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Can an Indoor and Outdoor Entrance Mat Help You Save Money

As a business owner, manager, or employee one of your main responsibilities is to make sure that the business runs smoothly and efficiently. After all, the primary concern of any business is to make money—whether it’s for personal gain, public use, or charitable contributions. Therefore, losing money on what could have been prevented or avoided, such as repairs and cleaning costs, should be an important point of concern especially because these costs quickly add up. One place where businesses may be seeing losses is in the maintenance of its buildings. Apart from needing regular cleaning, a building may need even more extensive professional cleaning because of the things that people trek in on the bottom of their shoes. However, with an outdoor entrance mat you may be able to catch damaging elements before they enter your building. Paired with an indoor entrance mat, placed within the threshold of the front door, you can do even more to catch any leftover residue—such as moisture, dirt, and grime. Available as large entrance mats, this surfacing option will definitely help you catch debris from patrons’ shoes even if they forget to wipe their feet! And although these mats are durable, affordable, and hardworking you won’t have to worry about how they look! These business doormats have a sharp and professional appearance to them that will allow them to fit in harmoniously with your décor!

If you’re looking for a great way to cut cleaning costs, as well as potential repair and replacement costs, check out these 4 ways that entryway matting can help you:

  • Save on Cleaning Costs
    Regardless of—whether your floors are carpet, hardwood, tile, or linoleum—they should be well protected against messes. Even if you live in a place with perfect weather year round, a broken sprinkler outside your building or a patron coming in right after washing their car could spell disaster for your clean floors! All they have to do is walk across a wet surface and they’ll be trekking in moisture, mud, and other debris on the bottom of their shoes. Unless of course you employ the use of an outdoor entrance mat, which is designed for these specific applications! Entrance matting will definitely give your business the best appearance and help control the transfer of potential messes. If a mess is serious enough it will have to be taken care of by professionals and that translates to expensive costs.
  • Save on Potential Repair Costs
    Very few businesses actually own the building where they are situated. Instead, long and complicated lease agreements are written up that can last up to 10 or more years. You can definitely expect there to be some wear and tear during that time! But if the flooring of the structure suffers some serious damage you may end up having to pay the repair costs! Business doormats, although professional in appearance, are specially designed to prevent the transfer of bigger and sharper pieces of debris—such as gravel, bits of plastic, sand, and other foreign objects, which could cause a lot of damage. Although these fragments may be small, once they are caught on the soles of your shoe they can be pressed into flooring and cause extensive damage when they are scraped along with each footstep! Some large entrance mats come with richly textured surfaces that provide a scraper-like surface that’s perfect for removing this sort of damaging debris.
  • Save on Potential Replacement Costs

Like potential repair costs, replacement costs work in much the same way—if the flooring of your building sustains enough damage it will need to be replaced. Even replacing a small portion of flooring can be very costly, not to mention the fact that it will be a seriously detrimental affair that may require heavy machinery, the occupation of space (which could be really bad if the damage is sustained in a high foot traffic area), and of course time. Such extensive damage may be avoided with the employment of an outdoor and indoor entrance mat at the entrance of each door that leads into your building.

  • Save on Potential Liability Costs
    By far the most costly and disturbing expense that could result from not using an outdoor entrance mat is the fall and serious injury of a client, customer, guest, or employee. Liability costs for a serious injury could lead well into the tens of thousands of dollars, seriously hurting a well-established business and especially one that’s just getting off its feel. Placing large entrance mats outside the entryway of your doors is a great way to show that you are concerned with people’s safety. They should be added to any safety regime along with fire extinguishers, safety railing in stairwells, and clearly marked emergency exits. And because of the dirt-fighting application that comes with these mats, you’ll be actively working to prevent the creation of hazardous floors, which is the main reason why people will often slip and fall.
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An outdoor and indoor entrance mat is a great investment for any business location, regardless of whether it’s office building or a place constantly exposed to moisture, like a car wash. And with the wide-ranging available designs, colors, and even materials that are used to create business doormats, we’re certain you’ll find something perfect for your specific needs.

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