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Reassure Your Guests with a You are Here Doormat

The roast is out of the oven and the wine is poured—now all that’s missing is your guests, but they are nowhere to be found! Chances are, if you live in one of those communities that employ the same architectural design for all of their buildings, they’re still trying to find their way around. Also, if you happen to live in a high rise complex with those long hallways that have a seemingly endless number of doors, then having something to help distinguish your door from the rest may be a great idea. Or even if you want to add a little bit of personal flair to your home by adding some doormat sayings to your entryway—whatever the case may be, a beautiful coir and PVC backed mat is the perfect choice. Whether you’re entertaining new or old guests you can delight them with a witty and clever “You are Here Doormat.” Imagine their relief when they arrive at your door only to be greeted by one of these unique welcome mats! Whatever bitter feelings remained from being lost will quickly melt away.

However, having a welcome floor mat is going to bring a whole lot more benefits than simply entertaining your guests! Employing entryway matting will protect your home from filth as well as damage—all while being durable and easy to maintain. Check out these 4 reasons why you should consider using a clever and funny “You are Here Doormat.”

  • Keep Your Home Clean
    The bristled surface of a PVC backed coir mat provides a wonderful surface for catching and trapping debris and moisture. These are extremely important qualities to have in places that see a lot of harsh weather conditions such as excessive rain and snowfall. Sometimes, even something like a broken sprinkler can bring dirty moisture and mud into your home if you’re not properly protected. So even when you’re displaying some clever doormat sayings your front door surfacing should still work hard to keep dirt, grime, and moisture from entering your home by providing a textured surface that will behave like a scraper.
  • Keep Your Home Safe
    Along with keeping messes off your internal flooring structures—the prevention of transferring dirt, grime, and moisture into your home can also help you prevent painful and embarrassing accidents for your loved ones and guests. Nothing will

ruin a night like a trip to the emergency room, and that is definitely a possibility if someone takes a nasty spill! Unique welcome mats won’t just be funny or clever with their beautifully hand-stenciled message and graphics—they’ll also work hard to protect the integrity of your floor by keeping it free of moisture and debris. And don’t forget, debris and moisture can also cause internal flooring some pretty serious damage that could result in costly repairs or replacement costs.

  • Personal Flair

Although there are a number of designs—from wide eyed owls to the vibrant fields of red, blue, or green flowers—

that can help you show off a bit of personal flair, if you happen to live in a place that isn’t readily found then we think that a You are Here doormat is a great way to add a little humor to an otherwise troubling situation. Featuring a beautiful compass design or a comical number of signs pointing in the wrong direction, this particular theme can be both elegant and funny. A welcome floor mat is very simply a great canvas upon which to show personal flair, humor, or aesthetic appreciation.

  • Ease of Maintenance
    So just because you may be using some very unique welcome mats doesn’t mean they should behave or be treated in unique ways that could just end up being tedious and time consuming. Coir is a resilient material that will last for a very long time, paired with the high quality PVC backing. This is very simply a product that has been designed to last. And because of this, the last thing you want is for your matting to be difficult to maintain—but fear not! These mats are very easy to take care of. They require little more than a sweep of the broom to remove debris and a damp cloth or mop for more thorough cleanings.
Lost? This Welcome Mat will Point Guests the Right Way
You Are Here Doormat for Lost Souls with picture of compass

A welcome floor mat doesn’t have to be boring but you shouldn’t skimp out on security and other beneficial factors just to have some interesting doormat sayings. Coir and PVC backed mats are strong, durable, and perfectly suited for a number of environments. But in the end, the very best reason for using a You are Here doormat is definitely to reassure your guests once they have arrived—just you know, in case the apartment or address number doesn’t give it away!

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