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Gym Flooring

The very best gym mat is going to offer numerous benefits to your workout, such as increasing your comfort level to ensure a safe and injury free workout along with subfloor and equipment protection. Here at Floor Mat Company, we offer specialized rubber gymnasium mats that offer all these benefits! We offer mats in a variety of materials—like synthetic, recycled, and natural rubbers, which offer all the necessary resilience and toughness to stand up against the abrasive weight training stations, exercise equipment, and of course, freestyle aerobics. Durable and aesthetically appealing, our rubber gym mat will act as a barrier that will protect your subfloors whether it is in a residential or commercial location. Regardless of whether you use a single gym mat for a very specific purpose or if you need an all-encompassing protective surface, our products are available in a range of styles and sizes making them very cost-effective and highly functional!

The benefits these gymnasium mats provide are practically limitless. Our rubberized gym mat is a great way to protect people, floors, and equipment from high-impact exercises. Elastic and supportive, our mats offer much needed cushioning for joints, bones, and muscles, thereby help to prevent serious injuries that could keep you from attaining your workout goals. The more comfortable you are, the more productive you will be – in the gym and out! And for exercise equipment like treadmills and elliptical machines, place a rubber gym mat under them to prolong their use and to protect subfloors like hardwood, tile, and even concrete from chipping and scratching. Small chips and dings might not seem that harmful, but in the long run, they can accumulate and gradually wear down your flooring. For this reason, a proper exercise equipment mats is a crucial component of any commercial or home gym or exercise space.

Gym floors face heavy abuse. Barbells, dumbbells, workout machines, and treadmills all place a great amount of strain on any gym mat. For this reason, it’s crucial to get fitness floor mats that are strong, tough, and reliable. We ensure the durability and functionality of a thick workout mat by using high quality materials that are well suited to stand up to the abrasive conditions that are often found in workout environments. Often, we will use recycled materials attained from discarded automobile tires, to make our gym mat options. These tires were designed to be tough and stand up to harsh conditions such as uneven and rough roads. The same toughness that allows tires to support the weight of cars is the very same resilience seen in the performance of our gym mat! Additionally, because a gym mat is often made from these recycled tires, they prevent excess waste from being sent to landfills, thereby benefitting the environment.
Residential and commercial mats share several similarities, but that does not mean that they are all the same. The Floor Mat Company offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to home gym mats—everything from colors to styles. Our home gym mats make it easy to personalize a home workout space or to create a matching theme in a chain of commercial locations. We know our consumers have a wide expanse of differing needs, and that’s why we endeavor to provide a variety of mats for virtually any circumstance or situation! Gym flooring rolls are large mats that are ideal for large, wall-to-wall floors generally found in commercial gyms. Contrastingly, rubber gym flooring tiles are better suited for temporary gym floors that can be customized by adding or removing some tiles. What’s more, because both rolled and interlocking gym mats can be placed next to one another so seamlessly, you can cover almost any sized area. Best of all, these products are easy to install and even easier to maintain. Because many of our products are made from rubber, a material that is naturally resistant to water, you can actively prevent the growth of mold and mildew in places that see a lot of moisture!

Floor Mat Company offers a great selection of gymnasium mats that will protect your joints, floors, and of course, your expensive exercise equipment! Regardless of the space you want to cover, you can find a flooring solution for your workout space with our durable products—whether it’s a single gym mat or numerous interlocking tiles. Easy to install and easy to maintain our mats will give you a great foundation for exercise! At the end of the day, these are all-around tough mats for all types of gyms. Get a gym mat from the Floor Mat Company today to see what all the fuss is about!

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