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Dirt Mats—10 Signs That You Need a Mud Room!

A mudroom is a great addition to any home! This is a space where people can come in and remove their shoes and coats while also leaving behind their umbrellas, bags, and hats. Specifically, a mudroom creates a barrier between the outside world and your home—effectively making a space where mud can be left behind rather than being trekked into your home. While these sorts of spaces are more commonly seen in places with excessively wet seasons, the truth is that a mudroom is well suited for any home across America. And although it is called a mudroom, it doesn’t have to be a whole room, it could very well be the interior entryway of your home that has been dressed up with dirt mats! Apart from having a place to store shoes, wet coats and umbrellas, this space should definitely have a scraper mat available so as to allow shoes and rain boots to be put away clean rather than caked with mud. And because mud floor mats are either made entirely from rubber or with rubber or vinyl-backed coir these products are waterproof, which means they’ll help to contain and control messes.

But if you’re still not certain that you need a mudroom, fully equipped with dirt stopper mats, then allow us to point out 10 signs that might just make you reconsider!

  1. Harsh Weather Conditions
    First and foremost are weather conditions. If you live in a place that sees excessive rain and snowfall, then chances of seeing mud are probably highly elevated. But even if you live in a place that sees very little rain—being well prepared for the bad weather with the use of dirt mats is a lot better than having to deal with interior messes and damage!
  1. Puddles Around Your Home
    A broken sprinkler, a neighbor washing their car, or a spring shower—all can cause puddles to form rather easily! While having an outside mat is a great way to leave moisture and debris at the door, having an inside mat can give you a place to leave shoes in case they need to dry off.
  1. Mud Near Your Home
    If you have a grass lawn or any sort of open space that isn’t covered by concrete, tile, or asphalt then chances of mud forming are pretty high. Sometimes, mud can gather just from the collection of dirt right on top of a driveway, sidewalk, or on the grass itself after it has soaked up enough water. Mud floor mats are specifically made to guard interior floors from the damage that may ensue from muddied shoes.
  1. Mud and Dirt Stains

Take a moment to look at your floor—whether you employ carpet, hardwood, linoleum, or tile—do you see any stains? Granted messes are bound to happen, and a good amount of them are not due to mud being trekked in. But specifically in any entrance area of your home you’re bound to see that your flooring has significantly more stains, especially if you use carpet. A mudroom, equipped with dirt stopper mats, is a great way to keep your interior floors clean and to save them from stains that may later be very hard to remove.

  1. Mud and Dirt Damage

While stains are annoying, more often than not, they can be removed with some elbow grease or with expensive professional cleaning. But your interior floors can suffer far more extensive damage than just stains. Gravel can easily become lodged in the bottom of shoes, which will cause scratches on

        1. hardwood, tile, and linoleum floors. These scratches can be unsightly and may require expensive repair or even replacement costs. However, with the use of a scraper matinside your mudroom, with its bristled-like texture—this and other rubbish may be prevented from entering your home.
  1. Someone Has Fallen
    The protection of aesthetics and investments are a great reason to fight the intrusion of mud into your home—but so is the protection of loved ones and guests.  Has anyone in your home fallen due to unattended moisture or mud? Have you ever suffered one of those heart-pounding near falls? A slip-and-fall accident can lead to serious injuries so there’s no reason to skimp out on protection. Dirt mats can help catch moisture and mud, preventing safety hazards in your home.
  1. Wet Pets
    If you have a dog in your home then you’re probably well aware of how much they enjoy rolling around on the wet grass and coming into the living room to shake off after. A rubber or coir scraper mat is going to be a lot more comfortable and warmer than the hard floor and less likely to be damaged than the carpet; a mudroom is the perfect place to make your pup wait while he dries off!
  1. Accumulation of Shoes and Coats
    So even if you scrape your shoes, most people aren’t particularly keen on risking messes and damage—a good thing in our opinion! Rather than accumulate shoes in places where they may be an eyesore, leave them neatly lined up by the door on top of your dirt stopper mats!
3 Pears design on a brown matt
  1. Additional Storage
    A well planned mudroom won’t just give you a place to put your wet shoes. Apart from mud floor mats, your mudroom can also have cubbies and benches for placing coats, backpacks, bags, and many other things!
  1. Aesthetic Appeal
    Although dirt mats are carrying out a pretty dirty job, that doesn’t mean they can’t be aesthetically appealing! Rubber or vinyl backed coir options come with beautiful designs! A scraper mat can even come as a three dimensional structure that resembles an animal like a dog, crocodile, and even a snail! You definitely don’t have to skimp on aesthetics in order to gain functionality. With a variety of styles and designs we’re certain you’ll find the perfect choice for your home!
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