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Outdoor Doormats

When it comes to the protection of your interior floors, outdoor door mats are your first line of defense! Therefore, you have to make sure you purchase a functional, durable, and easy to maintain product that will also work with and not against the aesthetics of your entry space. Here at Floor Mat Company, we boast a wide range of available choices for exterior front door mats—from several designs and sizes to different materials—we carry options for any home or business. Some of our options are fully rubberized products that offer astounding grip and friction making them great slip-resistant surfaces that are well suited for wet conditions. Other products, such as coir mats offer all the strength and resilience of nature in elegant, whimsical, and heartwarming designs. Regardless of which product you pick, our outdoor door mats are made from high-quality materials that help ensure the products durability! Also, our mats are easy to care for, which means you’ll have an easy time keeping your outdoor dirt trapper mats in good working condition for years to come.

Whether you own or rent, the protection of interior flooring structures is a high priority for residential and commercial locations. Repairs for hardwood, tile, carpet, and linoleum surfaces can be very expensive—more so for complete replacements. Employing coir outdoor mats that feature richly textured surfaces can help to scrape away stuck on debris that could scratch and damage these interior floors. Specifically made for wet conditions, many of our mats help to catch or scrape away moisture, thereby preventing it from being trekked into your building—not only will this help to keep interior floors clean, but it will also make them safer. Any moisture that gets pulled onto polished floors can quickly become a safety hazard that could lead to slip-and-fall accidents. What’s more, the dependable and high-quality material of these outdoor door mats goes a long way towards ensuring the safety of the flooring underneath the doormats. Because heavy weights and foot-traffic can wear down even the most resilient surfaces (concrete, tile, etc.) it is important to protect your floors accordingly.

Floor Mat Company’s outdoor door mats are made to stand up to tough weather conditions. Many of our rubber exterior door mat products feature recycled materials derived from discarded automobile tires. Tires, which are designed to be strong, are able to withstand extended exposure to sunlight, excessive moisture, snow, and rough or uneven terrains. These amazing qualities are readily available in many of our matting options. Natural coir fiber (another material we often use in our non-slip door mat products) is one of nature’s strongest materials—it is a fiber that is harvested from the husks of coconuts. Beautiful and durable, coir will often be paired with rubber or PVC backing, to produce a bristled surface that’s perfect for scraping away debris while staying firmly in place even in the presence of moisture. The combination of coir and rubber is the perfect blend of form and function; it’s easy to see why these outdoor door mats are so well regarded in the flooring industry. Furthermore, because they are partially made from discarded and worn-out tires, the construction of these mats prevents excess rubber waste from simply heading to landfills and harming the eco-system. Truly, these outdoor door mats are the right choice for any eco-conscious buyer.

Rubber has a naturally high coefficient of friction, which paired with textured surfaces produces very safe matting options. These options are often available in a wide range of lengths. Textured surfaces, while highly functional are also aesthetically pleasing because they offer concise and interesting patterns. Other options, more geared toward residential use, come in standard sizes but with beautiful, elegant, whimsical, or funny designs that will often feature graphics or messages. No matter where you install our outdoor door mats, they are perfect for eliciting laughs and engaging conversation.

In short, if you’re looking for quality protective floor surfacing, look no further than these outdoor door mats! When it comes to safety applications, interior floor protection, and aesthetically appealing options—Floor Mat Company offers a huge variety of outdoor door mats. From fully rubberized options to fully coir, coir scrapers, or coir and rubber or PVC blends, we’re certain that regardless of your situation you’ll find the right material for your needs. And because our doormats are made from high quality materials, durability is not a concern—in fact; some of our options are specifically designed for heavy foot-traffic areas making them a great choice for commercial or industrial entryways. Easy to install and maintain these outdoor door mats will offer many essential qualities and all while requiring very little upkeep!

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