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Large Doormats

Not every entryway consists of a single door, making a large door mat a great option for covering a larger double door home entrance. Many homes and business across America have wide front entrances featuring two doors that can allow the entrance of more than a single person. A large door mat is the perfect addition to any wide entrance that has two doors. Each mat is larger than the average standard sized mat. Give yourself the benefit of having a wider area of floor protection and a better-looking entryway for guests with a durable large door mat from the Floor Mat Company.

A large door mat can come in a variety of forms. Outside double door mats are commonly made using durable natural coir fibers. Sometimes, a large door mat made entirely out of rubber is also available. The one common feature between all these different mats is their larger size. They are all meant for placement outside a double door home entrance rather than a standard sized entrance. However, the function and quality of a double door entry mat can vary depending on the materials that they are made from.

The key feature of a large door mat is its size. After all, it is the reason why people get them. There is always a need to cover the entrance of a large doorway. Normally, those places that have large double door entryways tend to have higher values. Usually large residential or commercial venues, these areas need a wider range of floor protection. Extra-large outdoor door mats are perfect as they can typically cover a double door home entrance. In case an entrance has more than two doors, a large door mat will help keep costs for additional mats low because they combine the size of two standard mats into one larger package.

Despite the larger size, our line of doormats for a double door home entrance do not lack in terms of aesthetic value. They are available in a variety of beautiful designs for a broad spectrum to tastes and situations. Some mats may have an elegant fleur de lis pattern that is suited for mansions and estates, while others have a toned down, yet professional, appearance better suited for offices and stores. A long doormat can offer as much variety as standard mats, just in a large size. This aesthetic variety is also made possible due to the materials that make them.

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Coir is a popular material used in the composition of large welcome mats. It is a naturally occurring material that is extracted from the husks of coconuts. It is rough to the touch and is good at scraping away outdoor debris from footwear. A coir large door mat can flush out unwanted mud and dirt from shoes before they get in the house. When put in the context of the long term, it can greatly contribute to the reduction of cleaning time and costs. This material also brings a good level of longevity to your entrance. Extra-large outdoor door mats made of coir will last for a much longer period of time when placed in the outdoors because it can resist the normally degrading effects of outdoor weather. Moisture from rainfall or the harsh UV rays from intense sunlight will not put any immediate dent in coir material.

Rubber is another popular material to be found in a double door entrance mat. It is a durable material that is often employed for both its toughness and safety features. In terms of physical durability, rubber is strong enough to serve as the perfect barrier between sensitive surfaces and physically abrasive objects. A porch made of something like wood will be sure to suffer from some damage over time. This can mean a very expensive repair. If a double door entry mat is either made entirely out of rubber or has a rubber backing, then the chances of that wooden porch being damaged is greatly reduced. Another very useful feature of rubber in an extra-large doormat is that it can help keep it in place. Rubber has a naturally high co-efficient of friction. It will help to provide a better level of grip onto the surface it is placed over. This can help keep things safer around your home or business because people will be less likely to suffer a slip and fall accident while entering the area.

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Extra wide door mats are a must-have for any entryway that is larger than average. They help to prevent outside dirt and moisture from ruining your clean interiors while also providing for great traction and stability. With large welcome mats in place, more of your existing entryway surfaces are going to be protected from harm. If you have been looking for the ideal mat to place at your large entrance, then you have found the perfect large door mat for the job!

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