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Can A Coir Mat Help Protect Your Home from Mess and Damage?

Coir, which is derived from the husks of coconut fruit, is an amazingly tough and eye-catching material that has been used for hundreds of years in several different applications. From rope to mattress stuffing, and even mats, the golden-tan color of this material makes it naturally attractive. And although a coir mat is beautiful and should be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who wants one, these seemingly decorative mats have so much more to offer! Along with their eco-friendliness and the resilience of the material itself, the primary purpose of a coir mat is to protect the interior floors of your home. Due to the tightly bundled bristled rods and patterns, the coir fiber behaves like a sort of brush that works to capture dirt and grime before it enters your home. Though coconut flooring can be used just about anywhere—it will really shine in places with abrasive weather conditions due to the material’s resistance to water. This material can even resist the growth of mold and bacteria due to the coarse and stiff fibers, which during wet conditions or after washing will quickly dry before mildew can form.

So, can a coir mat really protect your home from messes and damage? Absolutely! Check out these 3 reasons that make a coir mat the best choice for your entryway needs.

  • Protection from Filth
    Any entrance that leads into your home should be well protected against the intrusion of dirt and debris. Mud, dust, and grime are usually trekked in on the bottom of shoes, especially during particularly bad weather conditions such as rain or snowstorms. But even a leaking sprinkler system can cause a puddle or a pool of mud right in the middle of a bright summer day! This can be especially damaging for carpeted interior floors, which will easily pick up dirt stains. And with some cleaning services charging upward to $30 or $50 an hour, protecting your interior flooring from dirt stains and mud tracks can help save you lots of money. Even if you choose to tackle the cleaning on your own this will be time-consuming and may even require the purchasing of an expensive professional grade steamer or carpet cleaner. The use of coco doormats could help you prevent the headache of this whole ordeal!

Also, as more and more Americans begin to develop asthma and other breathing complications (more so among the very young or very old) coconut flooring can help maintain the air quality inside of your home by controlling the pollen and dust that gets transferred inside. The bristled surface of coco doormats is perfectly suited to catch debris and to cling to it rather than allowing it to get transferred onto the next set of shoes that walk over it. This is the sort of protection that will help keep your floors and air clean.

  • Protection from Damage

Shortly after it rains, when water gets soaked into cracks in the asphalt, teeny-tiny pieces of gravel become loose. We’ve all walked over this material and probably had it stuck to the bottom of our shoes: tiny sharp fragments, a collection of environmental debris—from plastic to sand. And where mud, moisture, and dirt are the most damaging factors to a carpeted floor—these sharper and bigger pieces of debris are what could most affect hardwood, tile, and even linoleum flooring. A coir mat, in the same way that it catches mud and grime, will get into the nooks and crannies along a shoe’s sole, brushing out any abrasive pieces of gravel and other materials.

If these materials are allowed to remain, they can easily be pressed into your interior surfaces and with the weight of your own footsteps—dragged across leaving scratches, some deeper than others. And while hardwood floors can be waxed and polished (but this can only really be done so many times), tiles and linoleum are much harder to repair and may end up needing to be replaced—this can be extremely costly.

  • Ease of Maintenance
    If you decide to employ coconut flooring outside the entrances of your home, then one last thing to remember to keep your coco doormats working correctly is to make sure you properly maintain them. And with all the amazing applications served by these mats you may think that the upkeep is going to be tedious and complicated. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! A coir mat can easily be cleaned by shaking or simply vacuuming them. Occasionally you can even hose off the mat with fresh water, which is a great way to help prolong the product.
Cast-Iron Durable Rubber mat with welcome sign in black color
The doormat in brown & tan color combination design around the border at front door

Employing a coir mat at any or all the entrances that lead into your home is a great way to safeguard against damage that derives from several sources—like mud, dirt, moisture, and gravel. Natural matting is inherently strong and as an eco-friendly product it is also an ecologically responsible choice too. But at its core, this is very simply a high quality and aesthetically appealing product that will work diligently to serve its main purpose. If you’re concerned about the safety of your interior flooring then a coir mat, which can come in a variety of shapes and even colors, is the perfect choice for your home.

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