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Entrance Doormats—The Top 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Them

Whether you’re in the business of making cookies or if you’re selling top of the line electronics or offering a service of some kind we’re certain that your business needs entrance doormats. Most small business owners are meticulous about their work location because they want to portray the same amount of pride that they more than likely feel. It’s quite an accomplishment to become an entrepreneur, and it involves a lot more work, creativity, and commitment than most people can imagine. In many ways, having your own business is a lot like having a child—especially if you want it to grow! The use of a commercial entry mat has so many benefits, to help you cross some things off your long and probably extensive list of things to worry about. For example, entryway mats are a great way to provide your customers, guests, clients, and employees with a little added security on their way in and out of the building. And entrance runners, which are really just longer mats, ensure that even the patrons who don’t wipe their feet manage to remove some of the debris off shoes when they walk across its length.

If you’re not currently employing entrance doormats or if your current mat just isn’t standing up to the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic and doesn’t look professional, then consider these 6 reasons to switch over to a rubber-based product:

  • Added Safety
    The entryway of any building can be a potential hotspot for accidents. Most of the time people can be a little clueless when it comes to moving from one flooring type to another. One moment they are on sturdy concrete and the next they’re gliding across polished tile or newly waxed hardwood without realizing it —until they’re on the ground after having slipped and fallen. While providing entryway mats, inside and outside won’t ensure that people will be any more aware of their surroundings, it will definitely help transition the change. Longer entrance runners can help ensure that people scrape and leave behind possible flooring hazards like moisture, mud, and dirt, which could easily cause slips or trips.
  • Reduce Cleaning Costs
    Setting up a mat at your entryways can help you reduce the cost of cleaning your interior floors. Without a mat at your door, moisture and all types of debris and dirt will be tracked into your business space, causing safety hazards and unsightly messes. A rubberized mat can help you avoid having to constantly sweep or vacuum your floors, not to mention it can help save you a ton of money on professional cleaning costs, repairs, and even replacement should any sub-flooring be badly damaged.
  • Professional Appearance

Your commercial entry mat doesn’t have to be unsightly. Mats come in a variety of colors and styles. Some are even available with an absorbent carpeted top and rubber or 100% vinyl backing. And because they’re available in a wide range of sizes they’ll meet any room’s needs. There are also moisture resistant rubber mats, which are perfectly suited for harsher weather conditions.

  • Product Resilience
    Many rubber products are made from recycled material, the main source of which are automobile tires. This goes a long way to show the true resilience of these entrance doormats! Consider that tires are designed to stand up against some of the worst possible weather conditions—such as constant and prolonged exposure to corrosive sun, excessive moisture, snow, mud, and rough or uneven terrains. There’s little doubt that this is a tough material—and it’s that same durability and resilience that your mat will inherit.
  • An Economical Choice
    The very same thing that makes rubberized entryway mats so resilient is the same reason why they are so affordable. With the use of recycled and reclaimed materials, production costs are not as expensive as say the creation of a brand new product. These production savings are passed on directly to the consumer, allowing you to purchase a product that isn’t just environmentally sound but also very wallet-friendly.
Black color Reclaimed Safety Rubber Mat Improves Traction and Resilience man standing playing with ball
Black color Rubber Runners Add Extra Traction and Scraping Action man standing
  • Easy Maintenance
    With so many other things to worry about like the financial stability, creative direction, and overall health of your business—the maintenance of certain aspects of your building shouldn’t take center stage. Your commercial entry mat won’t require a lot of work when it comes to upkeep. Depending on your choice of mat, most will only require a good sweep of the broom to remove debris or can be shaken out. Other options can be vacuumed, and some can even be put through more thorough cleanings by being rinsed off with water. And the upkeep of your entryway mats and entrance runners (which are much smaller) can mean less worry and time spent on interior flooring areas!

Entrance doormats just make sense. They will protect your entry flooring, your interior flooring, and provide a professional appearance while offering security to patrons and employees alike. These mats are definitely a worthwhile investment, and something that any and every businesses with a physical location needs!

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