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Fleur-de-Lis Doormat—Elegance and Beauty for Any Estate

Whether you have a humble abode or an expansive estate—home is where the heart is and therefore requires a level of protection that will guard interior floors from damage and messes. A system that consists of both interior as well as exterior entryway matting is a perfect way to protect inner floors such as carpet, hardwood, linoleum, and tile, which are unfortunately susceptible to scratches, dents, and stains. And while it’s fair to expect durability and resilience from any purchase you make, it is especially necessary in products made to fit this specific application.  But apart from expecting something functional and long-lasting, you could also have something that’s also aesthetically pleasing. A fleur-de-lis welcome mat brings together all the grace of medieval French royalty and the natural beauty of coconut fiber right to your front door. This style of French matting incorporates a very old and well established symbol in a subtle and stylish way, helping to elevate any entryway into something worthy of the attention and praise of your guests. A fleur-de-lis doormat is very simply the perfect accent! And because it’s available in a variety of sizes, all of which come with a durable and slip resistant PVC backing, you can ensure that you’ll be getting security and interior floor protection.

Here are 3 reasons why a fleur-de-lis welcome mat would make a beautiful addition to your home:

  • Meaning
    The three petal flower (iris), after which the elegant fleur-de-lis emblem was designed, has a number of meanings. First and foremost is the most obvious meaning that closely assigns it to the sigil often worn by royal and noble families. But did you know that it also has a religious connotation as the representation of the Holy Trinity, and the Virgin Mary? Purity and balance are also among the many meanings found for this symbol, all of which will add a touch of historical reference to your entryway matting.
  • Material

Coir (i.e. coconut husk) is one of the strongest natural materials available, due in large part to the high concentration of lignin—a complex compound that is responsible for giving trees and plants their strength and ability to stand up tall. This material is carefully harvested from coconuts, prepared, and turned into mats, all by hand! The use of this material doesn’t just ensure that you’re getting a strong and natural product, but its craftsmanship also produces stunning results. And the PVC backing used in a fleur-de-lis doormat helps to guard against slips and trips by providing added grip against the subsurface where the mat is resting.

  • Designs
    Although all French matting is available with the stylized three petal flower, a number of patterns are available. From a fully encompassed field of fleur-de-lis symbols to tightly framed versions of the sigil encased in diamond shapes—and even an elegant option with the flowered symbol at the center of the brown-gold coir surface. All three options are available in multiple sizes, so they can be well suited from a single door entrance to a double door entryway. A fleur-de-lis welcome mat comes with a black stenciled design upon a rich golden brown field of coir, making it easily fit with a rustic or classic décor, especially anywhere with cut stone.  Carefully, the design is hand stenciled onto the mat using natural paint.
French Coat of arms in front of a door entrnace

A fleur-de-lis doormat won’t be a particularly bold statement. In fact, the beauty of this French matting style comes from its subtle hint of meaning—allowing for multiple interpretations as to why you chose the design itself. The three petals of the flower are a wonderfully symmetrical design that also employs delicately swirling lines and complex shapes and patterns. Very simply, this would make a striking addition to any home or estate.

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