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Gym Flooring

The very best gym mat is going to offer numerous benefits to your workout, such as increasing your comfort level to ensure a safe and injury-free workout, as well as protecting your subfloors and equipment. Here at, we offer specialized rubber gymnasium mats that offer all of these benefits! We offer gym mats in a variety of materials—like synthetic, recycled, and natural rubbers. All of which offer all the necessary resilient properties for withstanding the weight of your gym’s numerous training stations, pieces of exercise equipment, and of course, freestyle aerobic activities. Durable and aesthetically-appealing, a rubber gym mat from will act as a barrier protecting your subfloors, whether it is in a residential or commercial location. Feel free to use a singular gym mat for a relatively small area or piece of equipment. And for an all-encompassing protective surface, we recommend a roll of gym rubber flooring or a complete set of sport tiles, such as Armor Lock Interlocking Rubber Tiles. Our products are available in a range of styles and sizes, making them very cost-effective and highly functional!

The benefits these gymnasium mats provide are practically limitless. A rubberized gym mat is a great way to protect people, floors, and equipment from high-impact exercises. As a material, rubber naturally absorbs vibrations, a quality which makes it unmatched at protecting your home’s precious subfloors from the crushing forces of heavy machinery. Case in point, gym rubber mats are a mainstay item in commercial gyms all around the nation. A work-out floor protects the buildings subfloors, provides a soft surface for people to rest and stretch on, and reduces the amount of noise emitted by the gym equipment’s movements. Elastic and supportive, our mats offer much-needed cushioning for joints, bones, and muscles, thereby helping to prevent serious injuries that could keep you from attaining your workout goals. This is especially the case for those who enjoy body-weight workouts that rely on quality, soft, yet robust surfacing. Plus, in any case, the more comfortable you are, the more productive you will be—both in and outside the gym! For exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines, place a rubber gym mat under them to prolong their use and to protect subfloors like hardwood, tile, and even concrete from chipping and scratching. Small chips and dings might not seem like a big deal, but in the long run, this acute damage accumulates—eventually manifesting into onerous repair jobs that are time-consuming, as well as costly. For this reason, a proper exercise equipment mat is a crucial component of any commercial or home gym or exercise space. It is an investment that protects your body, your equipment, and your subfloors. In addition, our rubber-flooring options are incredibly DIY-friendly. Using one of our products, you can avoid many of the costly fees associated with professional installations. These products can even be customized yourself. Simply refer to one of our many videos or how-to articles to get an in-depth look at how easy it is to customize your flooring!

Resilient and Affordable Black Color Rubber Rolls Available in Custom Lengths heavy weight bearing
Rubber Flooring Mat with Superior Floor and Equipment Protection
Armor tile with a white cup and spilled liquid
Black color treadmill mat Reduces Treadmills Noise and Impact, Protects Floors treadmill placed on it

Gym floors face heavy abuse. Barbells, dumbbells, workout machines, and treadmills all place a great amount of strain on any athletic surface. For this reason, it is crucial to get fitness floor mats that are strong, tough, and reliable. Even concrete is vulnerable to heavy blows and abrasions. Over time, concrete surfaces can become chipped, cracked, and scratched. While this seems inconsequential at first, these small damages can—over time—turn into glaring problems, such as large fissures and holes which require costly professional repairs. In this vein, a rubber sports surface is a preventative measure that saves you costly fees in the long run. When it comes to our products, we ensure the durability and functionality of a thick workout mat by using high-quality materials that are well-suited to stand up to the abrasive conditions that are often found in workout environments. While different types of rubber are best at combating different conditions, one thing remains consistent across all types of rubber: abrasion-resistance and impact-absorbance. Thus, while we offer many types of materials for home-gym floors, you can safely expect that—regardless of the type of rubber you choose—your product will be an effective surface that protects your subfloors, equipment, and body. Because of our environmentally-friendly and forward-thinking philosophy, we always try to use recycled or reclaimed rubber whenever possible. Our recycled materials are attained from discarded automobile tires, which make many of our gym-mat options eco-friendly products. Otherwise, discarded tires end up in landfills, where they pile up without further use. Another benefit of using discarded tires for our products is that tires are designed to be superlatively tough, standing up to harsh conditions such as rough roads, blistering heat, and freezing cold. This level of durability is inevitably transferred to our home-gym floors that are made of discarded tires. Thus, while these products are environmentally friendly, they are also incredibly resilient to a host of factors. Our flooring for gyms is not limited to indoor applications. If you plan to set up a home gym in your backyard or another outdoor space, our rubber flooring is built to withstand all kinds of outdoor conditions, as well.

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How to Install Rubber Workout Mats

Residential and commercial mats share several similarities, but that does not mean that they are all the same. Here at, we offer a wide variety of choices when it comes to home gym mats—beyond just materials. Styles, sizes, and colors are other ways in which we variate our products to meet our customers’ many specific needs. Our home gym mats make it easy to personalize a home workout space or to create a matching theme in a chain of commercial locations. For instance, many of our products are available in multiple colorways, allowing you to outfit your home gym with protective flooring that matches your home’s overall aesthetic. Our “Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring is a perfect example of the versatility we offer when it comes to colors. “Blue Steel” and “Red Dot” are just two of the many different colors in which this flooring is available. Furthermore, we offer different styles of athletic mats—from interlocking gym rubber tiles to large rolls of flooring for a gym. For customers that only want to partially outfit their subfloors with rubber flooring, gym mats are ideal for the job, as you can install these mats in whatever shape or pattern that you see fit. Gym rubber tiles offer the additional benefit of being easily storable and transportable, which is particularly useful if you need a more temporary installation. We know that every customer is unique. Every application is nested within a specific set of conditions, which means that one gym-mat product which works well for one customer may not work well for another. Our understanding of this problem informs our selection of products: we endeavor to provide a variety of mats for virtually any circumstance or situation! With so many choices and with our team of rubber-flooring experts for your consultation, there is no doubt that you will end up with a product that precisely matches your application’s demands and your personal preferences. Gym flooring rolls are large mats that are ideal for large, wall-to-wall floors generally found in commercial gyms. Contrastingly, rubber gym flooring tiles are better suited for temporary gym floors that can be customized by adding or removing some tiles. What’s more, because both rolled and interlocking gym mats can be placed next to one another so seamlessly, you can cover almost any sized area. Best of all, these products are easy to install and even easier to maintain. Because many of our products are made from rubber, a material that is naturally resistant to water, you can actively prevent the growth of mold and mildew in places that see a lot of moisture! offers a great selection of gymnasium mats that will protect your joints, floors, and of course, your expensive exercise equipment! Regardless of the space you want to cover, you can find a flooring solution for your workout space with our durable products—whether it is a single gym mat or an expansive roll of flooring. Easy to install and easy to maintain, our mats will give you a great foundation for your daily exercise routine! At the end of the day, these are all-around, tough mats for all types of gyms. Get a gym mat from the today to see what all the fuss is about! And remember, if you need any help, do not hesitate to reach out. Call us at 1-844-782-2374 during our regular business hours, or email us at to consult a staff-member from our team of rubber-flooring experts regarding your application. If your application requires extensive customization, we can help you with that, too. We will happily craft you an order that precisely matches your needs, no matter how specific they are. With over two decades in the rubber-flooring industry, we have successfully accomplished even the most complex of tasks. Again, if you need any kind of help, is at your service.

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