absorbent door mat promote safety, but it is also available in a variety of colors and sizes, meaning it can fit seamlessly into nearly any interior décor. These are a durable and cost-effective way to scrape and trap dirt, moisture, and debris.

Here are the top 10 places that we think need these mats!

  • Home Base
    Employ a carpet rubber mat in your home to combat dirt and grime. Whether it’s your front, back, side, or garage entrance, placing a carpeted mat inside the entryway is a great way to cover all your bases and to protect interior flooring.
  • Retail Store
    Entrances that lead into retail stores tend to be high traffic areas. The tightly woven and elegant patterns on a carpet rubber mat will help catch moisture, dirt, and grime that would otherwise be trekked in on the bottom of shoes. For electronic stores the prevention of dirt and dust buildup is very important since these are some of the leading causes of damage to products like computers, laptops, and printers.
  • Industrial Locations
    Regardless of the industry, many industrial buildings have reception areas, meeting halls, and break rooms. A strategically placed front door carpet mat can help control carry over from workstations and assembly lines into these areas. And because they are so easy to maintain, requiring little more than a good shake, sweep of the broom, or vacuum they’ll be easy to clean up.
  • Schools
    An excellent way to keep mud, dirt, grass, mulch, and gravel out of the classroom is to employ carpeted mats just within the door. With up to 20 pairs of shoes running across this mat on a continuous basis, you better make sure that your matting is durable and tough! A carpet rubber mat is made with 100%

vinyl and rubber backing, which makes them resilient and long-lasting.

  • Restaurants
    Apart from food quality and service, another very important aspect of any restaurant is cleanliness. This is a huge deal, because no one wants to eat in a place that looks like it is not hygienic—because what does that say about their food preparation? But sometimes it’s out of management’s hands—especially if it’s patrons that are dragging in the mess! A carpet rubber mat will help keep outside moisture out of your establishment. Because, when you think about it—with a kitchen, bar, and number of tables, restaurant employees have enough potential messes to worry about.
  • Health Care Locations
    Much like restaurants, hygiene plays a huge part in how we revere a health care institution. And much like a restaurant, this is a place that sees people coming in and out, leaving floors at the mercy of whatever the weather conditions are outside. Patients and visitors can trek in rain and snow, which can pose a huge hazard—even more so to people who are already incapacitated or injured.
  • Airports
    Another area with huge amounts of foot traffic is an airport. Airports see constant movement so employing a carpet rubber mat that is backed with durable rubber or vinyl makes perfect sense! Many rubber products are made from recycled and reclaimed automobile tires, which is a true testament to the durability of these mats. Especially when you consider the sort of abrasive environments that tires are designed to stand up against—constant exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, and rough terrain.
Black border with a blue texture inside
Outdoor black outlined mat with red in middle with a square alternating pattern
  • Service Environments
    Any sort of environment that requires guests or clients to bring in or take out items (repair store, drycleaners, or a laundromat) can carry quite a bit of liability. The traction rich surface of a front door carpet mat will help give customers and guests surer footing, particularly when they happen to have their hands full or have their vision impaired by objects that they’re holding. People can be a little careless when they’re stepping into buildings, forgetting that interior flooring can be polished or slippery hardwood, tile, or linoleum.
  • Offices
    Any sort of office environment should keep a certain degree of professionalism, both in the behavior of its employees as well as the appearance of the space. A polypropylene mat won’t just offer added security and dirt-fighting qualities to your office, but they can also bring a nice professional touch that pulls together the interior décor.  Available in a variety of sizes and colors—from bright to muted, these mats will fit seamlessly into any professional location.
  • Public Buildings
    Buildings like libraries, post offices, and other government sponsored or run locations need the protection of an absorbent door mat. Like many of the previously noted locations, these tend to be places that see a lot of foot traffic. And like many of the other places, these buildings would greatly benefit from a carpet rubber mat to reduce expensive and time-consuming cleaning and even possible damage.

We’re certain that there are many more places that could use a carpet rubber mat—can you think of any?

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